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PowerEdge MX & SmartFabric Services: The Foundation of Composable/Disaggregated Infrastructure Composable/Disaggregated Infrastructure supports traditional and next-generation workloads by creating flexible, shared resource pools out of disaggregated compute, storage, and networking infrastructure. In this session, you will learn how PowerEdge MX with SmartFabric Services provides simplified operations, network automation, and a fully integrated experience. SmartFabric Services is smart enough to even tell you when systems are not cabled correctly! We will also discuss how the MX Scalable Fabric Architecture supports next generation technologies such as Software Defined Storage and NVMe Over Fabric by providing high speed, low latency interconnects for dozens of modular AND rack servers. Finally, you see how the future forward design principals in PowerEdge MX can support future interconnect technologies such as 50GbE, 100GbE, and Gen-Z. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
VxBlock 1000: Radically Simplified Infrastructure Life Cycle Management For Converged Infrastructure A new era is dawning with a radically simpler, modular and flexible way to update compute, storage, network, data protection and virtualization technologies in a converged infrastructure architecture. Hear about this evolution from system to component level upgrades and how this will help your IT staff spend less time upgrading and patching systems while lowering operational cost and risk. 1 Hour Lecture
Architecting To Optimize Enterprise Application Day 2 Operations In The Cloud Enterprise core apps are complex, long lived, and historically difficult to manage beasts. In a cloud world, enterprises are demanding more - more agility, more flexibility, and lower operational costs. Join this panel hosted by Dell EMC, and Virtustream to discuss tactical best practices for architecting automation solutions to optimize "Day 2" service delivery across infrastrucutre, virtualization, and application operations to reduce costs, improve agility in test/dev and prod, and to drive scale in a cloud world. 1 Hour Lecture
Forensic Readiness: Preparing For When The Worst Happens Secureworks Senior Security Researcher Ron Henry will show you how to leverage your current logging infrastructure to detect adversaries within your environment. We’ll review the challenges of forensic readiness, key components necessary, and the top logs you should be collecting. We’ll also review a case study showing how logs we’re used to crack the case. 1 Hour Lecture
VMware NSX Architecture & Use Cases: On-Prem To Cloud, Containers & Security In Hybrid Environment VMware NSX architecture is unlocking unprecedented value for the small to large enterprises by providing connectivity, security, policy and a consistent operational model. Enterprises are challenged with building IaaS, PaaS and new workload solutions. The answers to these challenges often require common HW infrastructure as well as common platform for software services. This session will describe how NSX-T enables a true multi-cloud operational model with AWS, Azure, IBM and other cloud providers via consistent security, enhancing the cloud operational model and through flexibility of deployment based on specific services per cloud. In addition, NSX-T provides a multi-VC and multi-container solution covering PaaS (PAS 2.0 and K8) & container as service (PKS). The first part of the session goes into details of NSX-T and Dell/EMC system solution, the second part goes into use-case per domain covering cloud, containers and security. 1 Hour Lecture
Project Dimension Powered By VxRail: Extend Your Hybrid Cloud To The Edge As the digital economy proliferates, computing at the edge (remote offices, warehouses, retail locations etc.) is growing in importance. However, the distributed nature of edge computing makes managing and maintaining infrastructure at these locations challenging. Project Dimension, powered by VxRail, represents a new, transformational capability that combines HCI and a fully managed services approach to reduce the costs and complexity of distributed infrastructure. It provides an easy path for businesses with remote sites to accelerate innovation at the edge with zero-touch provisioning, enterprise-class security and easy connectivity from edge to cloud. This session will go over Project Dimension powered by VxRail, and how it enables organizations to consume compute, storage and networking at the edge just like they can with a public cloud. 1 Hour Lecture
