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Water, Water Everywhere! Innovation Through Alternative Cooling, Liquid Leverage Dell Technologies innovations through liquid cooling. As high performance computing applications create higher density inside equipment, managing the energy and heat that is generated requires new and creative solutions to minimize the cost of running your datacenter. The industry has created a number of options from rear-door heat exchangers to direct liquid cooling in the system to full immersion cooling. Learn about your options and how to pave the way to your future datacenter with cooling alternatives. 1 Hour Lecture
Baremetal Kubernetes on Dell EMC PowerEdge: Zero-to-Hero With Kubernetes dominating the demand for infrastructure in the datacenter, standing up this infrastructure is an important capability for many IT departments. We'll go through a live cluster build on Dell EMC PowerEdge servers starting at the OS and proceeding through pushing some example Web, Data Analytics, and AI/ML workloads. The components we'll use will be all open-source, but we'll touch on alternative Dell Technology solutions that can help when you go to put this into production (NSX-T, Octant, VRealize 8, Dell Storage CSIs). 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
How Dell EMC Uses Artificial Intelligence to Give Our Sales Team an Edge Learn how Dell EMC uses AI and Deep Learning to bring new and dynamic platforms to our sales team. What does it takes to build a system for implementation, beyond Science? See how the A3 platform generates Account insight using Deep Learning, highlighting the transparently between Dell and our Customers, to determine which PowerEdge servers would best meet their unique workload requirements. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
High Performance Computing in an Ever Changing Environment High Performance Computing (HPC) is within reach for more applications than ever before. See how HPC and AI can solve the most complex problems, accelerate time to results while protecting your organization in your transformation journey. Discover which solution will impact the success of your organization. 1 Hour Lecture
Are We There Yet? Reducing Risk for Workload Migrations: Live! While there are many ways to migrate workloads, the key question for business stakeholders is “are we there yet?” But their concern is not just whether the workload has migrated, but also is it ready to return to ongoing service operations. To assure this, you need dependent applications and infrastructure to migrate together. In this session, we’ll show how Dell Technologies Services makes this happen, including a live demo of our purpose-built migration toolset, DTM Assist. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Dell Technologies Unified Workspace: Take This Job and Love it! You got the job—and the computer! What if you could be productive on day one with a fully configured device delivered to your door? Modern deployment with Dell Technologies makes “ready-to-work” devices a reality and frees up IT from time-consuming, manual processes. It’s time to love your job again. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Moving from Content to Context: Designing the Most Intelligent PCs for Our Future Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are making it easier to design technology that can be one step ahead of the user. And as software continues to evolve how we use our hardware, hardware must evolve to accommodate innovation. Foldable technology, gaming devices that have business applications, and other future-forward ways of computing are part of the world to come. Learn how Dell is utilizing - or planning to utilize - innovation across all lines of business. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Join the Circular Economy: Learn How to Expand Your Contribution to e-Waste Reduction Ready to help us change the electronics economy from linear to circular? For every product purchased, we’ve committed to reuse or recycle one. We'll share the ways Dell is strategically shaping our services to achieve these goals - from sustainability programs to product/service development. Learn how you can make a real contribution to the future of your organization and our planet. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Dell Technologies Unified Workspace: What Lies Beneath – Do You Know? Cyber-attacks are now happening below the OS, where traditional security solutions don’t hunt. In this session, learn how Dell is charting new territory with solutions designed to give you visibility so you can stop hidden attacks… and know what lies beneath. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Dell Technologies Unified Workspace: Don’t Gamble with Your Business - Protect It! Modern threat management requires a proactive approach, speed and a whole lot of insight. With intelligence from VMware Carbon Black and Secureworks, you gain the necessary insights into the enemy before they have a chance to make their move. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Dell Technologies Unified Workspace: Workspace ONE Lets You Work to Infinity and Beyond In a modern digital workspace, users need the ability to access any app with SSO, get actionable notifications from IT and stay connected with people across the organization. Come see how Workspace ONE and Dell Technologies empower your employees with engaging experiences from day one and beyond. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Join the Virtualized World! How do you enable your workforce to work anytime, anywhere on any device? Learn about considerations for a virtual desktop infrastructure and how Dell Technologies can help deliver high performance virtual workforce experiences, while improving security and reducing TCO. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
eSports: The Industry is More Than a Game As the eSports industry continues to grow exponentially, the technology behind each tournament continues to be every bit as critical and dynamic. Join us for a discussion with Mike Seavers, Head of Technology at Riot Games, for a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to deliver the best gaming and watching experience possible. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Digital Risk in IoT The Internet of Things (IoT) is a core component of Digital Transformation, delivering strong business and operational benefits. But as with all Digital Transformation, IoT innovation comes with unique risks, to both IT security and OT business resiliency, along with process automation and third-party risk. This session discusses ways to assess, manage, and mitigate Digital Risks arising from IoT. 1 Hour Lecture
How Dell Does IT: Leveraging a Multi-Cloud Architecture Built on Dell Technologies Cloud Solutions to Drive Digital Transformation An in depth look at Dell IT’s ongoing journey to build a multi-cloud environment leveraging Dell hardware and VMware and Dell software to provide consistent infrastructure and operations from the private cloud to the public cloud to the edge. 1 Hour Lecture
How Dell Does IT: Modern, Seamless and Secure Access for Employees with Unified Workspace Today’s modern, unified workforce must be connected, informed, engaged, and empowered with personalized experiences 24x7….and of course, it has to be secure. The audience is invited to learn how Dell IT is deploying its own Unified Workspace solution internally to give team members seamless access anytime, anywhere. 1 Hour Lecture
How Dell Does IT: Providing a Consistent Developer Experience with the Pivotal Platform Being a modern, software-led organization means that we’re able to quickly build and run applications on any cloud. To achieve this, we needed a cutting-edge platform to provide consistent developer, infrastructure and operations from edge to core to cloud. Discover how Dell IT's Platform services utilizes Dell Technologies Cloud and Pivotal Platform (Cloud Foundry & Container Services) to support cloud native application and platform adoption. 1 Hour Lecture
Flexible Consumption: Expert Insights on How to Make On-Demand Work for You Flexible Consumption is shifting customers from traditional purchasing models to as-a-service and pay-per-use for faster, more accessible change. Deep-dive into how these models, paired with best-in-class services and hardware can meet you where you are today and get you where you want to be. Join our panel of experts to determine if this is the right move and how you can get the most out of the on-demand world. 1 Hour Panel
Get Your Head out of the Clouds With a Winning Multi-Cloud Implementation Strategy IT leaders today are tasked with transforming the business, accelerating growth and achieving operational efficiency. The keys to success include not only an effective multi-cloud adoption strategy but careful consideration of the different models available. Join our panel for a robust discussion on how cloud-as-a-service and pay-as-you-go are changing the way customers think about and set up their multi-cloud environments. 1 Hour Panel
10 Expert Tips to Boost IT Services Health and Outcomes with Real-Time Actionable Intelligence Discover 10 powerful ways IT stakeholders can use real-time analytics, connectivity and data visualizations to proactively manage services health and risks across enterprise systems, becoming instantly more productive. Experts demonstrate our online customer dashboard for critical KPIs backed by detailed asset data and robust self-service capabilities for incident management, onsite maintenance, code levels, advisories, contracts and more. 1 Hour Panel
PowerOne: Autonomous Infrastructure Overview, Updates & Future Directions As businesses look to simplify their datacenters operations, Dell EMC PowerOne Autonomous Infrastructure takes best in class components like PowerEdge, PowerMax, and PowerSwitch and adds intelligent automation to deliver and maintain a dynamic VMware data center. Join us for an overview of the system, a demo of the declarative GUI and a look at what the future has in store for datacenter automation. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
