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PowerEdge MX & SmartFabric Services: The Foundation of Composable/Disaggregated Infrastructure Composable/Disaggregated Infrastructure supports traditional and next-generation workloads by creating flexible, shared resource pools out of disaggregated compute, storage, and networking infrastructure. In this session, you will learn how PowerEdge MX with SmartFabric Services provides simplified operations, network automation, and a fully integrated experience. SmartFabric Services is smart enough to even tell you when systems are not cabled correctly! We will also discuss how the MX Scalable Fabric Architecture supports next generation technologies such as Software Defined Storage and NVMe Over Fabric by providing high speed, low latency interconnects for dozens of modular AND rack servers. Finally, you see how the future forward design principals in PowerEdge MX can support future interconnect technologies such as 50GbE, 100GbE, and Gen-Z. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
VxBlock 1000: Radically Simplified Infrastructure Life Cycle Management For Converged Infrastructure A new era is dawning with a radically simpler, modular and flexible way to update compute, storage, network, data protection and virtualization technologies in a converged infrastructure architecture. Hear about this evolution from system to component level upgrades and how this will help your IT staff spend less time upgrading and patching systems while lowering operational cost and risk. 1 Hour Lecture
Architecting To Optimize Enterprise Application Day 2 Operations In The Cloud Enterprise core apps are complex, long lived, and historically difficult to manage beasts. In a cloud world, enterprises are demanding more - more agility, more flexibility, and lower operational costs. Join this panel hosted by Dell EMC, and Virtustream to discuss tactical best practices for architecting automation solutions to optimize "Day 2" service delivery across infrastrucutre, virtualization, and application operations to reduce costs, improve agility in test/dev and prod, and to drive scale in a cloud world. 1 Hour Lecture
Forensic Readiness: Preparing For When The Worst Happens Secureworks Senior Security Researcher Ron Henry will show you how to leverage your current logging infrastructure to detect adversaries within your environment. We’ll review the challenges of forensic readiness, key components necessary, and the top logs you should be collecting. We’ll also review a case study showing how logs we’re used to crack the case. 1 Hour Lecture
VMware NSX Architecture & Use Cases: On-Prem To Cloud, Containers & Security In Hybrid Environment VMware NSX architecture is unlocking unprecedented value for the small to large enterprises by providing connectivity, security, policy and a consistent operational model. Enterprises are challenged with building IaaS, PaaS and new workload solutions. The answers to these challenges often require common HW infrastructure as well as common platform for software services. This session will describe how NSX-T enables a true multi-cloud operational model with AWS, Azure, IBM and other cloud providers via consistent security, enhancing the cloud operational model and through flexibility of deployment based on specific services per cloud. In addition, NSX-T provides a multi-VC and multi-container solution covering PaaS (PAS 2.0 and K8) & container as service (PKS). The first part of the session goes into details of NSX-T and Dell/EMC system solution, the second part goes into use-case per domain covering cloud, containers and security. 1 Hour Lecture
Project Dimension Powered By VxRail: Extend Your Hybrid Cloud To The Edge As the digital economy proliferates, computing at the edge (remote offices, warehouses, retail locations etc.) is growing in importance. However, the distributed nature of edge computing makes managing and maintaining infrastructure at these locations challenging. Project Dimension, powered by VxRail, represents a new, transformational capability that combines HCI and a fully managed services approach to reduce the costs and complexity of distributed infrastructure. It provides an easy path for businesses with remote sites to accelerate innovation at the edge with zero-touch provisioning, enterprise-class security and easy connectivity from edge to cloud. This session will go over Project Dimension powered by VxRail, and how it enables organizations to consume compute, storage and networking at the edge just like they can with a public cloud. 1 Hour Lecture
Intelligent Connected Vehicle Infrastructure Trends & Requirements This session will discuss the factors and trends affecting Connected and Autonomous vehicles and the industry level forecast of infrastructure requirements and salient architectural and technical issues in the deployment of the Intelligent Connected Vehicle ecosystem. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC XtremIO X2: Integrated Copy Data Management (iCDM) For Applications, Databases, Containers, Devops,... Oh My! XtremIO's unique integrated copy data management (iCDM) technology combines performance and scalability with reduced operational risk through automation and self-service. Maximize the value of your XtremIO X2 deployment by simplifying application and devops workflows as well as reducing development timelines. Learn how application admins and DBAs can re-purpose different copies of Oracle, SAP and SQL Server databases instantaneously and become more agile. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Dell EMC ECS: Architectural Deep Dive, Best Practices, Tools, Tips & Tricks Come hear Dell EMC ECS experts offer an in-depth look at the best practices in deployment, scale and management of your ECS cluster. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC Storage Portfolio: CloudIQ & SRM - Monitoring, Analytics & Reporting For Dell EMC Storage "The information about the package is just as important as the package itself.” – FedEx Chairman Fred Smith, 1978.  Still true today, but in today’s world the “Package” is your Data and Storage.  Come see the future of storage monitoring and predictive analytics with both cloud-based CloudIQ and on-premise SRM.  Recent enhancements in both products will be discussed. CloudIQ demo will be included. Your best IT problems are the ones that never happen because you proactively prevented them.  1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Microsoft SQL Server On Windows & Red Hat Linux: Best Practices The Ready Solutions Engineering team tested and validated SQL Server on Windows Enterprise Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. We then ran both together on the same infrastructure. Join us as we review our monitoring and performance analysis and discuss best practices that can help you be successful in running SQL Server on both operating systems. 1 Hour Lecture
How Application Transformation Can Help You Innovate Faster While Improving Quality In this session we will discuss software development practices that facilitate application transformation with the goals of increasing application delivery velocity and quality. We will touch upon how we helped teams within Dell in adopting our methodology and their application transformation story. 1 Hour Lecture
Crossing The Digital Chasm With Artificial Intelligence Innovators are using artificial intelligence to usher in a new era in human-machine partnerships, pushing the boundaries between the physical and digital universes and creating digital chasms that can disrupt business. Discover how to navigate these chasms to help your organization tackle new AI workloads, explore how machine learning works and understand why it demands new, accelerator infrastructure to manage, analyze and protect data across distributed environments from edge to core to cloud. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell IT: Transforming The Technology Experience Of Our 100,000 Strong Workforce Team member experience is Job #1 for Dell IT. We recognize the evolving needs of our global workforce to be always ON and always connected. Technology is transforming where, when, how, even why we work. Discover how Dell IT is delivering “persona based” digital workplace solutions in a one size doesn’t fit all approach.  1 Hour Lecture
The Dell Digital Way: A Streamlined People, Process, & Technology Approach For Digital Transformation Digital Transformation is a cultural change that requires organizations to continually challenge the status quo, experiment often, and get comfortable with failing, and more importantly, learning fast. The Dell Digital Way is a cultural shift in how Dell IT partners with our business teams using a direct, simplified and streamlined approach to quickly design, develop, iterate and deliver new applications and capabilities. Hear our story first-hand from our CTO. 1 Hour Lecture
The Need For Speed: Learn From Customers How Dell Has Helped Them Deliver When The Stakes Are Highest Industry-leading performance is driving our customer relationships across top brands in media, entertainment and gaming (among others).  In this session, a panel of customers will share some of their biggest challenges and discuss how Dell's commercial products and services help them remove traditional barriers associated with technology, people and processes. 1 Hour Lecture
VxFlex Family Overview & What’s New The VxFlex HCI portfolio provides an unmatched combination of performance, resiliency and flexibility that is ideal for high performance databases, HCI or two-layer deployments, and multi-hypervisor environments. In this session, experts will provide an overview of the VxFlex architecture, new features and capabilities of the latest VxFlex OS 3.0 release, networking updates, automation enhancements and introduce VxFlex appliance. 1 Hour Lecture
VxRail At The Edge Including 2 Node Clusters Discussion of VxRail at the edge, including a 2 Node cluster architecture review. A look at supported architecture and case studies. Also a discussion of how these would fit into the wider Software Defined Data Center (SDDC). 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Dell EMC XtremIO X2: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) - Architecture, Sizing & Best Practices For VMware Horizon 7 Hundreds of customers are running millions of virtual desktops on XtremIO today. The XtremIO X2 platform offers opportunities to start with small VDI deployments and scale granularly. In this session, we will present a holistic overview of an XtremIO X2-enabled VMware VDI environment. You will also learn about XtremIO X2 sizing and best practices for VMware VDI deployments. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Realizing The Promise Of 5G: Are You “Foundation Ready For The Future”? 5G networking introduces a new era for of computing that brings together several key industry trends including software defined everything, Cloud Native, DevOps, Artificial Intelligence, etc. It has the promise to completely transform industries with a new wave of services including mobile broadband services, connected cars, drones, smart retail, industrial robots and much more. Come and learn how to design your infrastructure to build the foundations of your 5G future. 1 Hour Lecture
Making Your Multi-Cloud Service Operating Model Real Multi-cloud is everywhere, and many IT organizations are focused on determining which how to manage multiple public clouds.  This management question is not just a question of tools; it’s also a mindset for organizing the services that IT delivers to the business and how to structure their operations to deliver these multi-cloud services.  In this session, we’ll describe such a cloud-focused service center and best practices for how to make it real for your organization, based on Dell EMC Consulting client engagements. 1 Hour Lecture
Understanding SD-WAN By VeloCloud Without A PhD In Networking VMware's acquisition of VeloCloud added an exciting new SD-WAN offering to the Dell Technologies family. Are you a virtualization guru but cringe at the mention of routing protocols? Love PowerCLI but flee from a router's CLI? Is supporting remote sites with questionable bandwidth keeping you up at night? If any of that sounds familiar, this session is written you! Join us for a technical dive into VMware's SD-WAN solution - no networking certifications required. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Dell EMC PowerMax: Using Service Levels To Consolidate Workloads Using Built-in Machine Learning PowerMax Service Levels are a simple and powerful tool for delivering the right response times for the right applications at all times. Learn how easy it is to setup service levels that allow you to confidently consolidate a variety of applications from production, test, and development on a single PowerMax array. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Dell EMC PowerMax: Inside PowerMax Compression & Deduplication - Maximizing Storage Efficiency & Performance Not all compression and dedupe is created equal - learn how PowerMax All Flash NVMe inline compression and dedupe is designed to minimize storage footprint while maximizing performance. We'll dive deep into the performance and architecture of the VMAX compression - including the Adaptive Compression Engine (ACE), Activity-Based Compression, and more. This session will also discuss how to enable compression for existing workloads on your system along with benchmark considerations. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Dell EMC Unity: Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity What are you trying to protect against? In this session we will discuss a wealth of options native in the Dell EMC Unity OE, including encryption, snapshots, copy management, and replication. Features that create mission critical resiliency and result in a modern IT infrastructure whose benefits range from reduced RTO/RPO to lower development and testing costs. This session will delve deep into each of these so that you can decide which combination best fits your needs. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC SC Series: Performance Analysis & Troubleshooting This session explores the options available to validate the performance health of your Dell EMC SC Series system. During this session, we will demonstrate how to isolate workloads for analysis. We’ll use the Dell EMC Storage Manager to monitor, troubleshoot, and dissect performance data. This session will also highlight useful tips, tricks and best practices. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC PowerVault Portfolio & ME4 Series: Introduction To The New Entry Storage Hardware & Software Dell EMC entry-level storage solutions address the data growth and budget constraints of our small customers and department use cases with focus on our PowerVault ME4 Series. In this session, you’ll learn about 1) the ME4 model configurations, hardware and software features, 2) why the ME4 is a great storage platform for many different application types including optimization for SAN and DAS, and 3) the impressive gains the ME4 delivers over its MD3 predecessor. The session will also cover direct-attached storage enclosures, file server products and our backup products. 1 Hour Lecture
Improve Efficiency By Bridging The Gap Between IT Operations & IT Services Using OpenManage Enterprise & ServiceNow IT Services and IT Operations are often seen as siloed departments that share little in systems and process. The fact of the matter is, they both share a common goal – to ensure the technology powering the business is running optimally and without interruption to users. OpenManage Integration with ServiceNow helps customers to automate the common processes, quickly process the upstream and downstream relationships between the Business Services and the PowerEdge Server infrastructure powering them, to eliminate outages and increase productivity. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC Data Protection’s Next Generation Appliance: Innovation Backed By Powerful Performance & Efficient Scale Next generation protection appliances must deliver powerful performance and efficient scale, along with delightful box to back up simplicity. Learn how Dell EMC’s next generation of appliances deliver this and more, empowering your mid-market or enterprise organization to transform your IT and stay ahead of the data management game. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Dell EMC Data Protection Portfolio Overview: Cloud-Enabled, Software-Defined, VMware Integrated Dell EMC has combined the power and performance of the enterprise together with simple native VMware integrations and cutting-edge cloud functionality, creating industry leading backup and recovery solutions. Looking for an all-in-one appliance? A software-defined solution? Need to protect a traditional hardware infrastructure? We have something to show you… 1 Hour Lecture
VxRail: Overview & What’s New For Core To Edge To Cloud The latest and greatest on VxRail! Come get the details on what we've announced this week… the latest advancements for VxRail as a platform for everything with a look into the broad range of use cases and deployment options from core to edge to cloud. 1 Hour Lecture
Cloud Operating Model For Service Providers: Enabling Agility With Infrastructure Automation In this session, learn about our vision to bring infrastructure automation to our customers as a first-class operating model powered by Dell EMC hardware and leading providers of bare metal automation. Together we will enable customers to better manage infrastructure resources through a “cloud-like” operating model enabling full control over infrastructure regardless of location or workload. 1 Hour Lecture
Your Modern Data Center: Meeting The Real Staffing Challenges Of Transformation Understand the concerns facing IT staffs during data center modernization and explore solutions and results found by those undergoing that transformation. Dell EMC experts share insights and results from IT global IT managers and provide tips for a smoother experience. 1 Hour Lecture
5G & Mobile Edge Computing: What New Capabilities & Business Opportunities Are Enabled For Telecom/Service Providers 5G/Multi-Access Edge Computing technologies in combination with NFV & SDN will enable new uses cases such as e-Health, AR/VR, autonomous vehicles and first responder communications.  Telecom Providers will migrate to a disaggregated, distributed computing architecture that moves service delivery closer to the users/end-point data sources in order to reduce latency and to reduce the load on the backhaul network.  Dell EMC is targeting the 5G/Edge market segment and we will discuss the technology, uses cases and requirements for 5G/Multi-Access Edge Computing. 1 Hour Lecture