Intelligent Connected Vehicle Infrastructure Trends & Requirements This session will discuss the factors and trends affecting Connected and Autonomous vehicles and the industry level forecast of infrastructure requirements and salient architectural and technical issues in the deployment of the Intelligent Connected Vehicle ecosystem. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC XtremIO X2: Integrated Copy Data Management (iCDM) For Applications, Databases, Containers, Devops,... Oh My! XtremIO's unique integrated copy data management (iCDM) technology combines performance and scalability with reduced operational risk through automation and self-service. Maximize the value of your XtremIO X2 deployment by simplifying application and devops workflows as well as reducing development timelines. Learn how application admins and DBAs can re-purpose different copies of Oracle, SAP and SQL Server databases instantaneously and become more agile. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Dell EMC ECS: Architectural Deep Dive, Best Practices, Tools, Tips & Tricks Come hear Dell EMC ECS experts offer an in-depth look at the best practices in deployment, scale and management of your ECS cluster. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC Storage Portfolio: CloudIQ & SRM - Monitoring, Analytics & Reporting For Dell EMC Storage "The information about the package is just as important as the package itself.” – FedEx Chairman Fred Smith, 1978.  Still true today, but in today’s world the “Package” is your Data and Storage.  Come see the future of storage monitoring and predictive analytics with both cloud-based CloudIQ and on-premise SRM.  Recent enhancements in both products will be discussed. CloudIQ demo will be included. Your best IT problems are the ones that never happen because you proactively prevented them.  1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Microsoft SQL Server On Windows & Red Hat Linux: Best Practices The Ready Solutions Engineering team tested and validated SQL Server on Windows Enterprise Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. We then ran both together on the same infrastructure. Join us as we review our monitoring and performance analysis and discuss best practices that can help you be successful in running SQL Server on both operating systems. 1 Hour Lecture
How Application Transformation Can Help You Innovate Faster While Improving Quality In this session we will discuss software development practices that facilitate application transformation with the goals of increasing application delivery velocity and quality. We will touch upon how we helped teams within Dell in adopting our methodology and their application transformation story. 1 Hour Lecture
Crossing The Digital Chasm With Artificial Intelligence Innovators are using artificial intelligence to usher in a new era in human-machine partnerships, pushing the boundaries between the physical and digital universes and creating digital chasms that can disrupt business. Discover how to navigate these chasms to help your organization tackle new AI workloads, explore how machine learning works and understand why it demands new, accelerator infrastructure to manage, analyze and protect data across distributed environments from edge to core to cloud. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell IT: Transforming The Technology Experience Of Our 100,000 Strong Workforce Team member experience is Job #1 for Dell IT. We recognize the evolving needs of our global workforce to be always ON and always connected. Technology is transforming where, when, how, even why we work. Discover how Dell IT is delivering “persona based” digital workplace solutions in a one size doesn’t fit all approach.  1 Hour Lecture
The Dell Digital Way: A Streamlined People, Process, & Technology Approach For Digital Transformation Digital Transformation is a cultural change that requires organizations to continually challenge the status quo, experiment often, and get comfortable with failing, and more importantly, learning fast. The Dell Digital Way is a cultural shift in how Dell IT partners with our business teams using a direct, simplified and streamlined approach to quickly design, develop, iterate and deliver new applications and capabilities. Hear our story first-hand from our CTO. 1 Hour Lecture
The Need For Speed: Learn From Customers How Dell Has Helped Them Deliver When The Stakes Are Highest Industry-leading performance is driving our customer relationships across top brands in media, entertainment and gaming (among others).  In this session, a panel of customers will share some of their biggest challenges and discuss how Dell's commercial products and services help them remove traditional barriers associated with technology, people and processes. 1 Hour Lecture
VxFlex Family Overview & What’s New The VxFlex HCI portfolio provides an unmatched combination of performance, resiliency and flexibility that is ideal for high performance databases, HCI or two-layer deployments, and multi-hypervisor environments. In this session, experts will provide an overview of the VxFlex architecture, new features and capabilities of the latest VxFlex OS 3.0 release, networking updates, automation enhancements and introduce VxFlex appliance. 1 Hour Lecture
VxRail At The Edge Including 2 Node Clusters Discussion of VxRail at the edge, including a 2 Node cluster architecture review. A look at supported architecture and case studies. Also a discussion of how these would fit into the wider Software Defined Data Center (SDDC). 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Dell EMC XtremIO X2: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) - Architecture, Sizing & Best Practices For VMware Horizon 7 Hundreds of customers are running millions of virtual desktops on XtremIO today. The XtremIO X2 platform offers opportunities to start with small VDI deployments and scale granularly. In this session, we will present a holistic overview of an XtremIO X2-enabled VMware VDI environment. You will also learn about XtremIO X2 sizing and best practices for VMware VDI deployments. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Realizing The Promise Of 5G: Are You “Foundation Ready For The Future”? 5G networking introduces a new era for of computing that brings together several key industry trends including software defined everything, Cloud Native, DevOps, Artificial Intelligence, etc. It has the promise to completely transform industries with a new wave of services including mobile broadband services, connected cars, drones, smart retail, industrial robots and much more. Come and learn how to design your infrastructure to build the foundations of your 5G future. 1 Hour Lecture