PowerOne: Leveraging the API to Deliver Autonomous Operations in the Datacenter There is a lot of talk about infrastructure as code, declarative infrastructure and intent based networking. In this session we will clearly define these terms and show how PowerOne gives users the ability to dynamically provision a complete datacenter infrastructure with an intuitive system level API. Join us for an interactive demo of the PowerOne automation engine, how you can use it, and find out how easy it can be to automate an entire datacenter architecture. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
PowerOne Technical Update: Storage, Server, Networking and Cloud Enhancements Your business innovates quickly and your infrastructure should too. Join us as we look at the latest updates to the PowerOne system which will allow you to continue to integrate into Dell Technologies Cloud, take advantage of new storage capabilities and incorporate more flexible server options - continuing to expand the use cases for Autonomous Infrastructure. Buckle in and get ready for a fast paced, autonomous ride. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
VxBlock 1000: What’s New, CloudIQ, and Future Directions The VxBlock converged infrastructure system helps you simplify and automate mission critical data center deployments. See the latest hardware and software enhancements to Dell EMC storage/data protection, Cisco network/compute, and VMware integration, and see a deep-dive demo of new cloud-based multi-system monitoring and lifecycle management with CloudIQ. Don't miss this important update full of information for existing and future VxBlock customers. 1 Hour Lecture
VxBlock 1000 Automation and VMware Integration: Enhanced Cloud Management Update and Demonstration This session will focus on the integration of VxBlock with the latest VMware vRealize Operations and Orchestrator products allowing for simplified management and control of VxBlock within a larger VMware landscape. In this session we will highlight how these capabilities integrate with the VxBlock Central converged management software, and how to get started! 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
VxRail & Dell EMC SmartFabric: On-Demand, Automated Network Switch Management for the VMware HCI and private cloud With Dell EMC SmartFabric networking integration, VxRail expands the software-defined virtual infrastructure to include automatic configuration and management of the network switch. This session will provide a deep explanation of the integration of Dell EMC’s VxRail hyperconverged infrastructure with the Dell EMC OS10 enterprise switch family, and how the Dell EMC SmartFabric feature eliminates time-consuming and error-prone manual switch administration from IT administrators. 1 Hour Lecture
VxRail Performance Best Practices In this session we present an update of VxRail performance capabilities based on vSAN, and discuss how to leverage the different VxRail models to satisfy workloads and use cases. We provide cluster design considerations, emphasizing the benefits of new features and components (4-Socket, PMEM, Large cap drives) and guidance for the actual sizing of your configuration. 1 Hour Lecture
VxRail HCI System Software Unlocks Full Stack LCM and Infrastructure Machine Learning If keeping your IT environment constantly in a known, good, operational, and fully supported state - even during automated upgrades of the fully integrated stack - is of interest to you, you will want to join this session as we unpack the innovation built into the VxRail HCI System Software designed to enhance native VMware capabilities, reduce risk, and accelerate time to productivity. The session will also include a demo of VxRail Analytical Consulting Engine (ACE) that provides infrastructure machine learning capabilities for all your global VxRail clusters. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Straight from the horse’s mouth: Why pay more for VxRail Don’t take our word for it – come hear directly from a VxRail customer. Learn about the impact on their IT environment before and after their deployments, understand the technical and business value that they have realized from using VxRail, take home key learnings, insights and best practices, and feel free to ask them anything else that comes to mind. Ideal for attendees who may be considering VxRail, those about to deploy VxRail, or existing customers interested to hear about other VxRail use cases. 1 Hour Lecture
Accelerating Innovation with Dell Technologies Cloud Dell Technologies Cloud has delivered a consistent hybrid cloud experience that in just one short year has driven excitement and helped organizations accelerate their innovation. Join Deepak Patil, Cloud SVP, as he reviews the current Dell Technologies Cloud offerings and shares news for what is on the horizon. You will also hear from our customer on how Dell Tech Cloud helped them to accelerate their multi-cloud journey. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell Technologies Cloud Platform (VCF on VxRail): Overview & What's New for 2020 This session focuses on the progress made during the last 12 months with VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail, the Dell Technologies Cloud Platform. Come learn about VxRail, the only jointly engineered HCI system with deep VMware Cloud Foundation integration, and how that integration allows IT to adopt a consistent operating model across the hybrid cloud. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell Technologies Cloud Platform (VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail): A Technical Deep Dive Learn about how Dell Technologies Cloud Platform (VCF on VxRail), the only HCI system fully integrated with VMware Cloud Foundation SDDC Manager, delivers unique integrations to offer a seamless, automated upgrade experience that dramatically simplifies the operation of an on-prem Private Cloud with extensibility to public cloud. Simplify operations with automation, support, and serviceability integrations only available with VCF on VxRail, the Dell Technologies Cloud Platform that provides a direct and accelerated path to hybrid cloud. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Enterprise-grade Kubernetes with Dell Technologies Cloud: A Guide to Cloud-Native App Development In this session, you will learn how Dell Technologies Cloud Platform on VxRail allows an accelerated cloud-native application development while also running traditional, virtualized applications with Project Pacific. We will discuss how Dell EMC and Project Pacific, a new hybrid cloud platform resulting from the unification of vSphere and Kubernetes, helps your company by providing workload portability across private and public clouds, lifecycle automation across hardware and software stack and intrinsic security at infrastructure level. 1 Hour Lecture
Bringing Cloud Automation and Agility To Your Data Center with Dell Technologies Cloud and PowerOne As you evolve within your digital transformation journey to better compete, IT must be more responsive and efficient to support business needs with novel architectures and cloud deployment strategies. Dell EMC PowerOne provides built-in automation for workload and IT lifecycles, helping to boost the shift from traditional operations to modern cloud outcomes. On the other hand, a Software-defined data center approach with the Dell EMC Kinetic Architecture and VMware Cloud Foundation can provide customization and flexibility for bridging your data center operations on the ground into SDDC and cloud. Discover how each approach can improve IT performance with a consistent infrastructure. 1 Hour Lecture
Secure Data Management Solutions for your Multi-Cloud Strategy It may not surprise you to hear that organizations are managing almost seven times more data than they were in 2016. Data is more distributed than ever before – residing across multiple clouds, in the core data center, and out across hundreds and even thousands of edge locations. Customers want to work with vendors that can provide consistency to manage data across cloud services, as well as security and compliance. Dell Technologies Cloud and Dell EMC Data Protection offers the most complete portfolio for protecting our customers’ data as they progress through their IT transformation from edge, to core to cloud. This session will discuss how to enable secure, easier and more affordable backup and recovery solutions in the cloud and why customers choose Dell EMC over the competition. 1 Hour Lecture
Meet Varied Workload Demands with Dell Technologies Cloud Validated Designs As your organization develops and operates workloads with varied availability, cost, and performance requirements, having the right infrastructure is crucial. This session will cover how to deliver cloud capabilities to your workload portfolio and meet the performance and capacity needs of storage- and compute-intensive applications. You can now build your own hybrid cloud infrastructure with prescriptive building blocks using Dell EMC best-of-breed compute and storage that has been validated with VMware Cloud Foundation. Now you can meet the varied demands of workloads with independent scaling of compute and storage. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell Technologies Cloud: Simplifying Workload Migration Across Clouds IT organizations have struggled with complex workloads and data migration across environments. Dell EMC and VMware are uniquely positioned to solve this, making workload migrations easy. Join us for a demo and learn how Dell Technologies Cloud and the different options of private and public clouds deployment gives you maximum choice and flexibility to quickly respond to cost changes, compliance requirements or other events. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) with Cloud Economics on Dell Technologies Cloud This session will cover how IT leaders can simplify the deployment and management of virtual apps and desktops across clouds and multiple sites with Dell Technologies Cloud. Drastically reduce the time needed to plan, design, and scale your VMware Horizon environment with confidence using VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) on VxRail, the Dell Technologies Cloud Platform. The VxRail appliance, the only jointly engineered HCI system with deep VCF integration, enables accelerated deployment of Horizon infrastructure that is off-the-shelf simple with the ability to plug in, power up, and provision virtual desktops and apps in a fraction of the time. 1 Hour Lecture