Datacenters For Heterogeneous Compute: Heterogeneous Compute Is Here, Are You Ready? A new battleground forming in the data center: increased use of specialized hardware accelerators optimized for specific workloads on GPU, FPGA, SmartNICs, and neuromorphic processors. This heterogeneous compute environment will bring new challenges and complexities in managing data centers. Research and innovation aimed at assisting customers to manage and continually optimize their data center compute infrastructure as app workloads get deployed. This presentation is the result of exploratory research & proof-of-concepts to better understand possible solutions to key challenges that our customers will face. This presentation is designed to start with first principles, delve into the hardware underlay, and then describe an intelligent control plane. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Dell Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Solutions: A Different Type Of Virtual Reality Certainly VR/AR is an exciting emerging technology space.  But there’s an older idea that is suddenly new again – Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI). By shifting computing complexity from the endpoint to the datacenter, today’s VDI technologies are purpose built to be highly secure yet highly flexible and deliver a rich computing experience while dramatically reducing IT complexity and endpoint management costs. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Enable Smart Collaboration Securely For A Growing Mobile Workforce If anything is guaranteed, it is that data will roam even if it shouldn't. It migrates between people, devices and even networks and private clouds. Learn how Dell SafeData protects data, even in the cloud, while enabling smart collaboration with proven compliance. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Dell IT: Realizing Our Vision Of A Frictionless Multi-Cloud Architecture This is a deep dive testimonial on how Dell IT is navigating from Brokered to a Frictionless, Governed Multi-Cloud world. Modernizing to a VMware-based software-defined datacenter enabled Dell IT to manage costs and deliver infrastructure on demand—thus enabling self-service and rapid IT. Now a Multi-Cloud architecture allows us to leverage a combination of private, public, and hybrid cloud resources. 1 Hour Lecture
Game Changing Storage Networking Analytics With Dell EMC Connectrix MDS Series As Storage Area Networks continue to evolve so does the need to understand how, and what, is causing issues. This session will introduce the newest Analytics features from Dell EMC Connectrix MDS. This technology, as included in the 32Gbps platform, provides the visualization that answers the questions administrators are forced to answer every day. 1 Hour Lecture
Eliminate Infrastructure Issues & Put An End To The IT ‘War Room’ John Gentry, Virtual Instruments CTO moderates a session with the Managing Director for a major US-based Financial Services company. Maximize enterprise Dell EMC solution estates, using Virtual Instruments Hybrid IT Management and AIOps Platforms. Takeaway: · Deploying real-time infrastructure analytics to proactively ensure application service assurance ·Eliminated infrastructure issues and put an end to the IT ‘war room’. 1 Hour Lecture
Introducing VxFlex OS 3.0 Overview & Walkthrough (Hands-on Lab) VxFlex OS v3.0 offers a rich feature set, the most significant of which is storage efficiency. This lab will guide you through a review of all new features, and then provide a hands-on tour of GUI updates, fine-grained storage pools, compression, volume migration, and snapshot policies. It concludes with a basic operational section highlighting the resiliency of VxFlex OS. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) Version 2.3 (Hands-on Lab) Check out the latest updates for IDPAs. IDPAs are pre-integrated, converged appliances that are simple to deploy and manage, provide powerful and comprehensive protection for the largest application ecosystem, and offer native cloud disaster recovery and Cloud Tier for long-term retention.  1 Hour Hands-on Labs
SC Series: Unisphere For SC Series Web UI, Replication & Disaster Recovery (Hands-on Lab) Explore the Unisphere for SC Series HTML5 interface to provision volumes, expand storage, view data progression, take snapshots, recover data, view data reduction, and observe performance statistics. Then, learn to use the traditional DSM client to configure multi-array environments for standard, cascading, and mixed-replication scenarios, as well as perform a disaster recovery. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
PowerMax: Replication, Metro & Non Disruptive Migration (Hands-on Lab) Gain real-world experience of key Replication, High Availability, and Migration features on the Enterprise leading PowerMax All Flash Storage Array. This lab allows participants to gain hands-on experience with features such as SnapVX, SRDF remote replication technology, HA with SRDF/Metro, and enables participants to learn about advancements in Non-Disruptive Migration (NDM). 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
Dell EMC Unity: Configuring Snapshots & Replication (Hands-on Lab) Explore the built-in snapshots and replication technologies within Dell EMC Unity storage. This lab covers the creation of File and Block Snapshots, snapshots schedules, and restoring data from existing snapshots. Users will also work with Data Protection features - including File and Block asynchronous replication creation & test failover/failback, snapshot shipping, proxy NAS Servers, and thin clones. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
ECS & Isilon Cloud Pools Integration: Getting Started (Hands-on Lab) An overview of Isilon integration with ECS via Cloud Pools.  Filepool policies are created which enable policy-based archive of files from a standard Isilon share. The lab user creates a Cloud Pools target and establishes the policy elements. Space saving benefits are clearly demonstrated. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
ClarityNow! Integration With Isilon & ECS (Hands-on Lab) This lab gives you hands-on experience in the installation, configuration and overview of ClarityNow's speed, scale and extensibility. Once you have completed the first module of installation, configuration and overview, you will move onto the Plugins and Archiving with search, tags, reporting of Data movement. You will view the true cost of dormant and redundant data enabling showback/chargeback modeling. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
iDRAC9 For PowerEdge Servers (Hands-on Lab) The integrated Dell Remote Access Controller 9 (iDRAC9) delivers advanced agent-free, local and remote server administration. Many new and existing features provide additional security and control to help IT admins monitor and manage their PowerEdge Servers. This lab will cover a few of the key features such as dashboard, alerts, system lockdown, BIOS, server configuration profile, and more. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
VMware NSX Data Center For vSphere: Getting Started (Hands-on Lab) Use VMware NSX to gain hands-on experience with Logical Switching, Distributed Logical Routing, Dynamic Routing and other Logical Network Services. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
Workspace ONE UEM: Windows 10 Management (Hands-on Lab) Use VMware Workspace ONE UEM to manage Windows 10 endpoints with policy configuration, OS patch management, software distribution and security. Explore SCCM co-management capabilities to transition from traditional to modern management for Windows 10. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
What’s New With VPLEX: New Features, Quality Improvements & Roadmap This real-world session focuses on the progress made during the past year to deliver requested features and enhancements for VPLEX.  Come hear what’s new and how Dell EMC customers utilize VPLEX to deliver the highest availability for business-critical applications.  Learn about best practices for balancing performance across multiple storage tiers and how you can enable faster storage technology refresh with VPLEX. 1 Hour Lecture
It’s Never Too Late To Protect Critical Data: Until It Is You're trusted with critical data. If systems go down and data is lost, then revenue, security and jobs are at risk. Are all your systems safe, including VMware VMs on Dell servers and laptops? How fast can you recover data or restore apps? Whether it’s your data center or customers' systems learn how Carbonite can complete your data protection strategy. 1 Hour Lecture
Enterprise AI With Pivotal Greenplum Successful enterprise AI applications must leverage machine learning solutions that tightly integrate a feedback loop that allows for automated updates to the underlying algorithms - creating closed loop machine learning systems. In order to efficiently build and scale these systems organizations need reliable, highly performant and extensible data tools to not only wrangle and prepare both structured and unstructured data, but also build and deploy these machine learning algorithms. In this session you will learn how Pivotal Greenplum combines with Postgres to provide one of the most compelling software solution stacks for enterprise AI and truly enabling #DataOps modeled after the #DevOps revolution. 1 Hour Birds-of-a-Feather
The Whole Shebang: Accelerating Development With The Dell Technology Stack Moving faster for development is valuable to customers, and therefore to businesses. But there's so much to think about beyond the high level basics. How can you change the way people work together, but also provide them the tools to support their new skills? From hyper converged infrastructure, to multi-cloud flexibility, to virtualization systems to container platforms, Chad will walk attendees along the roadmap to making this a reality - quickly! Real customer stories will be showcased to shine a light on what you can accomplish when using the full DT Stack. 1 Hour Lecture
Unlock Innovation With A Multi-Cloud Strategy We live in a multi-cloud world. But in trying to get to innovation faster we've caused silo's in our organizations. In this session you will learn how to rethink about your cloud strategy to ensure your cloud environments are aligned and working together, not separating your teams. 1 Hour Lecture
How Aon Corporation Saved $25m A Year Through Application Transformation Join Aon Corporation as they share their Application Transformation journey: why they started it, how they approached it, pitfalls and lessons learnt along the way, results achieved so far, and plans for the future. You'll leave this session inspired with practical tips to create your own blueprint for making Application Transformation real for your organization too! 1 Hour Lecture
Best Practices Of VMware vRealize Network Monitoring Via Streaming Telemetry On Dell EMC Networking OS10EE Ever wondered why your APPs are slow even after a complete infrastructure refresh? Learn how you can detect and optimize your applications if they are a victim of Microbursts. Improve your Business applications Uptime, Service Chain SLA, and actively Monitor oversubscriptions/underutilizations of your network fabric. VMWare (vRNI) Telemetry Product Manager is happy to jointly showcase Network Telemetry using DellEMC Networking OS10 with Network Insight Appliance demonstrating the overall fabric health and Application to Application latency. 1 Hour Lecture
Data Management Challenges For Machine Learning & Potential Solutions Data is fundamental to Machine Learning – great data drives great models. Yet many adopters state data as a major challenge for machine learning initiatives in their organizations. In fact industry research finds that majority of up-front time is spent on data management – including location, access, cleansing, curating, ontology, governance,  etc. This is an iterative process first time as well as sustain over lifecycle to keep ML models up to date. In this session, we’ll qualify the data related problem statements, cover landscape of offerings that attempt to solve or alleviate this problem. 1 Hour Lecture
Future Trends Of The Connected Business With AI, Blockchain & Edge Is it ever too early to think about the future? The pace of innovation and disruption is accelerating. It won't be too long before users in some part of your business need to orchestrate and automate the integration of device data, applications, and people across a hybrid landscape consisting of the edge, cloud and blockchain platforms. Learn how Dell Boomi is empowering digital innovators with the key new technology paradigms such as AI, Blockchain and Edge. 1 Hour Lecture
Consolidating Oracle & SQL Server Databases: Strategy For Success Many IT organizations support multiple databases and are pressured into achieving cloud like savings. Consolidation and standardization on a unified infrastructure can enable customers to achieve the goals of greater cost savings and efficiency but the planning process is complex. In this strategy session we provide we provide key points of consideration that enable your success. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC PowerMax & VMware: Better Together, Optimize Your Virtual Environment With PowerMax In this far-ranging session we'll look at how the PowerMax hardware and VMware software work better together. We'll look at both our tried and true integrations and the future of VMware and PowerMax. Topics of interest will be high availability, disaster recovery, management, and monitoring. Technologies such as VVols, VDI, and even containers will have a place. Finally we’ll do a tech preview of NVMeoF in the form of FC-NVMe, including a detailed demo. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
VxFlex Family: VxFlex OS Architecture Deep Dive & Demo Learn how the VxFlex family of hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) delivers agility, flexibility, resiliency, and performance while simplifying data center lifecycle management. We’ll demo new functionality and dive into how VxFlex OS 3.0 enables it, covering data layouts and compression, I/O flows, data security, and failure handling. We’ll also review VxFlex integrated rack system management, server and network options, system compliance monitoring and remediation. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
VxRail: A Technical Deep Dive Into Accelerated Path To VMware Hybrid Cloud Learn about the exclusive integration between VxRail and VMware Cloud Foundation and how to create an on-prem Private Cloud with Cloud Foundation on VxRail. VxRail Manager provides operational transparency with automation, support, and serviceability capabilities integrated with SDDC Manager and vCenter to extend the Cloud Foundation management experience and simplify operations. Seamless integration with public clouds allows IT to adopt a consistent operating model which can accelerate your path to VMware hybrid cloud. 1 Hour Lecture
A Peek Into Dell IT's Multi-Cloud Strategy For The Digital Age Modernizing to a VMware-based software-defined datacenter enabled Dell IT to manage costs and deliver infrastructure on demand—thus enabling self-service and rapid IT. A Multi-Cloud architecture allows us to leverage both on-premises and off-premises IT assets in an agile, cost optimized way. This is the story of how we realized our Multi-Cloud vision to help accelerate Digital innovation. 1 Hour Lecture
The Dell Digital Way: A Fireside Chat With Dell's CIO Leadership Team Dell’s IT organization delivers innovative, transformational digital systems with security and compliance for our customers and employees. We are empowered by the Dell Digital Way – a cultural shift in how we partner across Dell using a direct, streamlined approach to quickly design, develop, iterate and deliver new data-driven products and capabilities. Join our CIO leadership team for an insightful talk. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell's Security Transformation: Ensuring Information Security In A Digital World  Data is changing industries, creating incredible digital opportunities—forcing a mindset shift in managing security and risk. IT organizations need to architect for intrinsic security and deliver trusted multi-cloud infrastructure with security policies to ensure our data, applications, and devices are secure, protected and available. Hear from Dell IT security leaders about their approach to Dell’s own Security Transformation.    1 Hour Lecture
Three Years On Dell & EMC's IT Integration Journey: Tales From The Largest Merger In Tech  Setting a course for integrating IT operations of Dell and EMC in the largest merger in Tech history was equal to climbing Mount Everest. This session offers tips on IT integration plus business and IT leadership insights on how we architected and delivered infrastructure and applications for Dell Technologies – that might make your integration journey a little less daunting. 1 Hour Lecture
Unlocking Your Data Capital: A Sneak-Peek Into The Future Of Dell EMC Isilon & ECS Unstructured data is driving the digital transformation that is disrupting nearly every business today. Organizations that harness their file, object, and streaming data, can gain a massive competitive advantage. In this session, we’ll describe a data strategy with Isilon and ECS that can boost the value of your “data capital” and provide a powerful competitive edge for your organization. 1 Hour Lecture
Your Data Is Telling You Something: Are You Listening? See data in a new way. As a capital asset that offers massive value. In this session, we’ll provide examples of companies who have embraced the digital economy and used data to disrupt industries. You will also see how you can leverage data to strengthen and differentiate your offerings using Dell EMC industry-leading solutions to unlock your Data Capital. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC Isilon: What’s New In 2019 & Future Directions Attend this session to get an overview of Isilon’s scale-out NAS product portfolio, what's new and what's on the horizon. Learn how Isilon enables you to increase efficiency, simplify management and gain new operational flexibility that is free from the complexity of traditional storage. You will also get a sneak peek into the future direction of scale-out NAS. 1 Hour Lecture
Getting Started With Knative: The Way To Build Serverless The open source serverless framework space is crowded and complex. Each unique offering approaches functions differently, with varying methods for triggering, scaling, event formatting. But one thing that most everybody can agree on is to build on top of Kubernetes. With that as the only common ground though, there is still too much fragmentation for developers to wade through when deciding on the right open source FaaS solution. That's where Knative comes in. An open source project from Google, Pivotal, and other industry leaders, Knative provides a set of common tooling on top of Kubernetes to help developers build functions. This brings support for things like source-to-container builds, autoscaling, routing, and event sourcing. In this session, we will explore all the components of Knative together and demonstrate how it can be used to effectively deliver a serverless experience to developers on any cloud. 1 Hour Birds-of-a-Feather
Kubernetes: Addressing The Real World Challenges Kubernetes is one of the fastest growing open source technologies, but real world production usage has yet to catch up with the hype. In this panel discussion we'll examine what the role of Kubernetes should be as part of your Application Transformation strategy, explore some of the challenges to consider when deploying it in the real world and share best practices for how to overcome those challenges. You'll leave this session armed with the practical knowledge you need to see through the Kubernetes hype and understand the limitations so you can safely deploy it in production. 1 Hour Lecture
