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Deploying Enterprise: Secure Desktops & Applications With Desktop Virtualization Can you have work flexibility, security and productivity while still offering performance? Yes! Improved desktop and app virtualization platforms are creating work environments that meet the demands of both users and IT. Join us and our industry experts as we explore how taking a holistic approach to VDI creates a productive end-to-end environment. 1 Hour Lecture
Neglected System Security Issues Radia Perlman, inventor of much of the routing and bridging technology powering today’s networks, gives a thought-provoking talk about issues the world should be more aware of when designing systems. Examples include misuse of web cookies, unusable trust models for PKI, and placing too much responsibility on users. 1 Hour Lecture
VMAX: All The Latest With The Industry Leading All-Flash Platform! VMAX All Flash has quickly become an industry leading All Flash platform delivering mission-critical availability and massive workload consolidation while simplifying your infrastructure and operations.  This session will provide an update on the latest and greatest from the VMAX All Flash Family. 1 Hour Lecture
VMAX: Maximize Local Data Protection & Test/Dev Operations With SnapVX - The Fast, Efficient & Secure Snapshot Technology SnapVX is a space efficient, bulletproof snapshotting technology that allows users to create millions of copies on a single VMAX array. This session will cover a variety of ways customers are using SnapVX including high frequency snapshots, protection from logical corruption, application consistent snapshots via AppSync and protecting against unauthorized users via Secure Snaps 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Internet of Thieves: How Secure Is Your IoT Project? Gartner says by 2020 annual security costs will increase by 20x from 2015 because of IoT. Simple fact: IoT security cannot be an afterthought, but must be built from the inside out at each level of the value chain. Attend this session to hear our security experts share tips and best practices on how to bulletproof your IoT project. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell IT’s Journey: Making Integration Easy For Our Customers With Dell Boomi iPaaS Dell IT’s customer case-collaboration tool enables Dell EMC & VMware to efficiently resolve customer service requests by sharing critical data between the two companies. Now, customers receive proactive communications from a single source. The solution was built with Dell Boomi’s powerful integration and data-management capabilities. Learn how we are using Dell Boomi as a scalable framework for B2B and B2C integrations. 1 Hour Lecture
Empower Database Admins With Self-Service Data Protection Meet stringent SLOs for mission-critical applications by enabling DBAs with Self-Service data protection. This session provides a technical overview about Dell EMC direct data paths and methods for enabling DBAs to get what they need out of the data protection environment, all while minimizing risk and ensuring storage efficiency. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
RecoverPoint For Virtual Machines: Planning & Deployment Best Practices For VMware Environments RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines is a reliable, simple, and scalable solution to protect your VMware deployment to ensure smooth, eventless operation with proper configuration. Take a deep-dive into the latest architectures and topologies offered by RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines for protecting vSphere and vSAN environments. Learn best practices to plan, build and configure your environment to ensure uninterrupted data protection. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
The 4 Things You Need To Know Before Building Your AI Or Analytics Solution. When, where and what type of accelerators make sense for workloads that include AI to machine learning to VDI.  With GPGPUs, Persistent Memory/NVDIMM, and Field Programmable Arrays (FPGA’s), it’s a crowded field of offerings.  This session will help showcase the strengths of each type of accelerator along with the usage models. 1 Hour Lecture
Explore The Possibilities Of Machine Learning For Your Organization Machine learning is disrupting technologies! Review a time when neuronal networks and learning patterns were constrained by massive hardware investments.  See how today’s capabilities, like GPU programming, open up new possibilities. Discover what you can do with our technology to prepare for your company for the future, taking advantage of machine learning! 1 Hour Lecture
Responding To Cyberattacks: Best Practices To Arm Yourself For Success Organizations of all sizes are targets for cyberattacks today. One common challenge is how ill-prepared we all tend to be while responding to an incident. Join RSA, a Dell Technologies business, as we talk about lessons learned and how to most effectively combine people, processes, and technologies in the midst of a breach response. 1 Hour Lecture
Security In The Cloud: Cloud As A Shared Responsibility Model The Cloud represents a shared security responsibility model, commonly split between the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and the customer. Acceptance of this model clears the way for a more thoughtful approach to security architecture. This session includes recommendations for securing cloud-hosted applications and data, third-party cloud environments, different stages of organizations’ deployments, and sharing the security responsibility. 1 Hour Lecture