Extend your hybrid cloud model to Edge and Data Center with VMware Cloud on Dell VMware Cloud on Dell EMC, Dell Technologies Cloud’s first Data Center-as-a-Service offering, combines the simplicity and agility of the public cloud with the security and control of on-premises infrastructure, delivered as-a-service to data center and edge locations. Come and learn how this Dell Technologies offering operate your Data Center and Edge infrastructure end-to-end while your I&O organization focus on business innovation. 1 Hour Lecture
VMware Cloud on Dell EMC Technical Deep Dive: Explained By Product Experts VMware Cloud on Dell EMC, Dell Technologies Cloud’s first Data Center-as-a-Service offering, helps bring compute resources to wherever your data resides, without the responsibility of managing the physical or virtual infrastructure stack. But how do you architect, secure, and manage a complete software stack that is delivered from the cloud, and how does it work with VxRail? Join this technical deep dive session to answer those questions and more. 1 Hour Lecture
Why All Businesses Should Move to SD-WAN – Featuring the Dell EMC SD-WAN with VMware Solution More than 90% of businesses refreshing their WAN infrastructures are looking to use some type of SD-WAN implementation by the end of 2023. Dell EMC SD-WAN is the combination of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant Leader SD-WAN solution by VeloCloud and Dell EMC-built hardware. This partnership gives customers the perfect recipe to revolutionize their edge networks and beyond. In this interactive session, we will discuss and demonstrate how VMware SD-WAN addresses the problems of modern application consumption and how Dell’s open networking platform helps businesses transform their security and networks for today and into the future. 1 Hour Lecture
Networking Automation Made Easy for VxRail, PowerEdge & PowerOne: Demonstration The network can be complex when setting up new deployments of VxRail, PowerEdge, and PowerOne - but not anymore. Dell EMC networking automation products are here to make it easy. Fabric Design Center is a wizard to help you design & deploy a fabric. SmartFabric Services automates up to 98% of the manual steps to setup and maintain a network. SmartFabric Director bridges the gap between the virtual and physical world, integration your switches right into VMware vSphere and NSX. Find out more, get exciting demos of these capabilities, and catch a brief glimpse into the future of network automation. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Airship: Automating the delivery of network services from core to edge AT&T and Dell Technologies are partnering to support development of the open source project Airship.  Airship is a collection of open source tools for automating cloud provisioning and management.   During this session, we will provide an overview of the Airship project and how it will simplify the provisioning and management of open infrastructure services.   1 Hour Lecture
Filesystems in Userspace for Persistent Memory (FUSE-PM) FUSE-PM is a production ready Linux Virtual Filesystem (VFS) bridge to userspace which allows complete fully functional filesystems to live within userspace. FUSE-PM allows both application and filesystem developers to create userspace filesystems that take advantage of new persistent memory technologies. FUSE-PM provides a much better architecture for building high performance userspace filesystems compared to other existing Linux Virtual Filesystem bridge technology. FUSE-PM uses advanced memory mapping techniques to create seamless shared memory for both communication as well as zero-copy data transfers between the filesystem running in userspace and the applications accessing the filesystem. Learn how to use FUSE-PM to create new POSIX compliant userspace filesystems or port existing filesystems to userspace. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Technology Innovation: The Emerging Technologies That Will Supercharge The IT Industry In world of constant technology change, a multitude of new technologies are arriving on the scene together. These technological trends will empower IT like never before. Over the next three years, advances hardware system, cloud, data science and artificial intelligence will provide enterprises with the tools to realize transformative benefits greater than ever before. Learn what technologies Dell Technologies has identified as the most critical to our customers success in the next three year and to which will be a key innovation focus for Dell Technologies research and development in the coming years. 1 Hour Lecture
5G/Edge - 2020 Market Update and Emerging Trends While Telecom operators have started rolling out the first wave of 5G network and services; market adoption by consumers and enterprise/verticals will not become mainstream until 2021-2023 in the US market gated by market build-out and device penetration. 2020 will be a significant transition year for the industry as operators migrate towards a disaggregated, distributed network computing architecture for 5G/Edge and enterprise/verticals. This session will discuss the industry 5G/Edge technology focus areas, market drivers and use cases for Telecom Operators and enterprise/vertical segments and the Dell Technologies 5G/Edge solution roadmap. 1 Hour Lecture
Enabling Secure Customer Infrastructures Security is not just about technology and features, it is also dependent upon people, processes and the ecosystem. Dell Technologies is invested not only in ensuring that it offers differentiating technical security capabilities to its customers, but in taking a leading role in shaping and implementing the industry best practices around product security and supply chain assurance. Join this expert panel to learn more about the multi-discipline approach that Dell Technologies takes to product security. Topics will include Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL), Cyber Resilient Design, Security Training and Supply Chain Assurance. 1 Hour Panel
Kubernetes: The Struggles of Deployment and Management The tales of our adventure in automating the deployment and lifecycle management of Kubernetes. We will cover topics from sifting through a vast amount of automation tools, to provisioning all the ‘other’ components that Kubernetes requires of the infrastructure like network, heterogenous compute and storage (both local and software defined). How we looked to HCI platforms to help with our deployment and found them helpful, but also lacking some of the automation that would streamline the whole process, will be covered. At the end, even with all the issues we encountered, a foundational piece of a modern software ecosystem can be deployed and managed in a highly automated way. 1 Hour Lecture
VMware Cloud Foundation Deep Dive Join this technical deep dive into VMware Cloud Foundation, a next-generation private cloud infrastructure platform that enables customers to succeed in their data center modernization and hybrid cloud journey. You will hear firsthand about this solution, and view product demonstrations of its latest features and capabilities. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Delivering Hyper-Scale Virtual Desktop with VMware Horizon, Cloud Foundation on Dell EMC VxRail Desktop and application virtualization require a number of data center infrastructure layers all working together at Cloud speed and scale. VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) with Dell EMC VxRail delivers the performance and scale advantages of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) and makes it push-button simple to manage Horizon deployments over the entire lifecycle. Combining automated install and configuration of VMware Cloud Foundationwith lifecycle management capability to simplify Day 2 operations along with automated updates to the underlying software and hardware components, the integrated solution stack delivers unmatched value. This session will explore the building blocks of this co-engineered HCI solution, how to utilize the automated installation and configuration of Horizon 7, to better understand how VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail to easily and quickly scale up to support thousands of desktops with significantly faster time to market and lower TCO. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Project Pacific 101: The Future of vSphere Project Pacific, a technology preview, enables enterprises to accelerate development and operation of modern apps on the VMware vSphere platform while continuing to take advantage of existing investments in technology, tools and skillsets. By leveraging Kubernetes to rearchitect vSphere, Project Pacific enables developers and IT operators to build and manage apps comprised of containers and/or virtual machines. Join this session for a high-level introduction to Project Pacific and learn how it can help your team make its mark and run both existing and modern apps. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Grow Your Kubernetes Wingspan Across Multiple Clouds with VMware Tanzu Tanzu Kubernetes Grid provides Enterprise organizations with a consistent and upstream compatible Kubernetes substrate across SDDC, Public Cloud, and Edge environments that is ready for end-user workloads and ecosystem integrations. This session will go over the high level concepts of Tanzu Kubernetes Grid and how you can get started with creating multi-cloud operations, address cluster lifecycle management, and more. Combined with VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, you now have a window into all your Kubernetes clusters. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Dev & Ops Duke it Out! Hear the debate, live with Fiserv, a Fortune 100 provider of tech solutions to the financial world, as this customer Dev team and Ops team 'duke it out on stage' in a debate about how to lay the foundation for the future of the company.  You will hear how the Ops team will define parameters and standards which determine how kubernetes is handled among IT teams into the future.  These standards are critical to managing the scale from hundreds to thousands of containers in production.  'Discipline is freedom' as Jocko Willink would say, and this team is putting that adage to work.  1 Hour Panel