Financial Justification Of The Move To Multi-Cloud Moving to multi-cloud can enable significant savings and benefits, however getting there requires material investments. Projecting the ROI can help justify the costs and build consensus within IT and the business. Learn about key measurements used in determining ROI for cloud transformation. Walk through the detailed ROI analyses for two organizations with varying transformation scope and objectives. 1 Hour Lecture
The Practitioners' Panel: Emerging Trends In Healthcare & The Life Sciences Hear from a practicing physician and technology leaders on the emerging trends in AI, Radiology, Public and Consumer Health, Devices and the Microbiome. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC Connectrix: Uncover The Future Of Storage Networking With CloudIQ, NVMe-oF, PowerPath & Learn New Techniques To Address SAN Performance Concerns The session includes Connectrix integration with CloudIQ, an introduction to NVMe-oF and highlights our NVMe-oF research on Fibre Channel, RoCE and TCP/IP. Referencing our new Congestion Spreading Avoidance whitepaper, you’ll learn about maximizing SAN performance for PowerMax and Unity. Also covered, the Connectrix roadmap, details on 32Gb FC adoption and how to leverage PowerPath for the best all-flash storage experience. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC Storage Portfolio: Best Of Class Storage For Your VMware Cloud Foundation & VMware Cloud On AWS Based Hybrid Cloud VMware Cloud Foundation provides integrated cloud infrastructure that enables customers to standardized their on-premises and hosted infrastructure on a common cloud platform. The end result is a hybrid cloud platform that can span private and public environments, offering a consistent operational model based on well-known VMware tools and processes, and freedom to run apps anywhere without the complexity of app re-writing. In a unique, first of its kind offering, Dell EMC is expanding on these capabilities by integrating and qualifying its storage solutions to work with VMware Cloud foundation both on-premises and in the cloud. In this session we’ll show how you can provide investment protection and storage flexibility for all your applications workloads by leveraging Dell EMC based FC and NFS storage from your on-premises Dell EMC Storage arrays, together with the Dell EMC UnityVSA in the public cloud in order to provide best in class storage for your modern Cloud Foundation based hybrid cloud. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Dell EMC PowerMax: Leverage Non-Disruptive Migration (NDM) To Speed Up Tech Refresh & New Technology Adoption Come learn about the best storage migration orchestration tool available today: PowerMax Non-Disruptive Migration. Since its introduction a few years ago customers have used NDM to migrate well over 50 PBs of data, enabling faster tech refreshes and adoption of new technologies.   This session will discuss enhancements to the product including expanded host OS coverage, use cases and usability improvements. In addition these capabilities will be demonstrated. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Dell EMC PowerMax: What's New With PowerMax All Flash NVMe Array & HyperMax OS Performance Learn how the latest performance enhancements and new features (such as dedupe, compression, large capacity NVMe drives and much more) can affect PowerMax deployment choices. In this session, we will explore the performance aspects of these enhancements and simple "rules of thumb" to get the most out of your PowerMax All Flash NVMe array. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC Unity: Virtualization & Application Integration What could you do with a virtualized infrastructure that was not an application or database bottleneck? This session delivers straightforward guidance and best practices on Dell EMC Unity's integration with VMware, Hyper-V, and OpenStack. We will discuss Dell EMC Unity features & configurations that will help you meet or beat application performance SLAs, deploy sooner, simplify operations, and reduce costs. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC Unity: In Their Own Words - 3 Customers Discuss Technical & Business Value This session will be presented by three customers who will share the technical and business value that they have realized from the use of Dell EMC Unity. They will talk about their environments before and after their Unity deployments. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC Data Domain: What's New For 2019 This session will provide an overview of the latest features of Dell EMC Data Domain, the industry’s #1 protection storage. Learn how we’re driving cloud data protection innovation, latest appliance enhancements, and lowering costs. Keep your mission critical data protected with Dell EMC Data Domain. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Architecting Advanced Computing & AI systems Find out how you can design systems for fast innovation, simulation, high performance data analytics, and artificial intelligence, all on a single platform. This session geared for systems architects, admins, research and technical managers. 1 Hour Lecture
Saving Lives With Advanced Computing TGEN, Beijing Genome Institute and Goustave Roussy are saving lives through personalized medicine. Zenuity, Caterpillar and Nakashima Propeller are making vehicles safer. Learn about the Dell EMC infrastructure that makes it possible! 1 Hour Lecture
Managing Dell EMC's Kinetic Infrastructure With OpenManage From augmented reality at the box with Open Manage (OM) Mobile, to datacenter with OM Enterprise, to VMware integration including composability in Virtual Cloud Foundation (VCF). Discover the versatility of OpenManage(OM) tools and how they manage the full lifecycle of servers, storage, and networking in one or more of the PowerEdge MX7000 chassis. 1 Hour Lecture
Data Services In A Multi Cloud World Today, application developers need to connect an ever-expanding number of data sources. Dell Boomi can quickly and easily connect your applications and data and bridge legacy on premise with new SaaS applications in a hybrid IT environment. Join this session to learn more about how data and APIs are leading digital transformation across industries and how Boomi can help you thrive in the API economy. 1 Hour Lecture
Everything You Need To Know About Modern Data Protection For VMware Digital Transformation has changed the landscape of what data is to an organization. As a result, the essential functions of modern-day data protection products and their relationship to users must be addressed. With so many priorities for IT and vAdmins, VMware data protection should consume minimum effort and resources. This session will discuss everything you need to know about Data Protection for VMware to simplify, automate, and integrate at the deepest level for users to provide comprehensive coverage and compliance, all at a low cost to protect. 1 Hour Lecture
Next Generation Dell EMC Data Protection Software: Architectural Deep Dive, Best Practices, Tips & Tricks For Successful Deployments This session provides a technical deep dive into Dell EMC's next generation data protection software for protecting Enterprise applications like Oracle, SQL and VMware Virtual Machines. Come listen to experts offer an in-depth look at the best practices in deployment, configuration, scale and management of your data protection environment. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Recovering From A Malware Attack: Cyber Resilience, Analytics & Recovery Methodologies Is your organization concerned about Ransomware? Dell EMC Cyber Recovery Solutions are designed to enable you to rapidly recover from the worst cyber-attacks. Our solutions along with backup images of your data enable rapid recovery. But how do you operationalize your solution? Learn from our industry experts about best practices to protect your life-blood applications. 1 Hour Lecture
Moving DR To The Cloud: When Does It Make Sense? Cloud computing isn't going anywhere. And for many organizations, moving applications, infrastructure, and other IT or business functions makes perfect sense. However, even as cloud computing matures, organizations still have legitimate concerns when it comes to letting go of their own in-house infrastructure, including data archiving, loss of control, and uptime. This session will discuss how IT leaders can strategize when it makes sense to move to the cloud, discuss concerns over security and compliance, determine which workloads stay on-prem vs moving to the cloud, and talk through financial models. 1 Hour Lecture
Data Protection Strategies For VxRail In A Multi-Cloud World VxRail leads the HCI market by combining best of breed technologies to simplify the path to the VMware cloud. Dell EMC and VMware provide a wealth of data protection options in both private and hybrid cloud deployments for VxRail customers. In this session, we will survey the options ranging from stretched clusters through disaster-recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS). For each solution, we’ll clarify use cases, benefits, costs, and appropriate deployment models. 1 Hour Lecture
Best Practices For Migrating Workloads To Your Modern Data Center Now that your modern data center platforms are up and running, your next concern is how to get your workloads migrated from their legacy environments to your new platforms, while minimizing cost and risk to the business. Many IT professionals think this is a question of tools and technologies, but it’s more important to think about linkages among applications and your infrastructure. We’ll share best practices and insights. 1 Hour Lecture
Autonomous Storage Of The Future: Continuous Cache Optimization Via Machine Learning In this session, we aim to show how our researchers and top engineering teams are tackling the development of the autonomous storage of the future. In particular, we demonstrate how Dell EMC have been integrating AI/ML into PowerMax's cache and pre-fetching management to make it respond event faster to application requests and to continuously adapt to different types of workloads running on the same system. A demonstration using real IO data and simulated cache policies is available. 1 Hour Lecture
Did You Know AI, M&O, Edge, Cloud Native & IoT Are All Interwoven There are so many tech trends it’s hard to keep up. Further, at first glance, each can seem like an island, when they are actually a spider web of dependencies and integrations. Attend to see why AI, M&O, Edge, Cloud Native and IoT all work together to shape your world, and how to prepare for the future they will drive. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell IT’s Cloud Native App Transformation Journey With Pivotal PaaS Being a modern, software-led organization means that we’re able to quickly build and run applications on any cloud. To achieve this we needed a cutting-edge platform and implement modern delivery practices—changing the way our teams work across the entire software delivery lifecycle. Discover how Dell IT is leveraging Pivotal Cloud Foundry and agile methodology to drive our application transformation. 1 Hour Lecture
Modern Management On Your Terms In a world of diverse device types, operating systems, applications and an increasingly remote workforce, does it feel like your traditional tools and processes aren’t keeping up? Hear Dell and VMware share best practices for your UEM strategy that you can take home to transform your organization so your high-value talent spends less time on low value work. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
IT Directors: Becoming A Security Hero Time is not on your side when it comes to endpoint threat prevention. With the right solution, you can prevent, detect and respond to threats in a timely and efficient manner. Learn how Dell SafeGuard and Response can make you a security hero.  1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Dell IT: The Latest Step On Our Software-Defined Journey: SD-WAN By VMware VeloCloud In leveraging SaaS, IaaS and PaaS, we made a game-changing decision to ensure our global network from the Datacenter to the Edge are cloud and traffic ready. Dell IT is transitioning to SD-WAN to solve for increased traffic growth, costs and strained capacity. Gain practitioner insight on the decision-making process, technology implemented, and steps taken to realize a fully enabled software-defined architecture. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell Data Guardian (Hands-on Lab) Dell Data Guardian protects data wherever it goes, controls who gets access to your data and monitors data activity and location. In this lab you will learn how it works and simulate a few use cases. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
RecoverPoint For Virtual Machines & Cloud Disaster Recovery (Hands-on Lab) Replicate VMs locally, remotely or to the Cloud. RecoverPoint for VMs integrates with Cloud Disaster Recovery (CDR) 18.4 to provide seamless VM replication to AWS. Software Defined VM Protection with RecoverPoint for VMs introduces the ability to protect data continually at a Virtual Machine level. Users are able to manage the system using the RecoverPoint for VMs plugin for vCenter vSphere Web Client. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
Cyber Recovery 18.1 (Hands-on Lab) Cyber Recovery 18.1 maintains mission-critical business data and technology configurations in a secure 'vault' environment that can be used for cyber recovery. Within the vault, Cyber Recovery creates point-in-time retention-locked copies that can be validated and then used for recovery and restoration back to the production system. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
SC Series: Federation With Volume Advisor & Live Migrate (Hands-on Lab) Explore SC Series Federation features highlighting Volume Advisor and Live Migrate use cases. Learn to create threshold alerts, QoS profiles, and even use Live Migrate to transfer volumes between arrays with zero downtime. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
PowerMax: Performance Reporting & Database Storage Analyzer (Hands-on Lab) PowerMax is the world’s fastest storage array. It delivers new levels of performance and efficiency which are expertly monitored by Unisphere for PowerMax. Throughout the lab participants will be using Unisphere to gain hands-on experience of leveraging  the pre-created Dashboards, creating your own Performance Charts, exploring Real Time Analysis and investigating Database Storage Analyzer. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
Dell EMC Unity: VMware vSphere Integration (Hands-on Lab) Explore the Dell EMC Unity platform and learn about its VMware vSphere integration including vStorage API for Array Integration (VAAI) to offload functions to the storage array and vStorage API for Storage Awareness (VASA) which adds storage visibility in to vCenter. Users will also see Unisphere with VM-aw.are capabilities and learn about configuring Virtual Volumes (VVols) in this lab. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
Geodrive To ECS Archive (Hands-on Lab) GeoDrive for ECS is the next generation of CIFS-ECS connectivity to ECS and Atmos API. It combines the capabilities of CIFS-ECS and GeoDrive into one product to provide flexible and highly available file to object network access.  This lab explores a simple desktop CIFS/S3 deployment to ECS and demonstrates basic capabilities and configuration options.  The lab also shows how to save files to the cloud drive using normal file access methods and verifies the files are stored using S3 protocols to ECS. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
ECS: Getting Started (Hands-on Lab) ECS is an object based storage archive platform.  This lab guides the user through basic namespace set up and system administration tasks including monitoring, reporting, explanation of the UI, creation of namespace, users, and storage buckets. Also basic replication concepts will be explored. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
Enabling Federated Intelligence At Scale With Milky Way (Hands-on Lab) Detecting fraudulent transactions is essential for credit card providers. With cardholders around the world, transaction data to train machine learning models for fraud detection is inherently dispersed and challenging to centralize (e.g., due to regulatory constraints, volume). We showcase how Dell Technologies IoT enables global insight generation through federated orchestration of model training, without raw data movement. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
What's New In VMware vSphere 6.7 (Hands-on Lab) Explore the new features of vSphere 6.7 that provide simplified management at scale, comprehensive security, a universal platform for apps, and a seamless hybrid cloud experience. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
VMWare Horizon 7 Enterprise: Getting Started (Hands-on Lab) Use VMware Horizon 7 to provision VDI desktops with instant clones and RDS Hosts. Configure App Volumes to instantly provision applications, and User Environment Manager to provide a context-based user experience with an integrated workflow to provision user workspaces quickly. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
Moving From SATA SSD To SAS/NVMe In The Data Center SATA SSDs will go away sooner or later, so what’s life like after SATA SSDs? Come learn about the afterlife and the new Value SAS and Low Power NVMe SSD offerings on Dell EMC PowerEdge servers. We’ll discuss the performance and TCO/ROI benefits of these innovative products that pave the way for a brighter and more productive Life After SATA.  1 Hour Lecture
How To Build A Resilient, Protected & Affordable Multi-Cloud IT Environment Leveraging multiple clouds alongside on-prem is becoming popular, but how can you ensure such environments are resilient, protected while also affordable. Join  Dell EMC’s experts to discuss how to build your hybrid/multi-cloud environment in a way that makes it ready for prime-time. 1 Hour Birds-of-a-Feather
Accelerating Smart: Las Vegas & Beyond Hear how NTT and Dell are accelerating smart in Las Vegas by implementing smart technologies. Together, we’ve gone from theory, to test, to production  We’ve built a baseline cognitive platform that can be installed in virtually any environment—from shopping malls to stadiums. Smart is extending beyond city limits to take advantage of the explosive amounts of data gathered from new and existing sources. Hear what we have done and where we are going…NTT and Dell are Accelerating Smart to capitalize on data using reactive and advanced predictive analytics to provide better information for cities, citizens and the world. The future is now. 1 Hour Lecture
Unlocking The Value Of Service Provider Data For Analytics & Machine Learning Service providers share common strategic objectives of controlling costs, delighting customers and innovating for the future using machine learning and AI solutions. At the same time, they battle with data challenges as a result of uncoordinated deployment, rigid data silos, inefficient duplication of data, and incompatible infrastructure that cannot scale. Learn how to address these challenges with customer centric analytics and AI solutions! 1 Hour Lecture