Zero To Virtual Desktops In The Shortest Time Possible: Simplifying & Securing VDI Deployments With VMware-Powered Dell EMC Hyper-Converged Solutions Leverage the power of end-to-end hyper-converged solutions to get your virtual desktop and application environment up and running quickly and securely. Join us to hear how customers around the world have benefited from technology from Dell and VMware to modernize, secure and futureproof their end user computing strategy. 1 Hour Lecture
Predictive Customer Intelligence: Using Data Science To Transform The Customer Service Experience Predictive analytics are critical differentiators for our customers' and partners' digital transformation.  Dell EMC is changing the Support & Deployment Services game with big data analytics and predictive intelligence.  Learn how our data gurus use data science and Dell EMC technologies to predict personalized outcomes and recommend preventative actions.  Learn their approach, methodologies, challenges, and the move towards AI. 1 Hour Lecture
Enhancements To Data Domain Cloud Enablement For Long Term Retention & Disaster Recovery In The Cloud Data Domain can integrate with public clouds to enable streamlined use for long-term retention and failover in case of a disaster. This session reviews how you could leverage public cloud to efficiently store older data for long term retention and how to store recent data for failover for disaster recovery.  Session will include a demonstration of in-cloud recovery. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Dell EMC Ready Solutions For Hybrid Cloud Demands for IT efficiency and agility are impacting enterprises of all sizes and hybrid clouds are proving to be great enablers of IT Transformation. Join this session to learn how Dell EMC Hybrid Cloud Ready Systems portfolio helps you address your evolving business needs with leading technologies from Dell EMC, VMware, Pivotal, and Microsoft. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC Unity: Update & Architectural Overview Dell EMC Unity has been designed and engineered from the ground-up to be radically simple, flexible and unified. Come hear and see what's new. This session will look at how Dell EMC Unity delivers both advanced features (such as, built-in encryption, inline data reduction, forever snapshots, storage analytics – CloudIQ, cloud tiering...) and high performance in just 2U. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC SC Series: Update & Architectural Overview Dell EMC SC Series arrays offer unique advantages for modern workloads, including All-Flash models, Efficiency and Data Reduction Services, Live Volume, Federation, and more.  Learn how our latest innovations give you more options than ever for dynamic mobility and the best economics. Join us for this in-depth session and learn how to get the most value from this popular platform. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC SC Series: Virtualization & Application Integration If your virtualized infrastructure is not robust and flexible, then managing applications can be time consuming and difficult for both your application and storage administrators. This session delves into Dell EMC SC Series' integrations with VMware, Hyper-V and OpenStack; and discusses best practices, guidelines, and other tips to get maximum flexibility out of your Dell EMC SC Series system. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC Entry Level Storage Update Dell EMC entry-level storage solutions address the data growth and budget constraints of our small customers and department use cases. This update session will highlight Dell EMC's latest SAN solutions, direct-attached storage arrays, and robust management software that together deliver exceptional flexibility, scalability and value. 1 Hour Lecture
Unlocking Your Data Capital: A Sneak-Peek Into The Future Of Isilon & ECS Unstructured data is driving the digital transformation that is disrupting nearly every business today. Organizations that harness their file, object, and streaming data, can gain a massive competitive advantage. In this session, we’ll describe a data strategy with Isilon and ECS that can boost the value of your “data capital” and provide a powerful competitive edge for your organization. 1 Hour Lecture
Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS): Architectural Deep Dive, Best Practices, Tools, Tips & Tricks This session provides a technical deep dive into the latest updates to Dell EMC ECS global object storage systems. Come hear ECS experts offer an in-depth look at the best practices in deployment, scale and management of your ECS cluster. Learn what tools are available for modernizing your applications and diagnosing and interpreting your cluster’s health. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Isilon: Accelerating High Performance Workloads With Isilon All-Flash & Hybrid Storage Learn about real-world examples of organizations using Isilon all-flash and hybrid scale-out NAS to support applications with extreme performance requirements. This session will provide detailed information about specific solution configurations, performance results and key learnings. 1 Hour Lecture
VxBlock 1000: Introducing Next-Gen All-In-One Converged Infrastructure he new VxBlock 1000 breaks the physical boundaries of traditional converged infrastructure to give businesses unprecedented simplicity and flexibility to meet all their application data services needs. Learn how this next-generation engineered system provides unmatched choice s of market-leading storage, data protection, and compute for all workloads to maximize system performance and utilization. 1 Hour Lecture