Making Your Multi-Cloud Service Operating Model Real Multi-cloud is everywhere, and many IT organizations are focused on determining which how to manage multiple public clouds.  This management question is not just a question of tools; it’s also a mindset for organizing the services that IT delivers to the business and how to structure their operations to deliver these multi-cloud services.  In this session, we’ll describe such a cloud-focused service center and best practices for how to make it real for your organization, based on Dell EMC Consulting client engagements. 1 Hour Lecture
Understanding SD-WAN By VeloCloud Without A PhD In Networking VMware's acquisition of VeloCloud added an exciting new SD-WAN offering to the Dell Technologies family. Are you a virtualization guru but cringe at the mention of routing protocols? Love PowerCLI but flee from a router's CLI? Is supporting remote sites with questionable bandwidth keeping you up at night? If any of that sounds familiar, this session is written you! Join us for a technical dive into VMware's SD-WAN solution - no networking certifications required. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Dell EMC PowerMax: Using Service Levels To Consolidate Workloads Using Built-in Machine Learning PowerMax Service Levels are a simple and powerful tool for delivering the right response times for the right applications at all times. Learn how easy it is to setup service levels that allow you to confidently consolidate a variety of applications from production, test, and development on a single PowerMax array. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Dell EMC PowerMax: Inside PowerMax Compression & Deduplication - Maximizing Storage Efficiency & Performance Not all compression and dedupe is created equal - learn how PowerMax All Flash NVMe inline compression and dedupe is designed to minimize storage footprint while maximizing performance. We'll dive deep into the performance and architecture of the VMAX compression - including the Adaptive Compression Engine (ACE), Activity-Based Compression, and more. This session will also discuss how to enable compression for existing workloads on your system along with benchmark considerations. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Dell EMC Unity: Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity What are you trying to protect against? In this session we will discuss a wealth of options native in the Dell EMC Unity OE, including encryption, snapshots, copy management, and replication. Features that create mission critical resiliency and result in a modern IT infrastructure whose benefits range from reduced RTO/RPO to lower development and testing costs. This session will delve deep into each of these so that you can decide which combination best fits your needs. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC SC Series: Performance Analysis & Troubleshooting This session explores the options available to validate the performance health of your Dell EMC SC Series system. During this session, we will demonstrate how to isolate workloads for analysis. We’ll use the Dell EMC Storage Manager to monitor, troubleshoot, and dissect performance data. This session will also highlight useful tips, tricks and best practices. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC PowerVault Portfolio & ME4 Series: Introduction To The New Entry Storage Hardware & Software Dell EMC entry-level storage solutions address the data growth and budget constraints of our small customers and department use cases with focus on our PowerVault ME4 Series. In this session, you’ll learn about 1) the ME4 model configurations, hardware and software features, 2) why the ME4 is a great storage platform for many different application types including optimization for SAN and DAS, and 3) the impressive gains the ME4 delivers over its MD3 predecessor. The session will also cover direct-attached storage enclosures, file server products and our backup products. 1 Hour Lecture