Siemens To Failproof DR With Cloudshift & Dell Learn how enterprises like Siemens and Northwest Community Hospital plan to use Cloudshift to failproof their disaster recovery (DR). Datrium Cloudshift runs on Dell servers and extends to VMware Cloud on AWS to deliver optimized cloud infrastructure. Dell CSPs can provide run books to enable failproof DR. Join us so you can take the disaster out of your DR. 1 Hour Lecture
VMware & Dell At The Edge (compute): VMware's IoT Offering Now that the battle for the data center has largely been won with the combination of VMware and Dell Technologies, the next battle will be for dominance at the Edge, with more and more workloads moving towards the edge it's critical for Dell Technologies offerings in the edge space to be successful, new frontiers and new competitors. With the release of VMware's Internet of Things (IoT) 2.0 new features, capabilities and usability enhancements have been added to the product. This session will walk through the VMware IoT 2.0 product, give a high-level architecture overview, talk to the partnership with Microsoft and leveraging the Hands On Lab walk thru a quick demo. We will then talk to some real customer success stories, describe the current IoT marketplace and competition on the IoT space and conclude with the call to action -- how to sell 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
vSAN Demo: Common Management & Monitoring Tasks This technical session shows management and monitoring of a vSAN environment purely through product demonstrations. The demo begins with deployment of VMware vRealize Operations, which features dashboards for monitoring an HCI environment. Next, we will see how easy it is to add compute and storage capacity to an existing vSAN cluster. A VM will be deployed and we will see how storage policies are used for precise management of availability levels and capacity utilization. The demo finishes with coverage of vSAN health, capacity, and performance monitoring. If you are tired of presentation slides, prefer demos, and want to learn more about vSAN, this session is for you. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Integration: Getting Started With Data Science While Data Science is almost certainly over-hyped at this point, there are many benefits from better understanding your customers, your processes, and your data. The insights gleaned can help optimize your business and allow you to work smarter. Best of all, you don’t have to hire a data scientist to get started. We’ll discuss our experience ramping up data science teams and how to integrate them into products to maximize results. 1 Hour Lecture
Isilon & SmartFabric: Designing Dynamic, High Performance Fabrics For Massively Scalable Network-Attached Storage To remain competitive, the modern data centers require the capability to dynamically respond to business requirements. While idle and unused resources lead to wasted expenses, overused and saturated resource lead to performance degradation and even service outages. Learn how to architect data center fabrics for Isilon NAS based modern data center using Dell EMC Open Networking design concepts. 1 Hour Lecture
Evolving Customer Engagement At As Dell drives ever more responsive and engaging ways to interact with customers, Dell's partnership with Pivotal has yielded tremendous results in terms of speed and adaptability into the process of modernizing and evolving how customers experience This session provides an opportunity to learn how to make step-wise change to a large legacy code-base and its user experience that yields business impact today. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Accelerators For AI Usage Cases Accelerator technology is rapidly advancing with many nascent technologies such as Graphcore, Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA’s) and the software stacks that drive them.  In this session, the focus will be to deep dive on AI usage cases for Inferencing, ML, DL, and others and discuss key enabling accelerator technologies. 1 Hour Lecture
How Mastercard Uses AI & Biometrics Find out how Mastercard went from enterprise data analytics to AI. Hear the key considerations and practical applications. Find out the pitfalls and how to avoid them as you scale to meet new business needs. 1 Hour Lecture
Analytics To Artificial Intelligence, Transforming Dell Technologies With Data Discover how Dell IT has designed and built and environment, utilizing DevOps and DataOps, to enable everything from simple analytics, to Machine Learning and Deep Learning/AI.  This session will cover how to get started, what fundamental requirements need to be met, how to enable agility without compromising security and how to future proof the platform against changing requirements and capabilities.  It will also provide real-world examples of how Dell EMC is transforming our products and services with Enterprise and IoT data, mixed with a bit of Machine Learning and AI. 1 Hour Lecture
Data Management & Protection In A Multi-Cloud World Data is the heart of the modern enterprise.  In order to innovate and scale enterprises are finding the need to embrace applications being developed and executed in a variety of environments—on premises traditional, cloud native, public cloud, service provider, SaaS...  With this data and application sprawl comes complexity.  In order to safely unlock their data’s full potential, enterprises will need to manage and that and protect that data wherever it is born, and as it flows across boundaries.  In order to successfully to achieve this economically at enterprise scale, enterprises will require need consistent processes, tools, policies, automation and intelligence, across their data management for these diverse environments. 1 Hour Lecture
XC Family: Best Practices For Running Database Applications On XC Family Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) is now an effective solution for a broad range of mission-critical enterprise applications, including in-memory databases. This session will explore how to deploy and manage XC Family HCI systems with Nutanix software to deliver the performance and resiliency these workloads require. It will also cover best practices for deploying SAP HANA and other database applications for production workloads on hyper-converged infrastructure. 1 Hour Lecture
Accelerate Telco Cloud Deployments With Dell EMC & VMware As service providers prepare for 5G, they will need NFV to move away from expensive legacy hardware equipment and be able to rapidly scale. Dell EMC and VMware jointly provide a turnkey pre-validated solution to simplify and accelerate production deployments. In this session, you will learn how to reduce deployment complexities by integrating Dell EMC hardware and VMware software in a cost-effective package. 1 Hour Lecture
Technology Innovation: The Emerging Technologies That Will Supercharge The IT Industry In world of constant technology change, a multitude of new technologies are arriving on the scene together. These technological trends will empower IT like never before. Over the next three years, advances hardware system, cloud, data science and artificial intelligence will provide enterprises with the tools to realize transformative benefits greater than ever before. Learn what technologies Dell EMC has identified as the most critical to our customers success in the next three year and to which will be a key innovation focus for Dell EMC research and development in the coming years. 1 Hour Lecture
Have IT & Security Reached The Singularity? You Better Believe It! Can IT thrive without security? NO… they need to be combined, joined at the hip. Since we are finally at the singularity, this session will cover the aspects of IT and security working together, creating a more perfect union. We will cover topics ranging from culture, cloud native applications, containers, DevOps along with bare metal, VM’s, and traditional applications. 1 Hour Lecture
The Evolution Of IT At T. Mobile From IaaS To PaaS To CaaS To FaaS At T. Mobile, the IT team is dedicated to innovation through experimentation. Each phase of building application deployment options for the company has undergone rigorous evaluation and testing which has lead to significant culture change. Digital transformation has enabled T.Mobile to achieve business accomplishments which have fundamentally altered and improved the business model and service offerings for T.Mobile customers. In this session, learn about T.Mobile’s evolution through IaaS to PaaS to CaaS and current experiments with FaaS platforms from their platform architect. Learn the guidelines which determine the right abstraction for each cloud based platform, both public and private. Learn about the partnership and symbiosis between the Data Center and Platform teams which has stretched and grown to help resolve challenges delivering SW and managing it within a hybrid cloud architecture. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC PowerMax & Oracle: Performance, Availability & Efficiency Deep-Dive This session will focus on proof points, best practices, and guidelines to achieving peak performance for Oracle workloads, maintaining high availability through disasters, and achieving amazing data reduction and storage efficiency for Oracle databases. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Dell EMC Isilon: Architectural Deep Dive, Best Practices, Tools, Tips & Tricks If you're looking to increase your technical understanding of Isilon OneFS, this is the session for you! The session provides an architectural deep dive into OneFS, including key features and capabilities. You'll also learn about OneFS best practices as well as tools and techniques that can help you get full value of you Isilon storage infrastructure. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC Storage Infrastructure Automation With Containers, DevOps & Infrastructure As Code Containers, DevOps & ‘Infrastructure as Code’ are changing the model for Storage Provisioning & Consumption. Storage infrastructure is expected to be automated and driven by code that adheres to the same steps as application development. Come and learn how Dell EMC storage is evolving to help you adapt to the new paradigm by integrating with technologies like Containers and tools like vRealize Orchestrator, Ansible etc. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
VxFlex Family: Achieving The Best Performance The VxFlex family (VxFlex Ready Nodes, VxFlex appliance and VxFlex integrated rack) delivers millions of IOPS and consistent sub-millisecond response times for extreme performance and enterprise-level data availability. During this session, HCI experts will introduce performance and availability concepts, dive into potential bottlenecks, and provide best practices to create the optimal solution using engineered systems, nodes or appliance. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC Isilon and ECS: Harness The Intersection Ff Applications, Data & Analytics For IoT The proliferation of IoT devices has generated massive amounts of streaming data, which can overwhelm traditional storage platforms. This session will discuss how Dell EMC's Isilon and ECS platforms are optimized to store and analyze your company's IoT data, allowing you to capture insights that provide your business with a competitive advantage. 1 Hour Lecture
How Hyperconverged Infrastructure Transforms IT & IT Organizations Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) is transforming IT - enabling agility that responds to the blistering pace of business today while future-proofing your infrastructure for the needs of tomorrow. Attend this session to understand how HCI can dramatically increase IT responsiveness, slash costs, and prepare your organization for cloud native applications and hybrid cloud. You'll also learn about how your organization can streamline to adapt to the new operational model, and what you can do to prepare. If you're an IT leader looking to drive change in your organization, this is a session you don't want to miss. 1 Hour Lecture
Transforming Your Workplace To Help You Attract & Retain The Right Talent As we digitally transform our businesses the way we work is naturally changing and it is imperative that we attract young, talented people into the workplace but their expectations are very different to that of older generations. In this session we looks at ways to support this change in the way we work, enhancing productivity for your existing staff while ensuring you create a modern workspace that helps you attract and retain the talent you need. 1 Hour Lecture
Application Transformation: The AmeriSource Bergen Journey To Cloud With IaaS, CaaS & PaaS Learn directly from AmeriSource Bergen about their decisioning framework and process for application modernization as part of their cloud journey. This real world example demonstrates how a large enterprise can define, assess and begin the transformation of their applications, leveraging Pivotal as a modern cloud development platform and gateway to new app cloud placement, all while balancing cost and risk. At the conclusion, a panel of experts from AmeriSource Bergen, Dell Technologies Consulting and Pivotal, will answer your questions and provide insights into key lessons learned and critical success factors. 1 Hour Lecture
Insights Into Integrating Cloud Ops, IT Ops & AppDev Emerging technologies, converged environments, infrastructure services, SaaS solutions, CaaS/PaaS platforms, infrastructure as code, APIs, O365, on-prem, off-prem… How can you effectively manage it all? Walk through several scenarios to understand various operational issues and their impact. Learn about new processes, new roles, and new ways of working that break down silos and integrate Cloud/IT operations, development platform operations, service management and application development. 1 Hour Lecture
Get Your Strategy & Transformation Programs On Track Building consensus and getting stakeholder alignment on strategic initiatives like cloud, workforce transformation, or data center modernization can be difficult in even the least disruptive times.  But how do you do it in times of rapid change, with new workforce styles, and new technologies coming to market on a continuous basis? Learn how to get your strategy on track in 6 weeks or less and produce a “big picture view of what good looks” like for your desired end state with ProConsult Advisory. 1 Hour Lecture
10-Lessons Learned In Applying Pivotal Approach To Next-gen E-Commerce Platform In our mission to deliver a world class E-Commerce experience to customers on – Dell IT has adopted Pivotal’s innovative software development approach which unifies development, design, and product management to create exceptional products. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell IT's AI/ML Journey: Evolving From Data To Insights To Enabling The Digital Enterprise   Dell IT is enabling Dell Technologies to become a data driven enterprise by applying Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and utilizing a full suite of data analytics solutions. Learn how Dell IT is driving business value thru meaningful data insights – capitalizing on data-intensive workloads for product failure prediction, customer buying patterns, fraud detection, deal-to-order conversions, and other use cases. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC Project Nautilus: Next Generation Storage For Streaming & Analytics Project Nautilus is a key technology enabling capture and analysis of streaming data. Learn how we are pushing the boundaries of innovation in  deploying, protecting and managing streaming data and transforming IT infrastructure with streaming data. Learn about our experience evaluating the challenges of streaming data from real live customers and how our roadmap provides plans for the future . 1 Hour Lecture
Infrastructure Design For Kubernetes Kubernetes is all the rage, and there are a ton of tools to deploy it. There are installers, cloud managed setups, full distributions like PKS, etc. But there’s always the question - beyond the software aspect, what do I need to build and provide for a successful container orchestration environment? Host types? What about storage? Networking? Load balancing? Attendees of this session will walk away with and understanding of the considerations in choosing compute platforms to run containers, along with storage systems (what is CSI anyways?), networking and load balancing. Think of this as ‘K8S for infrastructure folks’ 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Dell EMC PowerMax: Automate Your PowerMax & VMAX Operations Using Tools Like RESTAPI & Ansible Automation is key to many enterprise customers, this session will take an in depth look at how modern API's can be used to Automate Enterprise storage, this session will focus on PowerMAX and how it's REST API can be leveraged to automate day to day administrative tasks on PoweMAX. Examples of automation using Ansible Playbooks will be shown to provision, snapshot and control remote replication of enterprise Applications. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC PowerMax: Optimize Snapshots & Test/Dev Operations With SnapVX SnapVX is a space efficient, bulletproof snaps hotting technology that allows users to create millions of copies on a single PowerMax or VMAX array. This session will cover a variety of ways customers are using SnapVX including high frequency snapshots, protection from logical corruption, application consistent snapshots via AppSync and protecting against unauthorized users via Secure Snaps. This session will also provide insight into operational and performance aspects of SnapVX. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC Unity: Performance Best Practices Join Dell EMC Performance Engineering to understand how best practices can be applied to maximize the performance of your Dell EMC Unity systems. From connectivity to storage provisioning, you’ll learn how to utilize the available options to your benefit, enabling you to maximize your investment. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC Unity: Multi-Cloud & Software Defined Capabilities Dell EMC Unity physical and virtual systems, coupled with Dell EMC's Cloud Tiering Appliance (CTA) enable administrators to create unique Cloud implementations that automatically move data to and from Hybrid and Public clouds based on user-configured policies. This session will cover the various ways to implement a Hybrid Cloud and provide tremendous business benefit to your organization. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
What’s New For IDPA In 2019: Avoiding The Mad Scientist Project The Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) family redefines simplicity with a converged data protection solution. Many products claim ease-of-use and simple growth, but increase your burden for management, scalability, networking and budget—and with fewer capabilities. Learn what’s new and how IDPA lets you manage your data protection, instead of your solution managing you. 1 Hour Lecture