So You Want to Adopt Multicloud Kubernetes? Explore managed Kubernetes services (EKS/AKS & GKE) as well as VMware PKS for managing multicloud workloads. Kubnernetes is billed as the solution for cloud portability and operational consistency to adopt public cloud. Yet each of the cloud providers provides different capabilities and controls. In this talk Eli will share his experience using the cloud native managed Kubernetes solutions to develop and operate apps on K8s. We'll cover operational, functional and consistency differences as well Dell Tech's VMware PKS solution's to operate multi-cloud workloads. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
VMware Carbon Black Cloud: Replace your antiquated endpoint protection AND reduce overhead There are many reasons endpoint protection customers are moving to the cloud-native disruptors at a rapid pace. Attendees of this session will leave understanding how the VMware Carbon Black Cloud protects them better from modern attacks, reduces the impact on end user devices, and trims a significant portion of the management overhead associated with legacy antivirus. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Practical Guidance for Windows 10 Modern Management with VMware Workspace ONE This session addresses how Dell Technologies Unified Workspace accelerates your journey to modern PC management. We look at the top 5 hurdles we have seen for customers on this journey, and how Workspace ONE – a critical piece of Dell Technologies Unified Workspace – addresses each of these blockers to simplify your IT ops and empowers your Windows 10 users in the shortest possible time. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Why Every Organization Needs an Edge in the Data Era Data gravity is shifting from cloud to edge. In fact, Gartner predicts 75% of enterprise data will be created and processed at the edge by 2025. Join us to learn about our Edge and IoT vision/strategy, how we're optimizing edge-to-cloud solutions and how we’re helping customers solve pain points in vertical use cases for impactful business outcomes and ROI. 1 Hour Lecture
See What’s Possible Right Now With Computer Vision Solutions for Edge and IoT Imaging sensors can do more than provide high-resolution images. In this session, we’ll discuss how to transform imaging data into business value across a range of real-world examples, including physical security, retail loss prevention and manufacturing processes. You’ll learn about our integrated, flexible platform, validation scope and vision systems. You’ll also gain insights on how to leverage data analytics and machine/deep learning to extract maximum value from your data. 1 Hour Lecture
Honeywell: Digital Transformation starts at the Edge (2) Honeywell is transforming into an industrial software company. Learn from their experience about how edge computing, IoT, and embedded capabilities from Dell Technologies have been making Honeywell's factories smarter and helping them to bring new powerful analytics solutions to market. This technical session will focus on capabilities leveraged to date, and where Honeywell plans to go next. 1 Hour Lecture
RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines Planning & Deployment Best Practices From understanding the basic use-cases of replication to advanced topolgies, this session will walk you through designing and implementing BCDR for your workload with zero RPO in synchronous replication to asynch replication. Learn how to optimize your configuration in order to achieve the best possible RTO. 1 Hour Lecture
Actualize Your SAP S/4HANA Workload Data with Dell Technologies Data Protection Solutions As organizations transition to SAP S/4HANA environments, they need the most robust, scalable data protection solutions available. By implementing Dell Technologies’ backup appliance and software strategies organizations achieve greater backup and recovery performance, reliability and flexibility from the way they manage their data and use their data. SAP Admins are empowered to protect their data using their native tools leaving the control in the hands of the SAP data owners. With the enormity of data and integration gravity weighing down the process of moving data on-premises and to cloud; learn from our field and customer experts directly on how to enable smoother transitions, faster test/dev to production strategies and meet the most strictest SLAs.   1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Data Protection Suite with Unified Management: The NetWorker Advantage Dell EMC has modernized and simplified Data Protection Suite.  In this session, learn about the latest innovations with NetWorker, Data Protection Central and Data Protection Advisor. Highlights include centralized monitoring and management of Dell EMC Data Protection software and protection storage, protecting VMware, Hyper-V, cloud-based workloads as well as applications and databases.  We will explore use cases and tips to help you maximize your NetWorker deployments and prepare for next-generation data management. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
How Incident Response Trends Can Help You Improve Cybersecurity Readiness Secureworks conducted more than 1,000 incident response engagements last year, and what they learned by analyzing the outcomes will sharpen your appreciation for the tipping point between containment and chaos in the heat of a cybersecurity attack. See attack data from 2019, including third-party, ransomware and espionage-related incidents; learn the top three mistakes organizations make in emergency response situations; and explore best practices for preparation, containment, eradication, remediation and recovery. 1 Hour Lecture
How A World-Class Security Operation Detects and Responds to Cyber Threats Running a world-class security program boils down to how quickly you can detect, respond to and remediate threats in an increasingly complex environment. To achieve the necessary speed and scale, security leaders are taking a new approach that leans on a combination of human and machine intelligence. Learn how advanced analytics tools, automation and real-world use cases can be applied in the right way to outpace your adversaries. You’ll see Red Cloak™ Threat Detection and Response software in action as both a do-it-yourself application and as part of a Managed Detection and Response solution. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Mainframe Summit Three full days exclusively for mainframers! Sessions, conversations and demos are 100% dedicated to mainframe education, training and customer interaction with our mainframe Subject Matter experts (SMEs). Each day is dedicated to improving your understanding and awareness of the latest advancements in IBM Z, Dell EMC PowerMax & VMAX primary storage, Dell EMC Disk Library for mainframe (DLm) protection storage and Dell EMC GDDR automated failover software for DASD and tape. Please visit the DTW Mainframe Summit website for the full agenda. 1 Hour Lecture
Discover 7 Ways Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers and VMware Simplify Your Journey to the Hybrid Cloud In today’s world of rapid change, IT plays a major role in a company’s digital transformation. It improves business operations, enables better customer experiences and creates competitive advantages across all areas - from the edge to the core to the cloud. No matter what stage of the journey your company is in, together Dell EMC PowerEdge servers and VMware can take you where you want to go. In this session you’ll discover how PowerEdge and VMware support modern applications while helping you manage, secure and access data across private and public clouds. From expedited VMware vSphere® deployment to better performance with VMware vSAN™ for workloads like SAP HANA and Microsoft SQL, to a self-sustained cloud with VMware Cloud Foundation, Dell EMC and PowerEdge can help you navigate the path while managing it all effortlessly with OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter. 1 Hour Lecture
Knowledge is Power – Leveraging Streaming Data from iDRAC9 to Gain Deep Datacenter Insight The iDRAC9 Datacenter edition provides ~200 metrics to analytic tools like Splunk, ELK Stack, Prometheus and more. Learn how to tap into this deep level of server information including CPU, GPU, power, thermals, storage drives and more to gain a better understanding of how your datacenter truly operates, and then make proactive adjustments to stay ahead of the game. 1 Hour Lecture
Unravel Complex Management Scenarios With Openmanage Enterprise Dell EMC OpenManage Enterprise provides all the capabilities that you need to reduce complexity in your IT environment. Learn how to leverage OME’s powerful management features and know more about its new plug-in’s that extend core functionalities to improve your operational experience through efficiency, simplification and automation. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC Data Protection Portfolio Overview: Software, Appliances, VMware and Cloud Over the past year, Dell EMC has made several new introductions to its best-in-class data protection portfolio. In this session, we’ll take a look at our portfolio, introduce you to our new PowerProtect software and appliances, look at our integrated data protection appliance line, and delve into our cloud offerings. If you want to understand what Dell EMC offers for Data Protection and Data Management, this is the session for you! 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC PowerProtect DD Series Appliances - The Ultimate Protection Storage Appliance "Learn about the next generation of Data Domain – Dell EMC PowerProtect DD Series Appliances – the ultimate protection storage appliance. PowerProtect DD delivers a new level of speed, agility, and flexibility while enabling increased performance that delivers up to 65x deduplication on-premises and in the cloud. PowerProtect DD is multi-cloud optimized allowing you to simplify and obtain operational efficiencies in a multi-cloud environment – private, public and hybrid. PowerProtect DD supports the most extensive cloud ecosystem for long-term retention, disaster recovery and in-cloud data protection. See first-hand how easy it’s to configure and deploy PowerProtect DD on-premises and in any supported cloud with a single point of management tool - Dell EMC PowerProtect DD Management Center." 1 Hour Lecture