VxRack FLEX: Running Your Mission Critical Enterprise Applications On HCI Are you looking to adopt hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) but have concerns about the performance and availability of your mission critical applications? Find out how VxRack FLEX, powered by 14G PowerEdge, with integrated networking delivers rack-scale performance, availability, and resiliency to meet the demands of mission-critical enterprise workloads. 1 Hour Lecture
Dell EMC XC Series: The Call To The Big Leagues - From VDI To Mission Critical Workloads In this session we will discuss how the latest models of the XC Series are ready to go beyond VDI and take on your mission critical workloads. Topics will include the latest 14G platform advances including our next generation modular platform and the introduction of the first 4 socket model in the XC Series. 1 Hour Lecture
The Barclays Big Data Journey Presentation from the Barclays UK Vice President of Big Data and Analytics on their journey from the Enterprise Data Warehouse, to a Data Lake, and finally Data Science as a Service provided by Dell EMC including overviews on the Solution Architecture (Software + Infrastructure + Services), the journey, and ending with a demo of the Barclays system. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Digital Transformation: What, How, Why, Featuring AeroFarms This session will cover the use of IoT, Data Analytics, and Agile Software Development to create an ever-improving, iterative business model that helped AeroFarms become pioneers and leaders in vertical farming. We will feature customer speakers from AeroFarms, examine the technologies, processes, and lessons they went through, and the future possibilities and potential of AeroFarms’ Digital Transformation. 1 Hour Lecture
XtremIO X2 Native Replication: Use Cases, Architecture & Best Practices XtremIO X2 delivers a unique metadata-aware and highly efficient native replication data services. Learn the details of XtremIO X2 replication architecture – built on inline data reduction and in-memory snapshots to reduce data transfers between primary and secondary sites. We will also discuss different key features required to manage DR requirements for business critical applications in a customer-centric model. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
ScaleIO: Architecture Deep Dive This session provides an in-depth technical overview of ScaleIO. Learn how the ScaleIO architecture delivers fundamental capabilities such as agility, flexibility, resiliency, and performance in order to simplify data center lifecycle management and enhance the business value of software-defined storage. Topics explored include ScaleIO component breakdown, volume layout, redundancy, I/O flow, failure handling and system management. 1 Hour Lecture
Is Blockchain the New Cyber Dark Art? A Security Leader’s Perspective. Fueled by bitcoin hype and shrouded in mystery, blockchain might seem like some sort of new cyber dark art. It’s not. And it’s certainly not impervious to cyberthreats. Join us as we look at how blockchain’s functionality extends far beyond bitcoin and what you need to be aware of in order to securely tap into blockchain’s potential. 1 Hour Lecture
Sustainable Business Is Good Business The workforce increasingly cares about where their products come from and that they are responsibly sourced. In fact, 70% of our potential customers ask about our commitment to sustainability. Hear how Dell is committed to circular economy and sustainability throughout the lifecycle of products and services. Learn how your organization can start making a difference! 1 Hour Lecture
CTO Fireside Chat Disruptive technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning seem to arrive faster than they can be fully understood or applied correctly as a solution. Come hear from industry changing CTOs from across Dell Technologies where they will discuss Dell’s strategy for transforming your workload using these building blocks. 1 Hour Lecture
Free Your Business From Traditional IT Complexity With Cloud OS With more and more applications including Office 365 requiring only a browser, when does a Cloud Native OS make sense for your business? Learn how cloud storage, single-sign on (SSO) and management software work together to provide a seamless user workspace that frees your business from management complexity, security and liability concerns of traditional IT. 1 Hour Lecture
Wait Until You See The 8 Crucial Steps That Guaranty Success Starting A DevOps Transformation! Getting started is always hard…or is it. After helping many teams do successful transformations, in the Dell EMC Dojo we have simplified the process and can expedite your transformation. In this talk you will discover the 8 crucial step you need to take to transform. 1 Hour Lecture
The Container Storage Interface: Storage In A Cloud Native World The persistent storage story from Cloud Foundry, Docker, Kubernetes, and Mesos is a fragmented one. Different approaches by each project require a storage vendor or a storage orchestration project take a distinct approach to each Container Orchestrator (CO). The Container Storage Interface (CSI) aims to solve this issue by providing a common interface for COs to use for consuming storage. 1 Hour Lecture
Going Cloud Native With Cloud Foundry Organizations around the globe are realizing that going cloud native has moved from a buzz-phrase to a business imperative. But the big questions still persist -- how do I get there? What does it mean for IT? What even is this “cloud native” thing? Doesn’t using containers get me there? 1 Hour Lecture