Take Command Of Your Datacenter With OpenManage Enterprise OpenManage Enterprise removes the complexity of configuration, deployment, updating and monitoring medium/large scale data center infrastructure running DellEMC PowerEdge servers. This is done by enabling users to discover, inventory systems, create custom configuration and update templates, via out-of-band, in a 1-to-many fashion. 1 Hour Lecture
Cloud Native: What Does It Mean For Infrastructure At Scale? By 2021, IDC predicts that 70% of new enterprise applications will be developed cloud native. From a scale out infrastructure perspective, this means that IT needs to be flexible enough to meet the needs of your cloud native applications. It means that IT must arrive fast – when it’s needed, scale on your terms and deliver a consistent / reliable experience regardless of location and whether deployed in opposite ends of the world. In this session, hear how ESI can meet your high-volume needs and help you create optimized, differentiated offerings for cloud native applications, with a focus on developing markets and new/disruptive technologies. 1 Hour Lecture
Data Protection In A Multi-Cloud World: Enabling Secure, Easier & More Affordable Solutions With multi-cloud expected to be the norm, organizations will have to face the complex task of pulling together a seamlessly integrated data management strategy that will integrate disparate cloud services and automate movement of data across their cloud ecosystems. To stay ahead of this, customers will want to work with storage and data management suppliers that can provide a single pane of glass to manage data across cloud services, as well as security and compliance. Dell EMC Data Protection offers the most complete portfolio for protecting our customers’ data as they embark upon their digital transformations to the cloud. This session will discuss how to enable secure, easier and more affordable solutions in a multi-cloud world. 1 Hour Lecture
Build Chatbots & Mobile Apps To Transform Customer Experiences Low-code workflow automation platforms speed delivery of applications and workflows. AI-powered chatbots and cognitive automation are quickly becoming the driving force for digital transformation across all enterprises. What started as a trend for enhancing customer support is now being used to improve daily operations, connect with clients, increase sales and enhance the overall customer experience. Now is the time to embrace this technology and use chatbots and mobile apps to automate tasks and drive productivity across your organization. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Dell EMC Data Protection: Next Generation Data Management Software Platform (Data management platforms require simplicity, flexibility, ease of deployment and a new management paradigm. This session introduces Dell EMC’s approach and how it empowers data owners with self-service control to protect and recover virtualized workloads and mission-critical databases, with SaaS-based management, while centralized IT oversight ensures compliance. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Beyond Data Center: Enterprise-Grade Replication To The Cloud With RecoverPoint For Virtual Machines & Cloud DR In this session, we will walkthrough RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines latest innovation in on-prem replication and also discuss enterprise-grade replication to AWS, including in the cloud orchestration. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Seamless Backup Integration With BoostFS No Matter The No-SQL Database Or The Workload There have been a growing number of emerging NoSQL databases in the marketplace. To support this growth, we have found an approach that allows us to support backup of these databases while providing deduplication at the source, efficient deduplicated storage and efficient replication to local or remote sites in a seamless manner along with integrity checking of the backup stream while utilizing the native database toolset for backups and restores. 1 Hour Lecture
Ready Solution For Microsoft Windows Server Software Defined: Overview & What's New The Window Server Software Defined (WSSD) program enables Dell EMC to deliver a fully tested and supported hyper-converged infrastructure solution for Microsoft environments. Attend this session to learn about Microsoft WSSD Solutions from Dell EMC. 1 Hour Lecture
Behind The Curtain: Transforming The Global Command Center Transforming how the Global Command Centers proactively connect with customers means realizing advanced and innovative service experiences for our customers. Our technology delivers access to key data at the click of a button to enable strategic planning and fast responses to critical situations. Join us to see how we help you protect your business, preview real-time tools and learn about what’s next. 1 Hour Lecture
Deciphering The Future Of Artificial Intelligence: Where Technologies Are Going & How They Are Driving Business Outcomes AI is taking over the world in how we deliver successful business outcomes across industries. These outcomes are commonly aligned to enable specific verticals.Some of these outcomes can be more horizontally driven to help the masses such as what Dell EMC will embed in our technologies. During this session we will give you our viewpoint on how to breakdown the AI technology stacks and how the different technologies will evolve to enable you, your organizations and your clients. Join the Dell EMC Global CTO Office to deep dive in how you will be impacted by AI within your organizations and from our technological advancements in Dell EMC. 1 Hour Lecture
ProSupport Suite For PCs Uses AI To Keep You Ahead Of IT Issues Dell Technologies is making AI real. Imagine getting in front of user issues before they happen or resolving them in 90% less time when they do. Meet ProSupport suite for PCs, powered by SupportAssist. Predictive and proactive technology takes the break out of break-fix and can resolve many issues before the user is even aware of them. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Discover How To Analyze Data On A Global Scale While Maintaining Privacy & Compliance Our planet is hyper connected and data can flow from just about anywhere to anywhere else -- except when it can’t because of regulations around privacy and compliance. How do you unlock the value data, especially from distributed IoT sources, and create business value, without undue risk or legal exposure? In this session, we show you how Dell Technologies is engineering a practical way forward. 1 Hour Lecture
Modernizing Your Windows Server & SQL Server Data Center Workloads Over 20M Servers are still running Windows Server 2008 R2 and SQL 2008.  Microsoft will end support of SQL 2008 on 7/9/19 and for Windows Server 2008 R2 on 1/14/20.  We recommend upgrading to current Microsoft versions of Windows Server and SQL Server with Dell EMC PowerEdge 14G Servers for the most advanced security, performance, and innovation. 1 Hour Lecture
What’s Driving Workplace Transformation? Diverse & Distributed Teams Finding Creative Ways To Collaborate? Come Learn About Modernizing Your Workplace Windows 7 will reach End of Support in Jan 2020, are you ready? Over +850M devices are on Win 10, as Organizations create modern workplace scenarios on secure platforms. Microsoft’s culture has evolved as we face changing employee expectations, more diverse, globally distributed teams. Come hear how we’re enabling workplace transformation using modern Devices & Modern Workplace Solutions. 1 Hour Lecture
Virtustream Enterprise Cloud (Hands-on Lab) Virtustream Enterprise Cloud, designed specifically to handle complex IT landscapes and mission-critical applications, has recently undergone a major upgrade that includes significant cloud automation, billing, reporting, and security enhancements. This technology evolution builds on Virtustream’s expertise in delivering highly scalable, secure and high-performance cloud services for mission-critical enterprise applications, all while accelerating the time-to-value for enterprises migrating to the cloud. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
Data Protection Suite: Avamar & Networker 18.2 (Hands-on Lab) See the latest key features of Data Protection Suite 18.2! Take a tour of DPC 18.2, manage Networker or Avamar policies or zoom-in on each component seamlessly from DPC using Single-sign-on. Create backup policy, execute and restore using the backup engine, then look at reporting provided in DPA. Finally, you will be able use Search to perform a restore. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
SC Series: Live Volume Auto Failover For VMware & The vSphere Web Client Plug-in (Hands-on Lab) Learn how to configure Live Volume for Automatic Failover with a VMware vSphere Metro Storage Cluster, and observe the virtual machine application survive an entire array failure in the federated array cluster.  Then use the SC Series vSphere Web Client Plug-in to walk through “a day in the life” of a VMware administrator managing storage in a vSphere environment. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
PowerMax: Managing Your PowerMax Array Via REST API (Hands-on Lab) With a growing number of customers now choosing REST to administer their storage environments, this lab highlights some examples of how to monitor and manage your PowerMax arrays via our REST API offering.This lab covers; Provisioning via REST, Local & Remote Replication via REST  and monitoring Performance Stats of your PowerMax and Applications via REST. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
SRM 4.3: Monitor & Optimize The Modern Data Center - Advanced  (Hands-on Lab) Learn how SRM provides an automated and proactive approach to optimizing storage utilization and improving SLA achievement in the modern datacenter. In this lab you will be able to explore key use cases including capacity planning, configuration compliance, performance troubleshooting, chargeback reporting, and workload analysis. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
CloudIQ: Cloud-Based Analytics & Machine Learning Application For Dell EMC Storage (Hands-on Lab) CloudIQ is a cloud-native application that proactively monitors your Dell EMC datacenter.  This lab demonstrates how CloudIQ provides predictive analytics, powered by Machine Learning, to monitor Health, Capacity and Performance of Dell EMC storage including Dell EMC Unity, SC Series, XtremIO, VMAX and PowerMax systems.  This lab also highlights new capabilities in CloudIQ that monitor VMware and Connectrix systems. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
Networking OS10 (Hands-on Lab) Dell EMC Networking OS10 solution is designed to allow multi-layered disaggregation of the network functionality. While OS10 contributions to Open Source provide users freedom and flexibility to pick their own 3rd party networking, monitoring, management and orchestration applications, OS10 Enterprise Edition bundles industry hardened networking stack featuring advanced L2 and L3 protocols over well accepted CLI and Programmatic interface.  1 Hour Hands-on Labs
OpenManage Portfolio & Systems Management Featuring MX Series (Hands-on Lab) Dell EMC OpenManage systems management solutions put the control of your infrastructure at your fingertips. Whether automating with Ansible or managing a cloud infrastructure with Microsoft or VMware, there is an OpenManage solution that provides seamless integration with today’s most popular tools. In this Walkthrough Demo, you will create and deploy firmware baselines using Dell EMC Repository Manager and several OpenManage tools. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
VMware VSAN V6.7: Getting Started (Hands-on Lab) Learn how to size and enable vSAN environments including monitoring the health, capacity and performance of vSAN within vCenter and also via, built-in, vRealize Operations for vCenter Dashboards.  Explore the all new, intuitive vSAN HTML5 user interface used to perform Day-2 Operations, maintain Virtual Machine Availability, enable vSAN Encryption and discover Interoperability with vRealize Log Insight, iSCSI Integration and CLI Interfaces. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
VMware Cloud On AWS: Getting Started (Hands-on Lab) You will be guided through the access and usage of vCenter server and finally you will learn about VMware Site Recovery for DRaaS. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
General Session: The Architects of Innovation You are the architects of innovation. The advancements in human progress over the last decade were built on your shoulders. In just the last decade we completely reimagined the core, created an edge and built the cloud. In this session we’ll peer into the future to see what’s next and discuss the role that cloud, in particular, will play in shaping the future. 1 Hour General Session
The Why, Where & How Of On-Premise IoT & Edge Device Management Unlock innovation in regulated industries or extreme conditions thanks to a unique, managed on-premise IoT solution from Atos, Dell and Microsoft, powered by Siemens MindSphere. And operate at scale with Managed Edge IoT Services from Atos and Dell for agile and predictable business value. Learn why this is a game changer, where it makes sense and how it works. 1 Hour Lecture
AMD EPYC & Dell EMC PowerEdge Server Portfolio AMD’s EPYC Enterprise CPUs together with Dell EMC PowerEdge servers are bringing unprecedented disruption to the datacenter.  Unmatched levels of compute, memory, IO, and security capabilities of AMD EPYC based Dell PowerEdge servers is driving momentum across segments and workloads. Together with Dell, we are investing so customers can build their roadmap around Dell PowerEdge AMD EPYC future technology generations. 1 Hour Lecture
Pipelines, Agile, DevOps … Oh My! A SysAdmin’s Guide To Infrastructure-as-Code Self-service catalogues, automation and orchestration are only part of the story. IT Administrators are being pressured to move faster, drive standards adoption, and build more resilient platforms and services.  But how?  In this session, we will focus on a simple use case about server/OS provisioning and explore how cloud operating patterns, DevOps, Lean, and Agile are changing how we build, manage, and deliver these services in support of product development and production support. 1 Hour Birds-of-a-Feather
Navigating The Challenges Of Private Cloud In A Hybrid World Clients are looking for flexibility, rapid deployment, and data sovereignty in a challenging hybrid IT landscape. Join Dimension Data and NTT Communications as we share how together with Dell EMC we are helping clients to securely evolve to Software-defined Private Cloud using VMware-validated architectures and managed services. 1 Hour Lecture
Real Digital Transformations: Delivering Business Value With Intelligent Automation From Dell EMC With Dell EMC PowerEdge servers and OpenManage systems management portfolio, Qualcomm was able to reduce server deployment time by over 90%. Learn how Qualcomm and other customers use the intelligent automation capabilities of the Dell EMC portfolio to reduce deployment time and automate the full lifecycle of management tasks.  Update, monitor and maintain your datacenter – effortlessly – with Dell EMC.  1 Hour Lecture
Project Dimension Technical Deep Dive: Explained By Product Experts Project Dimension helps bring compute resources to wherever your data resides, without the responsibility of managing the physical or virtual infrastructure stack. But how do you architect, secure, and manage a compute software stack that is delivered from the cloud, and how does it work with VxRail? Join this technical deep dive session to answer those questions and more. 1 Hour Lecture
Data Science In Reality: Death By Concepts Fundamental mathematical concepts largely drive data science projects. Conceptual validation is widely used for validating machine learning models through the use of mathematical proofs. However, the need to test the model on almost real standards is often compromised due to the difficulty of replicating real life (Big or not) Data. The 'Industry' tends to validate complex data models by relevance measures and introduce a 'degree of error' to accommodate for real life implementations. This is problematic, at best. If the world of data-driven science projects is the City of Gotham, Empirical Validation is The Dark Knight. Robust Model Validation saves the city from pitfalls and covers like 'degree of error' and 'probabilistic, not accurate'. Learn: 1. Trade-offs in applying empirical research 2. Validating complex models based on practice 3. Building innovative and cutting-edge technology with close-to-perfect confidence levels 1 Hour Lecture
Enterprise Application Modernization In The Cloud: Industry Trends, Tips & Tricks Enterprises are increasingly looking to modernize applications like SAP to the cloud to drive scale, flexiblity, and agility. Join Virtustream, the market leaders in cloud services for mission critical applications, to understand how enterprises are looking at "clean core" application landscapes, and gain some tips and tricks around how to expand data management landscapes and architect to enable the integration of emerging technologies like AI/ML, IoT, and others. 1 Hour Lecture
Becoming A Cybersecurity Rock Star: The Transformative Effect Of Data Science & Machine Learning In Today’s Fight Against Cyber Threats The combination of big data and machine learning is making it possible for defenders with limited resources and expertise to detect and respond to unknown threats faster than ever before. In an industry forever locked in an adversarial battle with increasingly sophisticated actors, Nash Borges PhD, Sr Director of Engineering and Data Science at Secureworks explains how the power of machine learning combined with human intelligence have become fundamental to defending the digital economy. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Applying A Cloud Operating Model To Your Hybrid Cloud Mission Critical App Deployments A hybrid cloud environment is an attractive option for SAP environments, allowing you to keep mission critical functionalities on premise and simultaneously support other parts of the business who want to the ability to move fast and innovate rapidly with a cloud operating model. What are the key aspects to consider when moving to a cloud operating model, and what solutions are available from VMware and Dell EMC to help you on this journey? 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Understanding Architectures To Enable Deep Learning Environments Getting started and taking the first steps with Deep Learning is an easy step compared to bring an automated, working DL environment into existing production systems. Throughout this presentation, concepts and designs were discussed, to implement a scalable, automated and integrated solutions for various use cases, including financial services, automotive and other. 1 Hour Lecture
VxBlock 1000: New Blue Prints For Mission Critical Workloads VxBlock 1000 reliability, scalability and performance is the cornerstone for mission critical workloads worldwide. Learn how to optimize your SAP HANA, Oracle and VDI implementations by utilizing our new blueprints designed specifically as Ready Solutions for Converged Infrastructure. Our architects have designed, engineered and validated the process you can leverage to launch, configure and operate these workloads and maximize performance. 1 Hour Lecture