Improve Efficiency By Bridging The Gap Between IT Operations & IT Services Using OpenManage Enterprise & ServiceNow IT Services and IT Operations are often seen as siloed departments that share little in systems and process. The fact of the matter is, they both share a common goal – to ensure the technology powering the business is running optimally and without interruption to users. OpenManage Integration with ServiceNow helps customers to automate the common processes, quickly process the upstream and downstream relationships between the Business Services and the PowerEdge Server infrastructure powering them, to eliminate outages and increase productivity. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC Data Protection’s Next Generation Appliance: Innovation Backed By Powerful Performance & Efficient Scale Next generation protection appliances must deliver powerful performance and efficient scale, along with delightful box to back up simplicity. Learn how Dell EMC’s next generation of appliances deliver this and more, empowering your mid-market or enterprise organization to transform your IT and stay ahead of the data management game. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Dell EMC Data Protection Portfolio Overview: Cloud-Enabled, Software-Defined, VMware Integrated Dell EMC has combined the power and performance of the enterprise together with simple native VMware integrations and cutting-edge cloud functionality, creating industry leading backup and recovery solutions. Looking for an all-in-one appliance? A software-defined solution? Need to protect a traditional hardware infrastructure? We have something to show you… 1 Hour Lecture
VxRail: Overview & What’s New For Core To Edge To Cloud The latest and greatest on VxRail! Come get the details on what we've announced this week… the latest advancements for VxRail as a platform for everything with a look into the broad range of use cases and deployment options from core to edge to cloud. 1 Hour Lecture
Cloud Operating Model For Service Providers: Enabling Agility With Infrastructure Automation In this session, learn about our vision to bring infrastructure automation to our customers as a first-class operating model powered by Dell EMC hardware and leading providers of bare metal automation. Together we will enable customers to better manage infrastructure resources through a “cloud-like” operating model enabling full control over infrastructure regardless of location or workload. 1 Hour Lecture
Your Modern Data Center: Meeting The Real Staffing Challenges Of Transformation Understand the concerns facing IT staffs during data center modernization and explore solutions and results found by those undergoing that transformation. Dell EMC experts share insights and results from IT global IT managers and provide tips for a smoother experience. 1 Hour Lecture
5G & Mobile Edge Computing: What New Capabilities & Business Opportunities Are Enabled For Telecom/Service Providers 5G/Multi-Access Edge Computing technologies in combination with NFV & SDN will enable new uses cases such as e-Health, AR/VR, autonomous vehicles and first responder communications.  Telecom Providers will migrate to a disaggregated, distributed computing architecture that moves service delivery closer to the users/end-point data sources in order to reduce latency and to reduce the load on the backhaul network.  Dell EMC is targeting the 5G/Edge market segment and we will discuss the technology, uses cases and requirements for 5G/Multi-Access Edge Computing. 1 Hour Lecture
Datacenters For Heterogeneous Compute: Heterogeneous Compute Is Here, Are You Ready? A new battleground forming in the data center: increased use of specialized hardware accelerators optimized for specific workloads on GPU, FPGA, SmartNICs, and neuromorphic processors. This heterogeneous compute environment will bring new challenges and complexities in managing data centers. Research and innovation aimed at assisting customers to manage and continually optimize their data center compute infrastructure as app workloads get deployed. This presentation is the result of exploratory research & proof-of-concepts to better understand possible solutions to key challenges that our customers will face. This presentation is designed to start with first principles, delve into the hardware underlay, and then describe an intelligent control plane. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Dell Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Solutions: A Different Type Of Virtual Reality Certainly VR/AR is an exciting emerging technology space.  But there’s an older idea that is suddenly new again – Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI). By shifting computing complexity from the endpoint to the datacenter, today’s VDI technologies are purpose built to be highly secure yet highly flexible and deliver a rich computing experience while dramatically reducing IT complexity and endpoint management costs. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Enable Smart Collaboration Securely For A Growing Mobile Workforce If anything is guaranteed, it is that data will roam even if it shouldn't. It migrates between people, devices and even networks and private clouds. Learn how Dell SafeData protects data, even in the cloud, while enabling smart collaboration with proven compliance. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Dell IT: Realizing Our Vision Of A Frictionless Multi-Cloud Architecture This is a deep dive testimonial on how Dell IT is navigating from Brokered to a Frictionless, Governed Multi-Cloud world. Modernizing to a VMware-based software-defined datacenter enabled Dell IT to manage costs and deliver infrastructure on demand—thus enabling self-service and rapid IT. Now a Multi-Cloud architecture allows us to leverage a combination of private, public, and hybrid cloud resources. 1 Hour Lecture