Protecting Your Workloads in Public Cloud with PowerProtect Cloud Snapshot Manager As an enterprise’s footprint gets bigger across multiple public clouds, new challenges arise for data protection. Mission and business-critical applications running in public clouds require could-native methods for data protection. PowerProtect Cloud Snapshot Manager simplifies protection of workloads across clouds seamlessly and provides global governance and visibility without the need to set aside any infrastructure for data protection. This session explains how to effectively leverage this cloud native SaaS offering to protect your cloud instances in AWS and Microsoft Azure. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery: What’s New, and How Backup and DR Converge This session provides an overview of Dell Technologies' Data Protection Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) portfolio. What are the best ways to protect workloads to other sites and to the cloud? When would you use backup-based DR and when would you use replication and any-point-in-time recovery? What’s new with RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines and with Cloud DR latest releases? How to do DR from an IDPA? What orchestrations are provided as part of the products and what can you do with REST APIs or with vRA? We will also discuss how Backup and BCDR converge in modern environments and how PowerProtect Data Manager provides one simple solution to backup and to BCDR. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Mastering your Multi-Cloud Data Protection Journey Has your company adopted one or more public clouds for your application workloads and missing out on critical data protection needs? Are you looking for a consistent and economical way to protect across the different clouds? This session provides an overview of Dell Technologies' extensive portfolio for protecting workloads in and to the cloud for different use cases – backup, disaster recovery, long term retention, and replication. We will present easy to use capabilities of PowerProtect Data Manager and Appliances – Cloud DR, Cloud Snapshot Manager, DD Cloud Tier, and Data Domain Virtual Edition (DD VE) – that provide the cost efficient cloud data protection you need. You will learn what’s new and where we are headed in our multi-cloud data protection journey. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Closing the Gap, Data Protection Solutions for Oracle Workloads Go deep with Dell Technologies’ field and corporate engineers as they navigate the data management features for Oracle. Learn how DBAs and ITDMs work together from native integration of Oracle applications and databases through Dell EMC PowerProtect Data Manager.  New feature functionality is highlighted throughout for the ability to manage centrally and fully automated Oracle Incremental Merge (OIM). 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
How Dell EMC and VMware are collaborating to protect Cloud Native and K8 environments Dell EMC and VMware are investing heavily in providing the best-in-class solutions for the modern infrastructure. This session focuses on Dell EMC PowerProtect and its new integration with VMware cloud native and Kubernetes environments. Kubernetes opens many questions for Data Protection: How to backup and recover applications – especially if they include stateful containers? Will I be able to restore my application’s data as well as the Kubernetes-level constructs that run it? Can I have policy-based lifecycle and governance for my protected workloads? In this session we describe how Dell EMC PowerProtect addresses these question as well as what additional benefits PowerProtect brings on top of Velero. We will demonstrate how PowerProtect provides one Enterprise-grade solution to protect VMs, applications and Kubernetes environments. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Lessons Learned From the Successes and Failures of Organizations Striving to Protect Their Large-Scale VMware Environments Virtualization adoption is not what you would think! The proliferation of cloud computing, anywhere/anytime mobile and edge applications, paired with mission-critical on-premises environments with demanding SLAs, creates a daunting protection dynamic. The complexity of protecting these environments can create tremendous risk in the form of downtime and data loss. Working with ESG, Dell Technologies surveyed 300 organizations (those with 500+ employees) with 1000+ VMs under management to quantify the challenges these environments bring with them, understand the roadmap these organizations are following to alleviate data protection and recovery challenges, and understand the importance they see in key VMware integrations. Come to this session to see the data and learn how Dell and VMware are helping customers get their virtual environments under control and hear what organizations should consider as they evaluate or re-evaluate their data protection environments. 1 Hour Lecture
Data Protection Automation Made Simple with REST APIs and vRealize Automation As your environment scales, do you find yourself repeating the same backup, recovery and disaster recovery operations again and again? Or maybe you’d like to provide a simple Data Protection service catalog to others your organization? This session provides real-life examples of automation using REST with the Dell EMC Data Protection portfolio including, PowerProtect Data Manager, Avamar, NetWorker, Virtual Machines and CSM. We also demonstrate the vRealize Data Protection Extension for PowerProtect Data Manager that enables configuration of blueprints and self-provisioning of VMs with data protection. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Data Protection Suite with Unified Management: The Avamar Advantage Dell EMC has modernized and simplified Data Protection Suite.  In this session, learn about the latest innovations with Avamar, Data Protection Central and Data Protection Advisor. Highlights include centralized monitoring and management of Dell EMC Data Protection software and protection storage, protecting VMware, Hyper-V and cloud-based workloads.  We will explore use cases and tips to help you maximize your Avamar deployments and prepare for next-generation data management. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Hands-free VM Protection with the Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) Learn how to automate and simplify the protection of your VMware environments with the converged Dell EMC IDPA. In this easy-to-follow tutorial, you will learn how to manage your VM ecosystems with dynamic policies that instantly protect your VMs as soon as they are generated—without any user interaction! Even when the VM expires, the data remains per your predefined policies. And, in the event of a disaster, you can quickly restore any VM with instant access. The IDPA redefines simplicity. Learn about the power of a converged data protection solution that includes backup, cloud, disaster recovery and analytics in a single platform. This converged appliance deploys quickly, costing much less than alternatives. Learn how to harness its simplicity and power for VMware environments. 1 Hour Lecture
Cyber Resiliency for your Business: What’s Your Cyber Recovery Plan? Does your organization have a recovery plan when a cyber attack happens? Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery is designed to enable you to rapidly recover from the worst cyber-attacks. Our solution leveraging advanced analytics along with secure backup image retention of your data enables rapid business recovery. But how do you operationalize your solution? Learn from our industry experts about best practices to protect your life-blood applications. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Modern cloud data protection and beyond: PowerProtect Data Manager and X400 Appliance PowerProtect Data Manager and X400 were introduced at Dell Technologies World 2019 and are the next generation of data protection software platform and software-defined appliance. Since then, PowerProtect Data Manger and the X400 integrated appliance have expanded cloud protection capabilities, workload protection beyond SQL and Oracle to include Kubernetes containers and protection of virtual environments. In this session, learn about latest capabilities and how to maximize the business value of enhancements to PowerProtect Data Manager and the X400 appliance. View how our quarterly releases rapidly deliver innovation and value to our customers running a variety of mission critical workloads and hear firsthand how continuous enhancements are helping customers transform from legacy data protection to an all-encompassing data management solution. This session includes a customer presentation and demo. 1 Hour Lecture
PowerProtect Data Manager:  Planning & Deployment Best Practices Want to learn more about planning and deploying PowerProtect Data Manager? Join this session to cover all the ins & outs, see how easy it's to get a system deployed, configured and managed, plus how fast quarterly updates are implemented. This session will also cover PowerProtect Data Manager and X400 appliance use-cases. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Avoiding Technical Risks when Onboarding and Migrating Mission-Critical SAP Applications to the Cloud Enterprises looking to run mission-critical workloads, such as SAP, in a cloud environment place high value on having a comprehensive approach for the planning, migration and management of their assets. However, no matter how well you plan, there are still some key technical risks that can arise when onboarding and migrating your applications, such as having inadequate connectivity between data centers. Join Kausik Chaudhuri, Global Lead & Senior Director of Professional and Managed Services at Virtustream, as he delves into these risks and describes how Virtustream’s xStreamCare professionals navigate them to ensure a successful migration. 1 Hour Lecture