Cloud For Microsoft Azure Stack Storage Performance & Architectural Considerations Azure Stack is Azure so storage caps and limits are set to follow the same rules as Azure as much as possible. However there are a number of differences in the underlying storage architectures and configurations which change the rules of the game. Here we’ll dive deep into the storage systems of Azure Stack, moving from tenant workload right down to bare metal and everything in between. You will understand how workloads will perform in varying configurations, how the Storage Spaces Direct hyper-converged storage infrastructure is configured under the hood, and important gotchas to be aware of when sizing and planning VxRack Azure Stack. 1 Hour Lecture
x86 Servers. Hyper-Converged vSAN Ready Nodes: Bridging The “Gap” In Manageability Is Easier Than You Think With Dell EMC PowerEdge & VMware There are millions of x86 servers all over the world. As companies struggle to remain competitive in the digital economy, more view HCI as a logical step towards building out their software-defined data center. Yet, the notion of new hardware and software seeds fear of the unknown. It doesn’t have to. With Open Manage Enterprise, the management console for all Dell EMC PowerEdge platforms, manageability is simplified with a consistent experience. 1 Hour Lecture
At The Crossroads Of IT, CT & OT Domains: Architecting Edge Computing Platforms As the world turns quickly to advancing concepts such as multi-edge computing (MEC), 5G, and the Internet of Things (IoT) — agility, flexibility, and programmability at the chip, individual network function or service level become key attributes’ of the enabling platforms that are at the intersection of traditionally disparate wireline, wireless, IT, CT and OT domains. Learn more about the value of MEC in this session. 1 Hour Lecture
Lessons Learnt From A Large Type 2 Diabetes Dataset For Readmit Prediction: Data Engineering & Machine Learning Hyperlipidemia (concentration of lipids in blood) and Diabetes are on the top 3 "most expensive" diseases in almost every country in the world. About one-third of the world is pre-diabetic. Understanding this from a data engineering and data transformation perspective will become critical to healthcare and biopharma organizations that screen, test and treat the disease. A Machine Learning approach will be presented (either as a live workshop or as a open-forum discussion format with data) on a large, US-based open-source dataset for readmit prediction. Previous results and conclusions will be discussed along with missed root-causes like Drug-Drug-Interaction. 1 Hour Lecture
SAP Made Simple With Ready Solutions From Dell Technologies SAP is the world’s most comprehensive suite of enterprise applications. Bases on the transformational SAP HANA Platform, enterprise are able to run analytical and transactional workloads within the same database. And now with S/4HANA, enterprises are looking to further mainstream HANA in the datacenter. SAP requires high-performing, resilient infrastructure for this mission critical platform. Learn more about the broadest portfolio of validated solutions for SAP. 1 Hour Lecture
VxRail Performance Best Practices In this session we present an update of VxRail performance capabilities, and discuss how to leverage the different VxRail models to satisfy workloads and use cases. We provide cluster design considerations, such as processor make and models, disk groups and disk drives (NVMe, Optane, SAS, SATA). We also provide general guidance on topics such as planning of 2-Node clusters and estimating upgrade times. 1 Hour Lecture
Bias In AI: Why Blind Acceptance Of Data Leads To Biased Machines A lot of noise is made in the news about the "bias" of AI towards certain people groups in society. How can algorithms be biased, however? This session will take a look at the underpinnings of the data bias problem, their ramifications for actionable AI, and how we, as data scientists, avoid unconscious bias as we curate our data sources. 1 Hour Lecture
The New Frontier: A Unified Workspace That Gives IT Time Back Imagine a world where your IT team can stop spending the majority of their time on device set ups, app updates and support calls. Imagine what they can do with their time to solve critical business challenges and innovate.  Stop imagining and learn more how you can revolutionize your business with Dell Technologies Unified Workspace. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC XtremIO X2: New Innovations Update What has the XtremIO team been up to lately? Attend the session to learn all the new updates for the XtremIO platform -- Native Replication, Quality of Service, Cloud Monitoring Integrations, Container Plug-ins, and much more! While XtremIO’s metadata-centric architecture continues to deliver consistently high performance with superior data reduction efficiencies, the platform is now complete with rich set of date services and ready for all the applications of today and tomorrow. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC XtremIO X2: Mixed Virtualized Workload Best Practices Learn what the new capabilities of XtremIO X2 mean for your virtualized environments. We will examine various deployment models and discuss best practices for both VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments. In addition, we will highlight XtremIO integration options for enhanced monitoring, orchestration & automation with VMware vRealize and Microsoft System Center management platforms. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Dell EMC Isilon: Accelerating High Performance Workloads With Isilon All-Flash Learn about what’s new with Isilon all-flash scale-out NAS and hear real-world examples of organizations using Isilon all-flash scale-out NAS to support applications with extreme performance requirements. This session will provide detailed information about specific solution configurations, performance results and key learnings. 1 Hour Lecture
Data First: How To Manage Unstructured Data In A Multi-Cloud World An evolving trend we are seeing in our customers environments is a shift from Cloud-first to Data-first mindset. And a data-first approach requires a multi-cloud strategy, to allow you to store your data in the right place, at the right time, and with the right SLA. In this session, you will learn about managing unstructured data in today’s multi-cloud world. 1 Hour Lecture
An Executive Summary Of The 2018 State Of Cybercrime Report For IT Security Leaders Secureworks Counter Threat Unit (CTU) researchers analyzed incident response outcomes across 4,400 companies over 12 months to understand why cybercriminals are so successful, what incentivizes them and how companies can defend better. You’ll learn how highly evolved criminals are targeting organizational environments with increasing success, and also how constant, low-level criminality is impacting business around the globe. 1 Hour Lecture
Understanding Risk In A Digital Future World Businesses are becoming more digital. Because of this, digital and business risk are converging. This shift forces organizations to manage risk differently. And although risk management is often considered the role of “security people,” we understand that it’s a responsibility for all. In this session, we review the concepts and thoughts that organizations must address for digital risk management. 1 Hour Lecture
Security Discussions For The Business This panel session includes experts in the security field discussing topics that are top of mind for our customers on their own security transformation journey. Whether it is handling security workforce shortage, development and retention; leveraging AI/ML to enhance security; or forecasting security trends; we will cover how Dell Technologies is overcoming these challenges and preparing our products and infrastructure for the future.  1 Hour Lecture
Fly On The Wall: Dell IT Staff Meeting - Status Update On IT Transformation  Dell IT is in a mature phase of its IT Transformation journey—optimizing IT for performance, agility and efficiency. Our strategy is to evolve to a cloud-based consumption model by adopting a secure multi-cloud approach automating service delivery and leveraging modern IT infrastructure. Join Dell IT leaders to gain valuable insights and experience an actual staff meeting in progress. 1 Hour Lecture
Workforce Transformation Through Continuous Learning The speed at which transformation is occurring requires a combination of people, processes and platforms to be successful. Do you have what it takes? Is your team empowered with the right talent to build and operate clouds and data centers of the future? Learn how Dell Technologies Education Services can help define a structured and continuous learning solution that enables students to redefine their knowledge and allow employers to feel confident they are building a team of trusted advisors that can deliver results. 1 Hour Lecture
VxBlock 1000: Automation For Converged Infrastructure Management The Dell EMC VxBlock 1000 system, the gold standard in converged infrastructure, now comes with VxBlock Central: a new tool tightly integrated with VMware vRealize software for converged management and automation. See how this new integration provides automated workflows for executing daily systems administration tasks that once took hours of manual labor. See the future path of innovation, such as self-service optimization. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC PowerMax: A Deep Dive Into The Award-Winning NVMe Based All Flash Platform Come learn all about the PowerMax array - the world's fastest! PowerMax builds on the core proven enterprise features of VMAX while also delivering unprecedented levels of performance via NVMe technology and automated data placement for maximum performance with a built-in machine learning engine. You'll also learn about new software features such as enhanced data reduction including deduplication. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC PowerMax: Running Modern Multi-Site Applications Using SRDF Learn how to support modern multi-site applications using the industry standard in remote replication: SRDF. This session will provide insight into the functional, operational and performance aspects of SRDF with the latest PowerMax platform release. Best practices and practical considerations for planning and designing replication solutions will also be discussed. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC Unity: Performance Analysis & Troubleshooting This session explores the options available to validate the performance health of your Dell EMC Unity system. Using examples, we’ll show how to isolate workloads for analysis, monitor system performance, and dissect performance data with different tools and methods. Putting all of this in perspective of best practices. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC SC Series: Update & Architectural Overview (Includes Multi-Array Federation) Dell EMC SC Series arrays offer unique advantages for modern workloads, including All-Flash models, Efficiency and Data Reduction Services, Live Volume, Federation, and more. Learn how our latest innovations give you more options than ever for dynamic mobility and the best economics. Join us for this in-depth session and learn how to get the most value from this popular platform. 1 Hour Lecture
Introducing An Exceptionally Powerful Machine Learning Server: The Latest Edition Of Dell EMC's Comprehensive Portfolio Of AI/ML Offer Learn about Dell’s latest machine learning offering that delivers exceptional performance for ML training and other compute intensive workloads, like simulation, modeling and predictive analysis, using up to 10 industry-leading NVIDIA GPUs. Find out how you can reduce your time to insight for machine learning with substantially increased horsepower. 1 Hour Lecture
Introducing Dell EMC Cloud Data Storage One of the most popular phrases in IT today is “move it to the cloud”, often said with little regard for infrastructure implications or the impact on the workloads going to the cloud. This session will re-introduce and define cloud concepts including, application migration (lift and shift), disaster recovery, VDI, and home directories. We will then explore the interactions between on-premises storage infrastructure and cloud capabilities required to implement these cloud operating models. We will conclude with several cloud-enabled storage infrastructure examples from the Dell EMC storage portfolio. 1 Hour Lecture
Sweet Data Gold: Unlocking Siloed Data Done well, data is the gift that keeps on giving. The problem is starting with what we have. Join Dell Boomi to explore the paths on how to break down silos and unlock the value of data across your business ecosystem. Learn how to transform your business to increase efficiency, productivity and value. 1 Hour Lecture
Data Protection Suite: What’s New For Avamar In 2019 In this session we will explore recent enhancements to Dell EMC Avamar backup software. Simplified management, more cloud support, faster installs and upgrades, and of course, support for the latest application releases. Come see how Avamar is more reliable, has higher availability and better serviceability, while continuing extending our use cases. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
RecoverPoint For Virtual Machines Best Practices Checkout this Advanced Best Practices session for architectural know hows, better understanding of replication design concepts, administration best practices and so much more. 1 Hour Lecture
DD Boost Your SQL Backups By Leveraging Native Tools & Self-Service Keep the direct control of backups using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and write data to the most efficient deduplication appliance in industry. Distributing part of the deduplication process to the SQL server, enables client-side deduplication for faster backups. By giving the App owner control of the recovery process through native utilities, no need to go through the Backup Admin enabling faster recovery. Reduce RTO with GLR Table Recovery and Compressed restore options. 1 Hour Lecture
Connected Technology Is Healthy Technology & Results In Actionable Insights In today’s connected world it’s possible to monitor almost anything, and with the right algorithm the data collected can be turned into actionable insights. Wearable technology monitors heart rate, steps and sleep to help ensure you’re thriving, and services technology monitors your infrastructure and devices to ensure they’re running smoothly - detecting, resolving and preventing issues. Join us to discuss how we’re using Machine Learning, Deep Learning and AI to architect the most adaptive, intelligent service experience through secure, automated technologies that continuously capture, analyze and act on data - keeping your IT environment secure and healthy. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Best Tips & Tricks You Need To Become Cloud Native When we started cloud native development, we stumbled and fell and we were often discouraged. We wondered: how can you find out what your user really wants? What happens when you get it wrong? How can you improve your efficiency and scale? Sound familiar? Come hear about our pitfalls and our lessons learned in using people, process, prioritization and tools and you’ll find out how to succeed in cloud native development.  1 Hour Lecture
Breaking Cloud Silos With Dell EMC Data Protection-As-A-Service As enterprises embrace a multi-cloud strategy, the need for protecting workloads across clouds has become a necessity. Dell EMC Cloud Snapshot Manager simplifies protection of workloads across clouds seamlessly without the need to install or maintain cloud infrastructure for your backups. This session explains how to leverage a SaaS offering to protect your cloud instances in AWS and Azure.     1 Hour Lecture
Deploy PCs Faster Than Making A Cup Of Coffee Refocus your energy on transforming the business and driving value add initiatives. ProDeploy in the Unified Workspace deploys PCs configured direct from our factory to the end user. This can save up to nearly a week of IT time so you can focus on top priorities that excite your end users and keep the business competitive. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Edge Computing Is Accelerating: Is Your Strategy A Winner? The trend is clear - adoption of Edge computing is rapidly accelerating. Forrester Consulting estimates nearly 50% of organizations will extend data analytics to the edge in the next 12 months. Is your edge strategy comprehensive, actionable and ready to drive strategic advantage? Attend strategies on establishing a future-proof edge-to-cloud architecture that’s open, scalable, and secure – today and tomorrow. 1 Hour Lecture
Hybrid Cloud & HCI Solutions With Microsoft & Dell Technologies Dell EMC is a key partner with Microsoft deploying “Dell EMC VxRack Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack” worldwide. These hybrid cloud solutions provide enterprise customers  “connected” mode or disconnected mode using Azure tools on premise. Microsoft has partnered with Dell EMC launched Windows Server Software Defined integrated solutions such as Storage Spaced Direct Ready Solutions. 1 Hour Lecture
Adopt & Scale Dell EMC Hybrid Cloud Infrastructures With Unisys CloudForte The Unisys CloudForte Cloud Platform helps enterprise clients to adopt,  transform and govern their digital cloud workloads on VMware and Dell EMC hyper-converged infrastructure and enabling app modernization leveraging Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Unisys CloudForte combined with VMware and Dell EMC solutions accelerate client business goals through secure cloud transformation. Actual client engagement experiences will be highlighted during this session. 1 Hour Lecture
VxRail 4.7 - Simplifying IT Through Standardization & Automation (Hands-on Lab) Dell EMC and VMware are better together bringing next-generation VMware technologies to life faster on VxRail. A featured Dell EMC integrated cloud platform jointly developed with VMware, VxRail speeds time to value in the core data center, in the cloud, and at the edge. Powered by VMware vSAN, the pre-configured and pre-tested Dell EMC VxRail appliances are the standard in hyper-converged for virtual environments. VxRail delivers a turnkey, easy to use, and functionally rich solution to all applications that benefit from server virtualization.  1 Hour Hands-on Labs
DataDomain OS 6.2 (Hands-on Lab) With Data Domain as part of your IT infrastructure, you can meet all of the demands of data protection. Conquer the challenge of protecting mission-critical data with modern protection storage and explore our best-of-breed solutions for your on-premise, virtualized and cloud computing needs. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
Isilon OneFS: Getting Started (Hands-on Lab) Attendees get an overview of Isilon OneFS 8.2 features and functionality. You start with Initial Setup and the OneFS Interface followed by the power of Scale out OneFS nodes and SmartFailing of these nodes and finish with SMB and NFS shares, creation and administration. This lab will show you just how powerful the worlds easiest NAS solution can be. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