Game Changing Storage Networking Analytics With Dell EMC Connectrix MDS Series As Storage Area Networks continue to evolve so does the need to understand how, and what, is causing issues. This session will introduce the newest Analytics features from Dell EMC Connectrix MDS. This technology, as included in the 32Gbps platform, provides the visualization that answers the questions administrators are forced to answer every day. 1 Hour Lecture
Eliminate Infrastructure Issues & Put An End To The IT ‘War Room’ John Gentry, Virtual Instruments CTO moderates a session with the Managing Director for a major US-based Financial Services company. Maximize enterprise Dell EMC solution estates, using Virtual Instruments Hybrid IT Management and AIOps Platforms. Takeaway: · Deploying real-time infrastructure analytics to proactively ensure application service assurance ·Eliminated infrastructure issues and put an end to the IT ‘war room’. 1 Hour Lecture
Introducing VxFlex OS 3.0 Overview & Walkthrough (Hands-on Lab) VxFlex OS v3.0 offers a rich feature set, the most significant of which is storage efficiency. This lab will guide you through a review of all new features, and then provide a hands-on tour of GUI updates, fine-grained storage pools, compression, volume migration, and snapshot policies. It concludes with a basic operational section highlighting the resiliency of VxFlex OS. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) Version 2.3 (Hands-on Lab) Check out the latest updates for IDPAs. IDPAs are pre-integrated, converged appliances that are simple to deploy and manage, provide powerful and comprehensive protection for the largest application ecosystem, and offer native cloud disaster recovery and Cloud Tier for long-term retention.  1 Hour Hands-on Labs
SC Series: Unisphere For SC Series Web UI, Replication & Disaster Recovery (Hands-on Lab) Explore the Unisphere for SC Series HTML5 interface to provision volumes, expand storage, view data progression, take snapshots, recover data, view data reduction, and observe performance statistics. Then, learn to use the traditional DSM client to configure multi-array environments for standard, cascading, and mixed-replication scenarios, as well as perform a disaster recovery. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
PowerMax: Replication, Metro & Non Disruptive Migration (Hands-on Lab) Gain real-world experience of key Replication, High Availability, and Migration features on the Enterprise leading PowerMax All Flash Storage Array. This lab allows participants to gain hands-on experience with features such as SnapVX, SRDF remote replication technology, HA with SRDF/Metro, and enables participants to learn about advancements in Non-Disruptive Migration (NDM). 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
Dell EMC Unity: Configuring Snapshots & Replication (Hands-on Lab) Explore the built-in snapshots and replication technologies within Dell EMC Unity storage. This lab covers the creation of File and Block Snapshots, snapshots schedules, and restoring data from existing snapshots. Users will also work with Data Protection features - including File and Block asynchronous replication creation & test failover/failback, snapshot shipping, proxy NAS Servers, and thin clones. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
ECS & Isilon Cloud Pools Integration: Getting Started (Hands-on Lab) An overview of Isilon integration with ECS via Cloud Pools.  Filepool policies are created which enable policy-based archive of files from a standard Isilon share. The lab user creates a Cloud Pools target and establishes the policy elements. Space saving benefits are clearly demonstrated. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
ClarityNow! Integration With Isilon & ECS (Hands-on Lab) This lab gives you hands-on experience in the installation, configuration and overview of ClarityNow's speed, scale and extensibility. Once you have completed the first module of installation, configuration and overview, you will move onto the Plugins and Archiving with search, tags, reporting of Data movement. You will view the true cost of dormant and redundant data enabling showback/chargeback modeling. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
iDRAC9 For PowerEdge Servers (Hands-on Lab) The integrated Dell Remote Access Controller 9 (iDRAC9) delivers advanced agent-free, local and remote server administration. Many new and existing features provide additional security and control to help IT admins monitor and manage their PowerEdge Servers. This lab will cover a few of the key features such as dashboard, alerts, system lockdown, BIOS, server configuration profile, and more. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
VMware NSX Data Center For vSphere: Getting Started (Hands-on Lab) Use VMware NSX to gain hands-on experience with Logical Switching, Distributed Logical Routing, Dynamic Routing and other Logical Network Services. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
Workspace ONE UEM: Windows 10 Management (Hands-on Lab) Use VMware Workspace ONE UEM to manage Windows 10 endpoints with policy configuration, OS patch management, software distribution and security. Explore SCCM co-management capabilities to transition from traditional to modern management for Windows 10. 1 Hour Hands-on Labs
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