Driving Organizational Benefits with EHR Cloud Hosting Cloud is increasingly becoming a consideration for healthcare organizations due to the shift from transaction-based models to value-based models. This change in model is challenging healthcare decision-makers to move away from the status quo of commodity-based IT and instead focus on new, patient-centric innovations that will improve overall experience while protecting sensitive data. Join this session to hear from Dr. Tim Calahan, Director of Healthcare Product Strategy & Management at Virtustream, as he discusses this shift in healthcare philosophy, the benefits cloud technologies bring to the healthcare industry, and details around hospital chains in the United States today who are working with Virtustream to embrace this digital evolution. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell Technologies Unified Workspace: Technology intervention backed by power of telemetry What happens when employees don't experience downtime from a broken battery or the wrong type of device based on usage patterns? They become happy, engaged and productive. Come learn how Dell Technologies gives you actionable insights to help you intervene and provide the right solution before the problem becomes a distraction. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Extend Azure to your data center or edge with Dell EMC HCI Offerings The promise of Microsoft’s Azure Stack product family is to make Azure services available on-premises as organizations are increasingly deploying hybrid cloud strategies built on hyperconverged infrastructure. Attend this session to learn how Dell EMC’s HCI portfolio for Microsoft’s Azure Stack family provides choice and flexibility to consistently build and run hybrid applications across cloud boundaries that meet every customer need or workload (VMs, Containers, services, Al/ML) and location (Cloud, DC, Edge). 1 Hour Lecture
VMware and Dell EMC Networking: The Fabric for the Software-Defined-Data-Center of the Future Michael Dell said it himself - You can't have a software defined datacenter without a software defined network. Co-presented by VMware, this session highlights key networking integration points between Dell EMC & VMware. We will demonstrate several ways you can integrate Dell networking solutions into your VMware landscape including vSphere & NSX integration with SmartFabric Director, vRealize integration with vRealize Network Insight, and SD-WAN solutions with VMware VeloCloud. Find out why we believe Dell provides the best underlay for VMware environments today and into the future. 1 Hour Lecture
Customer Experiences with Sonic by Dell Technologies - An Open Source Networking OS for the Enterprise Dell's introduction its Open Networking initiative in 2013, changed the way the market looks at network operating systems and has helped drive new levels of flexibility and choice for customers in the industry including the 2016 introduction of SONiC (Software for Open Networking in the Cloud) pioneered by Microsoft. Now, with growing adoption in large cloud provider production data centers and an expanding ecosystem of community and technology partners, SONiC is ready for prime-time. In this discussion, we will talk about real world experiences of our commercialized version of SONiC which incorporates enhanced network automation and management, simplifies deployment and operation, and offers Dell Technologies' industry-leading global services and support. 1 Hour Lecture
Software Defined Services for 5G and the Edge Orange and Dell Technologies are collaborating on edge use case development and business models to support the rollout of 5G.  We will be highlighting our work around edge stack software to support virtual machines, containers, bare metal workloads, management and orchestration. 1 Hour Lecture
Storage and Memory Developments - NVMe, NVMe over Fabrics, and Storage Class Memory New technologies (e.g., IoT) and application domains (e.g., Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning) are generating and using rapidly increasing amounts of data, necessitating fundamental changes in data center infrastructure and systems. NVMe (NVM Express) for SSDs and Fabrics plus new persistent storage media such as QLC flash and storage class memory (e.g., 3DXPoint) are key drivers of these changes. Come explore these developing areas of technology and discover what they make possible. 1 Hour Lecture
From Legacy to Cloud-Native: Modernize your Application Portfolio Enterprises are building modern applications and deploying them to cloud-native platforms like Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry, so they can deliver more of what their customers want, faster. However, most of the enterprise application portfolio is tied to legacy and mainframe oriented back-end systems, making it difficult to modernize and benefit from these powerful platforms. In this session, we will cover how Pivotal and Boomi are addressing this challenge with a modern application development, integration and deployment environment, so that application developers can remain focused on generating value for customers. This talk will explore: - Why use cloud-native platforms - Tips to determine the path forward for legacy monoliths in your application portfolio - How you can quickly connect your modern applications to legacy or SaaS applications 1 Hour Lecture
Chatbots Leading the Charge for Innovation Chatbots are emerging as a premier engagement channel for both internal and external customers to interact with a business and its systems. Going forward, organizations are expected to spend more of their tight budget on bots and chatbot creation than traditional mobile app development. Attendees will learn: - How to enable complex and highly bespoke chatbots….. using a low code development approach. - How to build a flexible framework that goes beyone a standalone bot-configuration platform. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Manage Workload Optimization and Control in an Omni-Cloud World Your company is moving more workloads and applications in, out, and around the cloud – or several hybrid clouds. You need to meet the demands of the business and stay in compliance with regulations and the different cloud vendor parameters. Hear our panel discuss how we solve the top 5 challenges businesses face around workload optimization and control in the omni-cloud era. 1 Hour Panel
Life in the Clouds – Lessons on SaaS-ifying Products Digital transformation takes many forms. For RSA it meant transforming from a traditional security software offering to adding Software-as-a-Service capabilities. More than the technical engineering challenge you expect, it requires people and process transformations as well. This session gets into the technical nitty gritty of moving software delivery to the cloud. Learn how to evolve your migration to match your customer needs and avoid the pitfalls along the way. 1 Hour Lecture
IT Leadership Track: Coming Soon Realize industry insights, macro-trends and prevailing strategies you need to succeed as a digital business. Get the technical and business insights you need to navigate your Digital Transformation. For IT decision makers, directors, senior architects, executives and consultants. 1 Hour Lecture
Emerging Trends Track: Coming Soon Learn about trends and technologies that are reshaping our world including AI and Machine Learning. Gain a practical understanding of where and how to apply these technologies to your digital journey. For attendees of all roles and competencies. 1 Hour Lecture
SD-WAN: Common Use Cases and a Real World Case Study This session goes beyond the introduction to SD-WAN session to provide deeper insight on the specific use cases and capabilities SD-WAN provides. Find out how SD-WAN supports the enterprise shift to using cloud/SaaS applications, unified communications/collaboration, branch network simplification, and hybrid WANs. In addition to the potential use cases, a real world case study of how Dell Technologies benefited from adoption of VMware SD-WAN™ by VeloCloud® will be included, allowing attendees to hear about the actual benefits achieved through its deployment. 1 Hour Lecture
Hybrid Cloud for Oracle Workloads: PowerOne and the Dell Technologies Cloud This session will show the lifecycle of an DB application all the way from on-premises to VMware Cloud on AWS. This includes provisioning, management, monitoring, troubleshooting, and cost transparency with VMware vRealize Suite. This session will also include best practices for running Oracle databases on PowerOne, including performance tuning. Business continuity requirements and procedures will be addressed in the context of PowerMax storage. 1 Hour Lecture
SQL Server 2019 and Containerization: Considerations for a Changing World SQL Server 2019 Big Data Clusters introduce Kubernetes as whole new deployment platform. For those coming from prior versions of SQL Server on Windows, this can be a daunting challenge. This session will describe the primary considerations for architecting and deploying a foundational infrastructure for containerization and Big Data Clusters, including availability and protection strategies. Join us to learn more as you take the journey to SQL Server 2019. 1 Hour Lecture
Simplify AI with 5 Fundamental Tasks Artificial intelligence is taking to world by storm - you're either exploring AI, implementing AI, or you wish you were - but the wide variety of technologies, architectures, models, and deployment options have given many AI-hopeful practitioners pause. We'll break down the complexities of AI into a few basic fundamental tasks to help you build out your use case, consider the key decisions you need to make and show you how to fast-track your implementation with validated architectures and Ready Solutions. 1 Hour Lecture
AI - to Accelerate or Not to Accelerate? That is the Question! Implementing and maintaining a successful artificial intelligence project requires a surprising amount of natural intelligence. One of the most costly technical decisions you will make is whether or not to use accelerators. We'll step through sample scenarios of running AI with and without accelerators, and will discuss HPC, GPUs, FPGA options, and the new IPU option (Graphcore). We'll consider training and inferencing demands separately in our discussion to help you make the right decision for your deployment. 1 Hour Lecture