PowerMax: Provisioning, Data Reduction & Role Based Access Control - Getting Started (Hands-on Lab) The Award Winning PowerMax All Flash Storage Array brings a redesigned and optimized Unisphere, our; intuitive management GUI for this next generation platform. Throughout the lab participants will be using Unisphere to get hands-on experience of provisioning tasks, investigate compression at both a system and storage group level, and explore the enhancements made to role based access control. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
XtremIO X2: Simple To Use Management (Hands-on Lab) XtremIO is a purpose-built, high performance, scale-out All Flash Array (AFA). XtremIO unique architecture dramatically simplifies the tasks of managing an enterprise storage system. The XtremIO WebUI offers a web based interface to easily setup and provision your storage system. With this interactive demo, users will be learn how easy it is to provision and monitor the XtremIO cluster. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
AppSync: Integrated Copy Management For Enterprise Applications (Hands-on Lab) Learn how you can streamline your copy data management processes using AppSync's policy-driven processes. Dell EMC AppSync simplifies, orchestrates and automates the process of generating and consuming application consistent copies of production data. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
Dell EMC Fabric Design Center (Hands-on Lab) Within minutes, build the right network for your Compute, Storage and HCI infrastructure using Dell EMC Fabric Design Center; the Easy Button for network fabrics. In this lab, you can design a network for different Dell EMC compute, storage and hyper-converged infrastructure solutions and then download the switch configuration files and Ansible playbooks for the design. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
Dell EMC SmartFabric Services & VxRail (Hands-on Lab) The Dell EMC OS10 SmartFabric Services with VxRail, is a one-of-a-kind innovative end-to-end Dell EMC hyper-converged solution.  This lab demonstrates how simple, fast, and seamless it is to deploy a complete, fully ready HCI environment, and explores the management, provisioning, monitoring, and scale-out capabilities using Dell EMC’s OS10 SmartFabric Services with VxRail 4.7 and VMware ESXi 6.7. The lab includes: Infrastructure configuration via a single CLI (Command Line Interface) command and configuration of the VxRail cluster via VxRail Manager UI (User Interface). 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
MX Series (Hands-on Lab) This Walkthrough Demo showcases the simple deployment of a MX7000 chassis and the end to end lifecycle management of servers, storage and networking from a single web user interface. Users can create and manage a fabric, perform a Dell validated stack upgrade, explore the intelligent automaton of templates and simply scale from one to many chassis. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
VMware NSX SD-WAN By VeloCloud: Getting Started (Hands-on Lab) Explore VMware NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud including the key components and architecture. Review options for troubleshooting and diagnostics. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
General Session: Innovation to Unlock Your Digital Future We’ve entered a new technology era fueled by data – moving from petabytes to zettabytes on an accelerated timeline where data drives the next big breakthroughs and business opportunities. We must rethink how we manage, protect and secure all that data at a pace and scale that meets business demands. In this session we will explore how innovation delivers on the new requirements of today, while paving the way for an organization’s digital future. 1 Hour General Session
Cyber Recovery EY will highlight why Cyber Recovery has become a BOD and regulatory community focus given recent industry events.  The session will highlight how EY and Dell provide a framework for Cyber Recovery, technical design and program operating  considerations, deployment and integration to other business functions, and operating challenges through use cases where solutions have been or are being deployed to meet cyber breach concerns. 1 Hour Lecture
Harnessing The Power Of AI TODAY! AI is no longer a thing of future. It’s here and will lead the digital transformation.  As Data becomes the oil of the 21st Century, Intel and Dell will be on the forefront driving the innovation. Come learn about solutions powered by Dell and Intel that are available and simplify AI using dedicated training clusters, Hadoop Spark, and HPC technology 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC Isilon & ECS: Go From Storage Management To Data Management Learn about the next generation of unstructured data software technology designed to unlock the value of your data capital. Many companies have to address the challenges of managing disparate storage platforms across on-prem datacenters and in the cloud. Learn how Dell EMC ClarityNow data management software can help you with cross-storage management, allowing you to reduce storage TCO, find files quickly using metadata tags, and simplify user access with a self-service data management interface. 1 Hour Lecture
Empower The Future Of Modern Applications With Data Center as-a-Service The purpose of Data Center As-a-Service solutions are to bring the cloud model to the Data Center with consistent infrastructure and consistent operations. Data Center as-a-service will eliminate the customer burden of managing the hardware and delivers a full compute, storage, and networking solution on-premises as a service. Project Dimension represents a new, transformational capability that combines HCI and a fully managed services approach to reduce the costs and complexity of distributed infrastructure. This session will go over Project Dimension, and how it enables organizations to enjoy the increased agility, simplified operations within your Data Center. 1 Hour Lecture
Extend Your Hybrid Cloud Model To Your Data Center While moving your application to the cloud model looks attractive and could free you from managing physical infrastructure, there are reasons from data sovereignty to data gravity, organizations need to keep their Data/Apps on premises. Come learn how Project Dimension, a new Data Center as-a-service offering from Dell Technologies, can bring you the best of both worlds. 1 Hour Lecture
Build A Killer Application With Project Dimension Imagine your I&O team can focus solely on helping their business partners on building killer applications and new innovative processes rather than managing the day-to-day software and hardware patching and upgrades. Imagine no more - this is the reality of Project Dimension. This session will help you think past tradition to what’s possible when you can bring your cloud environment and consumption model to your data center.  1 Hour Lecture
Security In A Cloud Native World: GoingFaster To Be More Secure In the Digital Future, organizations implement Cloud Native Architectures more than ever. These architectures can pose new security problems, but also offer effective approaches to security. In this session we will provide an overview on the challenges and best security practices that you can employ in a Cloud Native environment. 1 Hour Lecture
Securing Your Future: An Endpoint Security Strategy For The Digital Age Where and how people work is changing, and external forces make endpoint security a daunting, if not impossible, task. Make the impossible possible with Dell as your trusted endpoint security partner.  In this session we will discuss security risks in today’s modern world, and how you can gain peace of mind and freedom to embrace your workforce transformation initiatives. 1 Hour Lecture
Fellows Unleashed: A View Into The Technology Crystal Ball From Dell Technologies’ Leading Technologists Join Dell’s top technology leaders for a far ranging panel discussion of top-of-mind topics. Bring an open mind and some intellectual curiosity to learn more about  emerging technologies, nascent use cases, potential disruptions, and new  opportunities across the breadth of the IT landscape - Edge, IoT, apps, data  center, cloud, mobile, AR/VR, AI/ML, compute, media - and an open-microphone for audience engagement. 1 Hour Lecture
Global Partner Summit - General Session Join Joyce Mullen, Jay Snyder, and Bryan Jones, along with various executives across Dell Technologies, as they discuss the strategic partner initiatives in place today, as well as the go-forward direction to elevate our collective partner ecosystem to new heights. Throughout the session, there will be exciting program, product, and go-to-market (GTM) announcements, all aimed at transforming our partners’ experience engaging across the Dell Technologies family of companies.  With our momentum and continued velocity, the Dell Technologies’  partner ecosystem is primed to make transformation real for our customers worldwide. Learn more in this can’t-miss session. 2 Hours General Session
Using AI In The PaaS Lane: Dell Technologies Combines AI & Cloud With Virtustream & Dell PowerEdge Machine learning and deep learning are more widely used in all industries as a way to return higher levels of value from customer data.  Learn how Virtustream and Dell EMC have approached the development of a multi-tenant PaaS platform for AI in the cloud utilizing Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers and accelerator technologies. Virtustream has worked closely with Dell to develop a cloud solution for accelerators to run AI workloads as mission critical applications, demonstrated in a proof of concept to drive AI for transportation. 1 Hour Lecture
Crossroads: AI & HPC Deep learning is transforming everything from medicine and manufacturing to sales and scientific research. AI is a group of techniques that is heavily dependent on processing the large quantities of data made possible by digital transformation, which can take weeks or months using traditional systems. Dell EMC’s HPC and AI Engineering team has been applying the power and capability of HPC to deep learning, showing that it is possible to produce models of unrivaled accuracy in unprecedented amounts of time. 1 Hour Lecture
Modernize Your IT Strategy: Application Transformation For The Digital Age Enterprise architects are at the front lines of digital transformation, yet face challenges around processes, people and technology as resources grow in complexity and number. Join Dell Boomi and Pivotal to learn about the platform, tools, and methodologies that help customers deliver exceptional user experiences and hear all about what it takes to transform how you build, deploy and run applications. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC XtremIO X2: Deep Dive Of Architecture Designed For Ultimate Efficiency & Consistent Performance XtremIO was built from the ground up to exploit the full capabilities of Flash in storage array, providing ultimate data efficiencies with consistent and predictable performance in a scale-out architecture. In this session we will discuss how the system was built to achieve this ultimate efficiency: superb usable/raw ratio using XDP, elimination of zeros, global inline dedupe and compression, local & remote copies. We will also drill into the innovations enabling the consistent and predictable performance: scale-out, active/active, XDP and write boost. 1 Hour Lecture
Will Your Data Strategy Fuel Or Ground Your AI Rocket Ship? As organizations fight for a competitive edge in an increasingly digital global economy, Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises to be the most disruptive class of technologies during the next 10 years driven by increases in computational power, advances in storage technology, availability of new data, and ubiquity of deep learning toolkits. In fact, Gartner predicts that AI augmentation will generate $3.9 Trillion in business value by 2022 alone. But, turning the promise of AI into value isn’t as easy as flipping a switch. Organizations are faced with a multitude of complex choices related to data, skill-sets, software stacks, analytic toolkits and infrastructure components; each with significant implications on the time to value associated with these initiatives. Join us for this session on how Isilon delivers the DATA to fuel and accelerate your AI initiatives. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC Storage Portfolio: Welcome To The Containerized World! Are you starting to work with Kubernetes or may be Pivotal Container Service (PKS) or RedHat OpenShift? Do you want to learn how containers are changing the virtualization landscape and what it means for your storage platform? Then this is the right session for you! In this session, we are going to showcase the long strides the containers ecosystem has made in just a few years along with how to provide a persistent storage layer for your containers. We will discuss Dell EMC Storage integrations for the container ecosystem, complete with XtremIO integration demonstrations. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
VMware Cloud Foundation On VxRail: The Ultimate Solution For The Software Defined Datacenter In this session, we will start with a detailed overview of the latest release of VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF), a VMware software solution that leverages the advanced automation capabilities of the VMware SDDC Manager to simplify the tasks of deploying, operating, and maintaining a VMware Software Defined Datacenter.  We will discuss and demonstrate how VCF integrates vSphere, VSAN, NSX, and vRealize Suite components and is often considered "the fastest and simplest path to the Hybrid Cloud" in a modernized datacenter. We will then move on to discuss and demonstrate how VCF is foundational to Dell-EMC's VCF on VxRail datacenter solution.  Attendees will learn how VMware Cloud Foundation is integrated with Dell-EMC VxRail Hyper-converged appliance infrastructure, combining the Software Lifecycle Management capabilities of VMware's SDDC Manager with the Hardware Lifecycle Management capabilities of Dell-EMC's VxRail Manager.   1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Future Of Digital Identity In The Era Of Digital Transformation Digital transformation is a top priority for enterprises around the world. This transformation leads to convergence of IT and OT environments into a digital ecosystem consisting of people, organizations, and millions of connected devices, which creates unique risks and security challenges. This session presents a Proof-of-Concept of an emerging identity management model based on the distributed ledger and self-sovereign principles which enables enterprises to securely manage this ecosystem. 1 Hour Lecture
VMware Cloud On AWS: Technical Overview Hybrid cloud environments are increasingly becoming popular because it allows enterprises to leverage the best of both worlds. Accelerate your hybrid cloud journey with VMware Cloud on AWS. In this session, we will discuss about typical use cases, service architecture, its unique features and capabilities, technical components, and much more. And at the end, see a demo to get started 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Dell EMC Networking & Verizon: Lessons Learned In Developing Managed WAN Services With uCPE The exponential growth of cloud traffic is pressuring enterprises to either upgrade their physical WAN or virtualize it. Many choose virtualization and a service provider to do it. Whether you are an end-user or service provider, you’ll appreciate Verizon’s lessons learned on developing new managed WAN services on an open uCPE platform based on the Dell EMC Virtual Edge Platform running virtual network functions. Learn how service providers are using a purpose-built open uCPE platform to generate new revenue sources, as they develop managed virtual WAN, Firewall, WAN optimization, routing, or other services. 1 Hour Lecture
VxBlock 1000: New Game-Changing Server & Storage Technologies The VxBlock has a rich history as an IT game-changer by converging modern server, storage, data protection, network and virtualization technologies into a single, simplified turnkey system. Learn about new game-changing end-to-end NVMe technology in VxBlock: the latest storage and server innovations that deliver the high-speed smarts to power all of your most critical workloads. 1 Hour Lecture
2018 State Of Cybercrime Executive Summary: Exposing The Threats, Techniques & Markets That Fuel The Underground Economy Of Cybercriminals From July 2017 through June 2018, Secureworks Counter Threat Unit (CTU) researchers analyzed incident response outcomes and conducted original research to gain insight into threat activity and behavior across 4,400 companies. Their findings, which include new data about who is conducting what types of attacks and why, will be shared by CTU experts. We’ll examine a small subset of professional criminal actors responsible for the bulk of cybercrime-related damage worldwide and explain: how they’re leveraging the underground hacker economy, why they can’t be seen by researchers and law enforcement who monitor the dark web, and how we know their tools and techniques are as sophisticated, targeted and insidious as most nation-state actors. You’ll also learn how constant “background noise” from low-level criminality is impacting businesses around the world and see latest cost of stolen goods, hacking tools, and hacking services on the underground marketplace. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC XtremIO X2: Efficient, Metadata-Aware Replication Technology Updates, Customer Deployments & Ecosystem Integrations XtremIO X2 delivers a unique metadata-aware and highly efficient replication data services. In this session, we will showcase how customers are quickly adopting the technology and receiving results beyond expectations. You will directly hear from the customers detailing their deployment scenarios. We will also present ecosystem integrations with XtremIO replication and the future of this data service. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
How To Improve Scale, Sustainability, Security & Speed All While Driving Savings What is the economic cost of the delay in getting new features to production? Once the feature is in production do you have trouble handling increased load? Does the business experience down time? Do you know where you are vulnerable to attack? To effectively leverage the beauty of ZERO downtime on-premises, the key factor is to ensure all lower levels of infrastructure are up-to-date, secure and stable. In this session we will discuss a full-stack Cloud Native solution which brings the best of Dell Technologies in one. 1 Hour Lecture