A Dashboard For Application Development Productivity TD Ameritrade transformed their IT organization into a cutting-edge service provider. By empowering their development team to meet the business needs rapidly, they are able to deliver new features and solutions faster. Business stakeholders have greater visibility into the status and progress, eliminating the need for myriad emails and meetings. Join us to learn about their journey. 1 Hour Lecture
Developing, Testing & Publishing Your PowerShell Scripts In The Enterprise If you've invested in automating your vSphere environment with PowerShell and PowerCLI, you probably have a pretty good collection of scripts sitting somewhere. Let's learn how to improve your team's development using version control, testing, and distribution of those scripts within your organization. Afterwards, you'll be on track to increasing the quality of your code, datacenter, and even happiness! 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
A Stepping Stone Into Containers With Docker Your developer just walked into your cube and said "here's the new app, I built it with Docker, and it's ready to go live". What do you do next? In this session we'll talk about what containers are and what they are not. We'll step through a series of considerations that need to be examined when deploying containerized workloads. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
IT as a Business: Your Multi-Cloud Strategy Is The Product Exploring the transition to becoming a cloud broker? Establishing cloud business practices and marketing is one of the most overlooked areas by enterprise IT professionals. This session explores the role marketing and the 4 Ps - Product, Price, Promotion, and Placement - play in multi-cloud and cloud brokerage. Don’t let your technical success die on the vine without exposure! 1 Hour Lecture
Multi-Cloud: What's Your ROI? The on premises aspect of a multi-cloud model can provide the operational efficiencies that IT organizations need to shift resources from maintaining operations toward business innovation. Learn about key measurements used in determining ROI for cloud transformation. Navigate the detailed ROI analyses for three organizations, each with varying transformation scope and objectives, and see the savings that would be realized. 1 Hour Lecture
Technology Tremors: The Tectonic Plates Of Technology Are Shifting, Revealing A Dramatically Different Compute Future Multiple technology transitions are simultaneously converging before our eyes.  New workloads, changing compute paradigms, faster/different device interfaces and media types, and an ever-evolving data center operating model will impact the technology horizon in myriad ways. This panel will highlight how and why these transitions are occurring and discuss how – taken together – they are likely to impact the future of computing. 1 Hour Lecture
Get VDI Right: The Users are Critical The hardware and software required for VDI have improved dramatically with infrastructure becoming faster and cheaper and software delivering better experiences, complex apps, and reduced logon time. Let us help you define best practices for identifying user requirements, create personas to determine candidates for VDI and explore how VDI affects your ecosystem while empowering users with mobility and security. 1 Hour Lecture
VxRack FLEX: Management & Orchestration (M&O) Tips and Tricks Learn the latest tips and tricks from experts on alerting, reporting, and adding nodes to VxRack FLEX syste 1 Hour Lecture
X-as-a-Service (XaaS): Optimizing The Utilization Of Hardware Accelerators Infrastructure innovation is necessary for IT Transformation, and XaaS is a key enabler. This session will present the research proof of concept built by Dell EMC Technology Research and Innovation Group to enable GPU-as-a-Service, GPU virtualization, FPGA-as-a-Service and intelligent scheduling of accelerator resources for deep learning applications. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Data Warehouse Modernization With Greenplum Database & Dell‘s Data Blocks Architecture Enterprises using legacy data warehouse appliances are seeking more flexibility and power at a lower cost. This session presents a new technology stack that delivers a platform for the next generation of data warehousing.  1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Securing Digital Transformation, What The Future Holds Machine Learning is influencing companies to embrace new technologies to transform and grow. The future may look very different given the new capabilities these technologies enable. With businesses becoming increasingly reliant on technology, Secureworks CTO, Jon Ramsey, explains how the power of Machine Learning combined with human Intelligence have become fundamental to making efficient business decisions. The future is now… 1 Hour Lecture
Virtustream Powers Enterprise & Cloud-Native Apps Across Clouds All clouds are not created equal, leading many enterprises to adopt a hybrid, multi-cloud strategy to deploy their apps more efficiently.  Attend this session to learn about the highly evolved, secure Virtustream cloud stack based on Dell, Dell EMC, Pivotal, Virtustream and VMware technologies. Virtustream Enterprise Cloud delivers uncompromised performance while driving higher utilization rates and public-cloud scale pricing power. 1 Hour Lecture with Demonstration
Solving The Challenge of Distributed Data In IoT IoT systems are emerging everywhere -- connected cars, smart manufacturing, smart homes – but hyper fast growth is creating challenges around IoT data.  Specifically, how do you manage data as it becomes ever more distributed across systems with potentially different owners?  Join us as we answer this key question. 1 Hour Lecture
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