Best Practice Infrastructure Choices for SAP Infrastructure and application automation is a technology set every IT professional needs in order to remain successful in today's highly dynamic private, hybrid, and public cloud world. Perhaps the most demanding of enterprise applications, SAP workloads require special consideration in this regard (more detail here?). This session will examine the latest, best practices for SAP deployment as well as how Dell Technologies infrastructure options for SAP can reduce effort and eliminate costly errors while speeding up the time it takes to begin delivering benefits to the business. 1 Hour Lecture
VxRail at the Edge VxRail hyperconverged infrastructure systems are ideal for multiple edge use cases including AI, video surveillance and remote data analysis. Come learn about VxRail models optimized for the edge, including the cost effective, low profile all NVMe models with enhanced security and GPUs for AI/ML workloads and new ruggedized platforms that enable organizations to utilize VxRail in remote locations. 1 Hour Lecture
Transforming Healthcare IT: Perspectives from Dell EMC Storage Customers Advancements in emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, digital pathology and next-generation sequencing are enabling new frontiers in patient care. Whether delivering fast access to electronic health records with Dell EMC PowerMax, enabling PACS storage with Dell EMC Isilon, or implementing Vendor-Neutral Archives with Dell EMC ECS, Dell Technologies has always been the trusted infrastructure provider for every Health IT workload. Join us to hear directly from our customers about their healthcare IT transformation journey with the Dell EMC Storage portfolio of solutions covering traditional to emerging workloads, from on-prem to cloud. 1 Hour Lecture
Fueling Your AI Rocket Ship: Moving from PoC to Large Scale Deployments Organizations are increasingly adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to turn data into insights for competitive advantage. However, the architectural considerations for platforms that support large scale production deployments of AI applications change significantly as these efforts mature beyond small scale sandbox and proof-of-concept (PoC) environments. This session will review the factors contributing to the rise of AI, discuss key business and architectural requirements for compute and storage, and provide guidance to help you achieve the maximum benefit from AI platforms with solutions such as Dell EMC Isilon. You’ll also hear directly from customers as they share how Dell EMC solutions are fueling their AI rocket ships. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC ECS: Modern Storage for Modern Application Development A constant challenge facing organizations is ensuring developers have the right toolset to create and deliver the next-generation of business applications. And self-service, API-addressable storage is a critical requirement of any development team building S3-based, cloud-native apps. This session will detail how ECS is the ideal storage investment for developing those future-proof, modern applications, enabling you to deliver better app experiences for your constituents. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Dell EMC ECS Overview and What's New In this session you will learn about the exciting innovation Dell EMC has introduced to its industry-leading object storage platform, ECS. This session will focus on the value ECS provides to organizations of all stripes, the latest feature improvements, an overview of our new EX-Series appliance, and a sneak peek into our groundbreaking product roadmap. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC ECS: Architectural Deep Dive, Best Practices, Tools, Tips & Tricks This session will take a closer look at the ECS platform’s architecture and what makes it an innovative object storage system. In this session we’ll also explore some deployment best practices, tools that make system management a breeze, and additional tips and tricks for getting the most out of your ECS investment. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC CloudIQ & SRM: Storage Monitoring, Analytics & Reporting Your best IT problems are the ones that never happen. Find out how you can proactively prevent issues in your storage environment with storage monitoring and predictive analytics. This session will focus on our recently introduced CloudIQ SaaS portal, and also discuss how Storage Resource Manager (SRM) complements CloudIQ by addressing a wide range of customer use cases. The session will include a CloudIQ demonstration. 1 Hour Lecture
Persistent Storage for the Containerized World Learn how containers are changing the virtualization landscape and what it means for the data storage landscape. In this session we will showcase the long strides the containers ecosystem has made in just a few years, along with how to provide a persistent storage layer for your containers. We will demo Dell EMC Storage integrations for the container ecosystem and review best practices. 1 Hour Lecture
Cloud Storage for the Data Decade We’ve entered the Data Decade. Data is growing at a rapid pace, being processed in new ways, and becoming more distributed across data centers and clouds. Sophisticated cloud strategies take a data first approach, ensuring the right data is accessible, secure, performant, and manageable across environments. Come to this session to hear the Dell EMC Storage Cloud CTO discuss how Dell Technologies is innovating across the storage portfolio to make the cloud work for your organization, enabling key use cases such as disaster recovery, analytics, life sciences, media and entertainment and more. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC PowerMax: New Features & Capabilities for NVMe-oF, SCM Persistent Storage, AI/ML and Mainframe for PowerMax Learn all about PowerMax - the world's fastest storage array. PowerMax builds on the proven enterprise features of VMAX, while also delivering unprecedented levels of performance and scale via NVMe-oF, SCM persistent storage and automated data placement that maximizes performance through a built-in machine learning engine. Also learn about the latest software and data services enhancements available for the platform. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC PowerMax: Modern Replication, the latest enhancements to SnapVX and SRDF Learn about the latest advancements in the most advanced local and remote replication technologies, SnapVX and SRDF. This session will cover a variety of ways customers are using SnapVX and SRDF, including high frequency snapshots, scheduling tools including Appsync, and operating active-active datacenters. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC PowerMax: Inside PowerMax Inline Compression & Deduplication to Maximizing Storage Efficiency & Performance Not all data reduction is created equal - learn how PowerMax inline compression and dedupe is designed to minimize storage footprint while maximizing performance. We’ll discuss the benefits of the PowerMax-unique approach to data reduction - including the Adaptive Compression Engine (ACE), Activity-Based Compression, and more. This session will also discuss how to enable data reduction for existing workloads on your system along with benchmark considerations. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC PowerMax: New Features in Unisphere and CloudIQ Learn how the latest features in Unisphere for PowerMax can help you plan, provision, and monitor your applications, ensuring they are meeting performance requirements and enabling a simplified approach to troubleshooting. We will also discuss how to monitor your applications from anywhere with PowerMax and VMAX Integration into CloudIQ. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Dell EMC PowerMax Performance: What's New with PowerMax, NVMe-oF, SCM Persistent Storage, and Replication Performance Learn how the latest performance enhancements including NVMe-oF, SCM persistent storage and new features (such as dedupe, compression, large capacity NVMe drives and much more) can affect PowerMax deployment choices. In this session, we will explore the performance aspects of these enhancements, including aspects of SnapVX and SRDF, and simple "rules of thumb" to get the most out of your PowerMax NVMe SCM array. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC PowerMax: What's New With PowerMax Cloud Integration and Mobility Come learn about how PowerMax integrates with public and private clouds and fits into the larger Dell Technology Cloud vision. PowerMax cloud enabled features will provide customers key business benefits, such as the ability to save cost, enable data protection and make application data available in the cloud for secondary processing. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC PowerMax: Automate Your PowerMax & VMAX Operations Using Tools Like REST API, vRO, Ansible and Containers Automation is key to many enterprise customers, this session will take an in-depth look at how modern APIs can be used to Automate Enterprise storage, this session will focus on PowerMax and how its REST API can be leveraged to automate day to day administrative tasks on PoweMax.  Examples of automation using vRO and Ansible Playbooks with Kubernetes containers will be shown for provisioning, snapshots and control remote replication of enterprise applications. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC PowerMax & VMware: Optimize Your VMware Environment with PowerMax and Virtual Volumes PowerMax and VMware combine to enable the best of a modern datacenter using the latest technology and automation. This session will cover a number of upcoming PowerMax enhancements in the VMware space including Virtual Volumes (vVols), VMware SRM, and NVMe over Fabrics (FC-NVMe). 