VxRail & Dell EMC SmartFabric: Together Bring You On-Demand, Zero-Touch Network Switch Management With Dell EMC SmartFabric networking feature, VxRail expands the software-defined virtual infrastructure to include automatic configuration and management of the network switch. This session will provide a deep explanation of the integration of Dell-EMC’s VxRail Hyperconverged infrastructure with the Dell-EMC S-Series enterprise switch family, and how the Dell-EMC SmartFabric feature eliminates time-consuming and error-prone manual switch administration from IT administrators. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Dell EMC PowerMax: The Enterprise Platform For Delivering Next-Gen Analytics Modern data analytics platforms are becoming business-critical for harnessing deep insights of products, processes and customers. Organizations are leveraging exponentially-growing data sets, and they need to deliver results to a growing number of end users at a faster pace than ever before. In this session, we will showcase how Dell EMC PowerMax and VMAX All Flash can power modern analytics platforms like Splunk, MongoDB and Redis helping you deliver real-time data-driven decisions to stay ahead of the competition. Performance characterization and best practices will also be shared for your implementation benefits. 1 Hour Lecture
Drive Big Culture Change & Run IT Like A Business You see it… your IT department must be at the table earlier with the Business to help drive desired outcomes. For that, you need more agility and less labor required just to keep-the-lights-on. Do you know what this will take? Do you have the right people to finish the job? Are you ready to commit your people down this difficult path? 1 Hour Lecture
Dell IT: Accelerating Our Digital Journey By Modernizing Apps For The Cloud The largest Tech merger in the industry between Dell and EMC also created a mountain of legacy applications. To realize our digital future as Dell Technologies meant innovating with software—delivering new digital products and transforming customer experiences. Learn about our Pivotal journey to modernize applications, change how we design, build & run software, and acquire modern app dev skills. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC PowerMax: Learn About Powerful New Features In Unisphere & CloudIQ For PowerMax Unisphere for PowerMax has some great new features and capabilities to help you optimize your environment to get the most out of your PowerMAX! Learn how all the latest features in Unisphere for PowerMAX can help you plan, provision, and monitor your applications, ensuring they are getting their expected level of performance and simplify the troubleshooting when you are not. See how you can monitor your applications from anywhere with PowerMax and VMAX Integration into CloudIQ. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Dell EMC Unity: NAS & File Capabilities Unstructured data and files are growing at a fast rate and Dell EMC Unity was designed to handle both traditional and transactional NAS. This session will discuss advanced file features/functions (inline data reduction, segregation of NAS resources for multi-tenancy, etc.) and customer use cases for these capabilities. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC SC Series: Performance Best Practices Join Dell EMC Performance Engineering to learn how to unlock the power of the Dell EMC SC Series performance and features. By following the best practices you’ll learn the best way to get the most out of your system, enabling you to maximize your investment. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC SC Series: Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Dell EMC SC Series' native multi-array federation and stretch clustering provide a powerful solution for high availability, automated disaster recovery and business continuity. In this session, we will cover Live Volume, Replication and Disaster Recovery capabilities, along with deployment best practices and a demonstration of Live Volume auto-failover capabilities. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC ECS: What's New & What's On The Roadmap In this session, you’ll learn about Dell EMC's unique approach that allows you to combine the agility of the public cloud without sacrificing performance and control over your file and object data. 1 Hour Lecture
Managing The Implications Of Multi-Cloud With Enterprise Applications Enterprise applications are complex. Performance, latency, data integrations, and dependency management all make migration and integration complex. Ensuring security, availability, and service quality once in the cloud are all challenges enterprises must consider. Join this session to learn key strategies and best practices from enterprise cloud leaders Virtustream and Boomi as you undertake your planning, migration, integration, and optimization processes with your critical business applications in the cloud. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC Cloud Storage Service For Multi-Cloud Volumes, Disaster Recovery & More As more and more businesses look to extend their storage environment to the cloud, there is a growing need to have your enterprise class, high-performance, and reliable storage available as a service in the cloud. Whether it is to replicate data between on-premises and cloud by spinning up applications in the cloud in event of DR on-premises or it is attach your enterprise storage volume to have multi-cloud support. Faction is one of the premier VMware Cloud On AWS managed service providers and a multi-cloud market leader. In this session learn more about the Dell EMC Cloud Data Storage Service for Unity, PowerMax and Isilon enabled by Faction. 1 Hour Lecture
Learning Architect: Adopt A Programmatic Approach For Skills Transformation Dell EMC is introducing a new Education Services offering that provides a prescriptive approach to training for Dell EMC products. Learn about the benefits of how a Learning Program works that can help minimize productivity dips when digital disruptions and transformations occur. A Learning Architect can strategize and enable companies to plan training budgets and schedules with optimum results. 1 Hour Birds-of-a-Feather
Data Protection Suite: What's New For NetWorker in 2019 In this session we will explore recent enhancements to Dell EMC NetWorker backup software. Simplified management, cloud enabled, faster backups, and support for the latest application releases. Come see how NetWorker is more reliable, has higher availability and serviceability, while continuing extending use cases to modern workloads. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
High Performance, Self-Service, Application Optimized Data Protection For Your Oracle Databases & Your SAP Landscapes Including SAP-HANA Oracle and SAP Data Protection how you need it! Put control in the hands of the data owners with DBA managed backup and recovery through native utilities. Modernize and automate the management of Oracle and SAP data protection while providing control and visibility of the environment from databases to applications to storage. With Dell EMC’s application optimized deduplication, we have engineered a solution that provides higher deduplication functionality of Oracle workloads by eliminating alteration to the backup data stream. With the performance needed to meet strict SLOs leveraging direct data paths and industry leading de-duplication, providing faster backups and removing the impact of data protection from the application server while reducing or eliminating traditional backup infrastructure. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC HCI: What's New & What's Trending With an HCI portfolio as robust and extensive as Dell EMC's, its helpful to understand which product or solution is best built for which intended business outcome or environment. Join us as we review our award winning HCI offerings, all built on our leading PowerEdge server platform, in an effort to set you on the best path for your IT Transformation. Will also touch on why businesses are transforming with HCI as a key enabler. 1 Hour Lecture
Ready Solution For AI: Infrastructure Architectures For Your AI-Powered Organization Artificial intelligence and its supporting computing models - machine and deep learning - are decades-old technologies that are just now beginning to take off. Whatever industry you’re in, AI will create significant changes while offering greater efficiencies. Learn how to architect your infrastructure to deliver the agility, performance and capacity needed by your data scientists to build out next-gen machine and deep learning models. 1 Hour Lecture
Make The Most Out Of Your VxRail Investment Discover how to deploy, operate and support VxRail more effectively. This session provides a plan for becoming fully operational on day 1. Learn about a new IT operating model that exploits the automated hyper-converged environment. Understand the IT processes and roles needed to more effectively utilize your infrastructure and develop a cloud-like consumption model. 1 Hour Lecture
Demystifying Quantum Quantum is a scary buzzword, with a lot of misconceptions.  This session will explain what a quantum computer is, what kinds of problems it would be good at, and why we will need to replace our current public key algorithms (e.g., RSA), even if "real" quantum computers never exist. 1 Hour Lecture
Storage & Memory Technology: NVMe, NVMe Over Fabrics & Storage Class Memory New technologies (e.g., IoT) and application domains (e.g.,  Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning) are generating and using rapidly increasing amounts of data, necessitating fundamental changes in data center infrastructure and systems. NVMe (NVM Express) for SSDs and Fabrics plus new persistent storage media such as QLC flash and storage class memory (e.g., 3D XPoint) are key drivers of these changes. Come explore these areas of technology and discover what they make possible. 1 Hour Lecture
VMware Cloud Management: Simplify & Automate Your Organization’s Data Protection With Dell EMC As more users adopt virtualization, Dell EMC’s deep integration with VMware’s user interface becomes more and more important. As customers automate, Dell EMC Data Protection offers automation, governance and compliance for VMware vRealize users with the deepest integration points for your cloud orchestration portal.  1 Hour Lecture
Imaging To Provisioning With Dell Provisioning For Windows Autopilot Dell is committed to providing customers with solutions that work with their current environment, that integrate and provide a seamless experience. Learn how you can reduce desk side provisioning time with Dell Provisioning for Windows Autopilot. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Work At Full Speed: Dell Precision Workstations Help You Address High Demand Workflows The right workstation solutions make users more efficient, accelerate time-to-market, and allow for a better ROI. Learn how Dell helps customers configure the best workstation solutions with the processing power, graphic performance and memory they need along with the reliability they require. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Lord Of Visions In his humorous style, Peter Jackson, veteran Silicon Valley CEO, looks into tech’s past to reveal our future. Jackson, CEO of Bluescape, makes the case that visual collaboration is the trend already shaping how you work and live. Central to this trend are the latest in Dell’s touch screens. Pairing technology with collaboration brings us into the 22nd century. 1 Hour Lecture
Cyber Security Protection For The Enterprise Backup Environment Protecting your backup environment against cybercrime is core to business continuity.  Learn how Unisys Stealth can provide increased security and more flexible deployment options for the Dell EMC Cyber Recovery Vault solution. Stealth identity-based cryptographic network isolation and end-to-end military-grade encryption enable extremely granular and adaptive network access control without requiring any upgrades of existing network infrastructure or servers. 1 Hour Lecture
VxFlex Manager: IT Operations Management For Flex HCI (Hands-on Lab) VxFlex Manager (VxFM) is the unified management and automation solution for VxRack FLEX and future products in the VxFlex family. This lab demonstrates the template-based provisioning and expansion of both infrastructure (nodes and switches) and VxFlex OS storage software for hyperconverged and two-layer deployments. It covers compliance validation and remediation, monitoring and alerting, as well as the health status of hardware and services. The lab also includes an overview of VxFlex OS and its UI for advanced features and volume management. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
Next Generation Dell EMC Data Protection Software (Hands-on Lab) Dell EMC's next generation data management software enables simple protection life-cycle management of enterprise applications like Oracle, SQL and VMware Virtual Machines using integrated and scalable storage. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
Isilon OneFS: Advanced (Hands-on Lab) In this lab, you will work through managing the storage with SmartQuotes, which is about storage limits on directories, sub-directories, individual users, groups, zones, etc. Then you will explore SmartConnect, an excellent way to manage your client access. We finish up with how compliance and retention directories work using SmartLock advanced OneFS feature. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
PowerPath: PowerMaxOS Integration Features (Hands-on Lab) New PowerPath-PowerMax integration features bring together host and storage to simplify management, troubleshooting and increase performance. This lab highlights new PowerPath-PowerMaxOS integration benefits: PowerPath Non-Disruptive upgrades, simplified array provisioning, enhanced NDM/Metro displays, licensing automation, PowerPath email alerts, I/O tagging, listing unused devices , initiator to host_name mapping, overlaying host and array performance metrics in Unisphere, and more. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
Dell EMC Unity: Simplified Storage Management & Administration (Hands-on Lab) Explore our Dell EMC Unity system and experience a radically simplified HTML5 interface that will set the new standard for simplicity in the midrange. This lab will cover workflows including provisioning LUNs, File Systems, and SMB shares. Also, you will learn how to leverage storage optimization features and perform administrative tasks. See how simple storage management can be! 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
ClarityNow! Overview & Getting Started (Hands-on Lab) ClarityNow is a near real-time file management software with optimized file system scanning algorithms and indexing.  This lab introduces the near real-time scan of all unstructured data, consolidated view of all volumes and file systems. We standardize organizational data across heterogeneous storage systems automating the management of petabyte-scale file data. Gain hands-on experience of ClarityNow's speed, scale and extensibility. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
Fabric Automation & Monitoring Using Ansible & Telemetry (Hands-on Lab) The Dell EMC Networking Operating System 10 (OS10) is an innovative operating system. It combines the best of Linux, open computing and networking to advance open networking disaggregation. This lab demonstrates how simple and fast it is to deploy the new OS10 device using Zero Touch Deployment (ZTD) and explores the management, provisioning and monitoring capabilities using Ansible and OS10 streaming telemetry feature. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
OpenManage Enterprise (Hands-on Lab) The Dell EMC OpenManage Enterprise console redefines the systems management experience. Discover, deploy, and manage Dell EMC PowerEdge servers from the modern, intuitive interface. Set policies and receive alerts on Dell EMC server, storage and networking devices. Learn how you can automate routine tasks and reduce management time while improving the reliability and availability of your infrastructure.   1 Hour Hands-on Labs
PowerVault ME4 (Hands-on Lab) This Walkthrough Demo allows users to learn the simple deployment of a PowerVault ME4 array as well as the numerous new features from a single web user interface. Users can create disk groups, volumes, snapshots as well manage storage profiles, network connections, alerts and much more from the new HTML5 ME Storage Manager web management interface.  1 Hour Hands-on Labs
Virtualization 101: Introduction To VMware vSphere (Hands-on Lab) This introductory lab demonstrates the core features and functions of vSphere and vCenter. This is an excellent place to begin your experience with VMware vSphere. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
General Session: Optimism & Happiness in the Digital Age By 2030, the partnership between people and technology will become deeper, richer, and more immersive than ever before. What does this mean for our lives outside of work? In this session we’ll explore the keys to optimism and happiness in the digital age and how and where technology will play a pivotal role. 1 Hour General Session
The Road To AI: A Journey To Modernize Your Data Architecture AI is radically transforming our world.  Many organizations today are unable to successfully deploy AI technologies because their current data management solutions are not ready to support AI initiatives.  Modern data architectures need to be open, flexible and scalable.  Learn how IBM Hybrid Data Management solutions leveraging Dell EMC PowerEdge servers deliver comprehensive data strategies to support an AI future for your organization. 1 Hour Lecture
5G: Why You Should Care! Despite the hype or the multitude of articles written, 5G does have relevance to you. 5G networks, powered by Dell and Intel, can transform our lives. It isn’t about the miracle of low latency, or outstanding bandwidth, it will be about how Dell and Intel are changing the way we use wireless networks. Come on by and let’s talk 5G! 1 Hour Lecture
AI/ML In A Box AI/ML workloads are rapidly growing in importance and size in the enterprise. However, they consume enormous computing resources and create a challenge for the underlying infrastructure. Greenplum Building Blocks (GBB) is an open and modern reference architecture designed by Pivotal, using Dell's advanced computing hardware including 4 socket servers, ultra high-speed networking and NVMe, in an integrated form factor to run both traditional EDW workloads and AI/ML at scale and be ready for the future. Come and learn about AI/ML in a box with GBB! 1 Hour Birds-of-a-Feather
Cloud Without The Chaos: Hybrid Cloud Done Right The diverse and changing needs of workloads are driving IT teams to choose a multi-cloud strategy, with 90% of organizations deploying their workloads across 2 or more clouds. However, this multi-cloud approach can result in an enormous amount of IT complexity - multiple operational silos, disparate M&O tools, ultimately delivering inconsistent SLA’s. This session will detail a brand new offering from VMware and Dell EMC to help deliver a consistent cloud operations and infrastructure for your workloads, regardless of where they reside - the edge, private cloud or public cloud. 1 Hour Lecture
Project Dimension: Use Cases At Key Industries Attend this session to understand common use cases for Project Dimension and how it can be best utilized in key industries such as - retail, health care, and manufacturing and more. 1 Hour Lecture
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