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Dell EMC PowerVault: Are you getting all you can out of your PowerVault ME4 Storage Investment? PowerVault ME4 storage is one of the clear leaders in the entry-storage market, but are you getting all you can out of it for your business? The versatility of Dell EMC’s PowerVault ME4 storage is flexible enough to run different types of applications for a variety of business needs. Winning CRN’s 2019 Technology Innovator Award recognizes PowerVault for demonstrating its ability to empower businesses and solution providers with differentiated offerings and capabilities to support a variety of applications and use cases. HPC Parallel File Systems, Surveillance, Backup/Recovery, Virtualization, VDI, MySQL and others are all workloads that PowerVault successfully addresses across over 12,000 systems worldwide in just the first 12 months. We’ll explore configuration optimization for your applications, when to run Virtual or Linear mode, how to use ME4 features to their maximum potential, whether to use as an BOD RBOD (or RAIDED array) or as a server attach JBOD and much more. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC SC Series: Performance Best Practices Join Dell EMC Performance Engineering to learn how the latest innovations with SCOS firmware unlock the power of the SC Series performance and features. By following the best practices you’ll learn the best way to get the most out of your system, enabling you to maximize your investment. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC SC Series: Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Dell EMC SC Series' native multi-array federation and stretch clustering provide a powerful solution for high availability, automated disaster recovery and business continuity. In this session, we will cover Live Volume, Replication and Disaster Recovery capabilities, along with deployment best practices and a demonstration of Live Volume auto-failover capabilities. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC Unity XT: A Multi-Cloud Flash & Hybrid Platform Dell EMC’s leadership position in the midrange market is due in large part to the success of the Dell EMC Unity Family. In this session, you’ll learn specifically about the Dell EMC Unity XT Series, a multi-cloud all-flash and hybrid storage platform, that delivers a significant increase in application performance and improves overall data efficiency. We will also highlight its latest software capabilities. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC Unity XT: Performance Best Practices Join Dell EMC Performance Engineering to understand how best practices can be applied to maximize the performance of your Dell EMC Unity XT systems. From connectivity to storage provisioning, you’ll learn how to utilize the available options to your benefit, enabling you to maximize your investment. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC Unity XT: Virtualization & Application Integration What could you do with a virtualized infrastructure that was not an application or database bottleneck? This session delivers straightforward guidance and best practices on Dell EMC Unity XT's integration with VMware, Hyper-V, and OpenStack. We will discuss Dell EMC Unity XT features & configurations that will help you meet or beat application performance SLAs, deploy sooner, simplify operations, and reduce costs. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC XtremIO X2: Innovation Update What has the XtremIO team been up to lately? Attend the session to learn about Metadata-Aware Native Replication: Async and Newly introduced Sync, Secured Snapshots, and Container plugin! While XtremIO’s metadata-centric architecture continues to deliver consistently high performance with superior data reduction efficiencies, the platform is now complete with rich set of date services and ready for all the applications of today and tomorrow. 1 Hour Lecture
VxFlex OS 3.5 Deep Dive: Native Replication for Software-defined Storage VxFlex OS is software-defined storage for the enterprise and powers the VxFlex family of products. VxFlex OS evolves in version 3.5 to include native asynchronous replication. This session provides a demonstration and deep dive into VxFlex OS replication, configuration options, and network implications. It also covers SDS replication use cases and related features. 1 Hour Lecture
Adopt DevOps through Storage Automation We are in the midst of a transition toward higher levels of IT reliability, enabling easy storage management and reduced time-to-market for software delivery. Learn storage automation and view demos on Ansible playbooks and vRO composite workflows to automate the CI/CD pipeline so you can do more with less. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC Data Storage Essentials: Connectrix & PowerPath - FC-NVMe best practices & how to achieve a Slow Drain and Congestion free Fibre Channel SAN A new Fibre Channel SAN technology, “Fabric Notifications” promises to finally eliminate slow drain devices and congestion within your SAN. We’ll provide a demo, describe how it works, and explain how Connectrix works with PowerPath, PowerMax and CloudIQ to provide a congestion free SAN. We’ll also review the Connectrix and PowerPath roadmap and best practices that will allow you to get the most from FC and FC-NVMe. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC VPLEX: New Features & Capabilities Learn about new VPLEX feature enhancements, including a GUI demo, that improve data center operation and resiliency See how Dell EMC customers use VPLEX to deliver the highest availability for business-critical applications. We'll also discuss VPLEX best practices for balancing performance across multiple storage tiers and enabling faster storage technology refresh. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC Unity XT: Performance Analysis & Troubleshooting This session explores the options available to validate the performance health of your Dell EMC Unity system. Using examples, we’ll show how to isolate workloads for analysis, monitor system performance, and dissect performance data with different tools and methods. Putting all of this in perspective of best practices. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC Unity XT: NAS & File Capabilities Unstructured data and files are growing at a fast rate and Dell EMC Unity was designed to handle both traditional and transactional NAS. This session will discuss advanced file features/functions (inline data reduction, segregation of NAS resources for multi-tenancy, etc.) and customer use cases for these capabilities. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC Unity XT: Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity What are you trying to protect against? In this session we will discuss a wealth of options native in the Dell EMC Unity OE, including encryption, snapshots, copy management, and replication. Features that create mission critical resiliency and result in a modern IT infrastructure whose benefits range from reduced RTO/RPO to lower development and testing costs. This session will delve deep into each of these so that you can decide which combination best fits your needs. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC XtremIO X2 Ecosystem: CSI, SRM, and vRO Learn about XtremIO's integrations: From providing persistance storage to containres via CSI for Kubernetes to VMware integrations such as VMware Site Recovery Manager and vRealize (vCenter) Orchestrator, all with demonstrations. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC XtremIO X2: Native Replication Deep Dive and Demo: Metadata-Aware Async and Newly Introduced Sync Replication XtremIO X2 delivers unique metadata-aware and highly efficient replication data services, in an asynchronous and newly introduced synchronous manner. Hear directly from customers that are adopting these capabilities as they detail their deployment scenarios. Find out more about ecosystem integrations with XtremIO replication and the future of this data service. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Dell EMC XtremIO X2: Mixed Virtualized Workload Best Practices Learn what the new capabilities of XtremIO X2 mean for your virtualized environments. Examine various deployment models and discuss best practices for both VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments. We will also highlight XtremIO integration options for enhanced monitoring, orchestration and automation with VMware vRealize and Microsoft System Center management platforms, along with container use cases. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Dell EMC VxFlex: Overview & New Features The VxFlex family provides an unmatched combination of performance, resiliency and flexibility ideal for high performance databases.This session provides an overview of the VxFlex SDS architecture, new features and capabilities of the latest VxFlex OS 3.5 with enhanced data protection and asynchronous replication, networking updates, expanded automation capabilities and security enhancements. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC VxFlex: Maximizing Performance The VxFlex family delivers millions of IOPS and consistent sub-millisecond response times for extreme performance and enterprise-level data availability. This session will discuss performance concepts, dive into potential bottlenecks, and provide best practices to create the optimal solution using engineered systems, nodes or appliances. 1 Hour Lecture
Addressing your IT application and database needs with the VxFlex family Modernizing your datacenter to support business objectives is the next evolution of IT, but workloads come in many various shapes and sizes. Learn how the VxFlex family gives you the flexibility you need to grow and evolve your existing environment, while simultaneously handling the independent needs of each application and database (Big Data, Splunk, SAP HANA, containers), and delivering enterprise-class levels of performance and protection. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC SC Series: Performance Analysis & Troubleshooting This session explores the options available to validate the performance health of your Dell EMC SC Series system. During this session, we will demonstrate how to isolate workloads for analysis. We’ll use the Dell EMC Storage Manager to monitor, troubleshoot, and dissect performance data. This session will also highlight useful tips, tricks and best practices. 1 Hour Lecture
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